KharaTech iPicToastia 6900ffs


Pros: unique photo-on-toast printing

Cons: toasting is slow, charging is slow, high temperatures probably not good for your phone

Technology makers are moving into the kitchen in a big way.  Korean giant iHome has been building iPhone docks for your bedstand and kitchen for several years, as the traditionally male-dominated desktop PC business begins to slow and corporate strategists realize that women are wielding more power over the family purse than ever. Now there is finally an iPhone dock that charges your phone and makes toast, too.

Not that only women make toast. Gee that really came out wrong. Let’s start over. The KharaTech iPicToastia 6900ffs is a combination sliced bread toaster and iPhone charger, with a twist. Sure, you’ve all seen this kind of product before. It has two slots. Bread goes in one, and your iPhone goes in the other. No longer do you need to suffer the humiliation of moving between two separate appliances to perform these two tasks, yadda yadda. But wait! This unit has one additional feature that just  might turn your head.

It prints your iPhone photos directly onto toast. 

That’s right. If you’re like me, sharing virtual photos on Facebook is becoming a sign of these disconnected times. In the era of the “Poke” we find ourselves wondering, “what happened to the good old fashioned handshake?”  And of course with the advent of Instagram, many of us remembered fondly the days of actually eating physical photos fresh out of the chemical developer at Fotomat (while mom was busy parking the car at Alpha Beta). Who else remembers the taste? I know I’m not the only one!

Well, this innovative product allows you to return to those days -at least in spirit. Numerous studies have shown in recent years that the silver ions in photo paper interfere with a developing nervous system, and are not good to eat.  But as far as I know, toast is still in the clear.

The iPicToastia combines an advanced photo processor with a dynamic heating element matrix to imprint the photo of your choice onto the bread product of your choice.


I found the process was slow but the results came out well (see my photos of Buster, above, on some nice Kilpatrick’s sourdough. Just download the companion app from the app store, open it, select the right photo from your gallery, dock the phone, insert the bread, and wait! There’s no chemical smell or aftertaste to the process, and images appear with a higher resolution than you would think.

The process does take a little more time than I expected. Toast is supposed to be ready in 2-3 minutes but these prints can take up to 15 minutes to be ready. KharaTech says that the dynamic heating element matrix needs to move carefully through a series of passes to print the photo onto the toast with multiple discernible “shades,” or degrees of darkness. These add dimension and life to the photo, but they also take time.

As a charger, the iPicToastia is much slower than the stock iPhone wall adapter. I would not advise purchasing this product simply for use as a charger. It’s specifically designed for people who want edible photo prints. But then again, in this day and age,  who doesn’t?

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