Trake Gardening Tool

Pros: doesn’t rust, lightweight, trowel and claw/rake in one tool, comfort grip

Cons: the tool is longer than most garden hand tools (if that matters)

With the plentiful garden beds on my property, I own a variety of gardening tools.  One of the hand tools I consistently rely upon is the handy Trake Gardening Tool.  This nifty gadget is both a trowel and a rake in one.


The length of this garden tool is 17”, and it has a trowel at one end and a small hand-held claw/rake at the other.  The pointed trowel is 5” long with four 1” grooved markings to gauge depth.  The rake section has three curved claws about 2 1/4″ long.  The center handle is covered with a non-slip vinyl.  It is constructed from cast aluminum.

My Experiences

This lightweight all-in-one tool is one of my garden favorites.  I’ve owned it a long time, and it has aged remarkably well.  It has never rusted, and the central handgrip only has some minor dust ground into it.  Other than a few scuffs, no doubt obtained from encounters with rocks in the soil, it looks in great condition.

My most often used garden hand tools are the trowel and claw/rake.  Having both of these in one implement is time saving.  I can use the trowel, flip the tool, and have the metal claw end ready to dig in the garden.  When done, just flip the Trake again so that the trowel is ready to use.  I also appreciate that considering the size and sturdy construction of this tool, it is lightweight.

The trowel end is not a deep scoop; it has a shallow curve.  The tip is rounded a bit so that the trowel forms a V-shaped digging implement.  Since the trowel has engraved horizontal markings spaced an inch apart, I can use the trowel to mark distances and depth.  This definitely helps when I am planting my vegetable garden.  I start the seed indoors and transplant everything outside once the soil is warm enough.

The claw/rake is well made.  The three tines are constructed from thick metal.  The width is great for maneuvering between plants.  I can use the rake as a cultivator to disturb the ground and any weeds growing in it.  It also does well at working dry fertilizer into the soil.

When I am finished my gardening session, I clean the Trake by either rubbing it in the grass to remove any excess dirt, or I grab some leaves on the ground to rub against the trowel and rake parts.  This works well at keeping the tool clean.


I enjoy using the Trake Garden Tool so much that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one for a gardening friend or relative.  This is the perfect tool for me!

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart

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