GlueWorks Securehold Reusable Adhesive Putty

Pros: Fabulous for keeping things securely in place

Cons: None – really!

I’m a little embarrassed admitting how excited I became upon finding this product. I mean, really, who hyperventilates over putty? But this was an (unexpected) happy ending to a  long search.

I have looked (and looked) for my package of GlueWorks SecureHold Reusable Adhesive Putty. I knew it was ‘ around here someplace’, but do you think I could find it? Occasionally, I would ask for it in stores only to be guided to the picture-framing departments’ display of double-backed tape.  Not what I wanted. Today, while waiting in line at the checkout, there it was!

Examples for use:

  • Holds lamps, decorations, or framed pictures in place on a slippery surface
  • Holds wall art in place so it’s not annoyingly crooked
  • Conveniently holds a pen or pencil right where you want it ( like on a dashboard)
  • If you live in a windy environment ( as I do) it will hold outdoor ornaments, light strings, etc. where you want them
  • Use a ‘wad’ to keep venetian blind, or other cords, from banging about
  • Keep the bathroom soap dish where it’s supposed to be
  • Use a wad as a temporary straight or safety-pin cushion

These should give you some ideas of your own.


  • Tear off a piece sufficient for the job at hand.  Roll  between your fingers until soft and pliable.
  • Apply firmly to the bottom (or other place) of the item you want to secure.
  • Press down firmly while twisting back and forth a few times to create a suction/gripping effect.  Adherence is best after a few hours.
  • To remove, hold the item by the base and twist, gently pulling from its position. Any remaining putty can be removed by rolling a ball of putty over residue.

Special Instructions: Test on any questionable surface. The product may leave an oily residue on some surfaces. Product should not be used on freshly painted surfaces, flocked wall paper, or fabric. SecureHold is not intended to replace nails for hanging or attaching, heavy objects.

I paid $2.29 at a local hardware store.

Product is safe, Non-toxic and best of all, MADE IN U.S.A.


For weeks I’ve been wondering what to do with a really pretty frame of stained glass. I knew I wanted it in front of a window, but there was no place to drive a nail or hang a hook. Then, today, ta-da! I remembered the putty, and within minutes I had the frame ‘affixed’ to the window itself. It’s beautiful. Can’t wait for the sun to shine to get the full effect!


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