Gardener’s Supply Raised Bed Snip-N-Drip Soaker System


Pros: Reduces water loss, Allows customizing of watering systems in raised beds

Cons: One kit essentially serves one raised bed, Can get expensive

The watering season is upon us and summer’s daunting drying heat mmsis fast approaching. Plants need water to grow and thrive and as water becomes a scarce resource wasting it through an inefficient system seems morally wrong and unjustifiable.  The increasingly higher cost of water makes the waste increasingly expensive so what’s a gardener to do?

Every year we invest in garden supplies that support the infrastructure – the hard goods rather than plants. Investing in Gardener’s Supply’s Raised Bed Snip-n-Drip Soaker System gets rid of a nagging issue that many home gardeners have complained about.

Snake in the Garden

Snaking a soaker hose out in the garden, over garden paths and up and down raised beds hurts our conscience as we watch the gravel or mulched paths get watered by the overlapping soaker hose. Sure, it’s a good way to water our rows of plants but a lot of valuable and expensive water completely misses the intended plants and instead either attempts to water gravel or create ideal growing conditions for weeds in the paths.

Don’t Rant but Rave about this Solution

The solution, thanks to Gardener’s Supply, is a clever snip-n-drip system. They provide a system for regular gardens, pots and planters, and raised beds. If your water pressure is sufficient you can connect these systems and place all on a timer.

It’s easy and makes so much sense.

This comes with four feet of ½” PVC garden hose, 25 feet of ½” recycled rubber soaker hose, a faucet adapter, two quick-connect angle couplers, one soaker hose adapter and one end plug. Additional parts are all available through Gardener’s Supply and some are found elsewhere.

The advantage of this over the traditional drip irrigation system is that the line and drip heads don’t clog. The disadvantage of this is that if you want a light spray you don’t really get it, this soaker system’s water distribution has a rather narrow range. You will need to snake it through your raised bed for thorough coverage.

The soaker hose is easily cut into desired lengths. My square foot gardens are four-feet square. Eight feet of hose were used and snaked through each bed. I have four gardens so I needed more soaker hose than what came with this kit, but it’s sufficient for three four-foot square raised gardens.

Cut the garden hose into desired sections. The provided four feet was also insufficient. The angled connectors are provided  for one raised bed. For EACH bed I needed four angled adapters if I’m connecting the four raised beds. One connector attaches to the PVC hose at the ground level and the other attaches to the soaker and hose at the upper edge of the raised bed. This repeats on another side of the raised bed so that it can go down and through more hose over to the another raised bed.  For my four beds I needed a total of 14 angled couplers.


The space between my garden beds is three feet and each bed is six inches tall. I needed a minimum of 13 feet of garden hose rather than the four feet offered in this. Consider getting one or two raised bed connector kits for additional parts. It’s worth the investment if you know that you’ll be using this system for multiple years. The connector parts will last a long time. If the hose needs replacing, ½-inch garden hose can easily be found locally. I suggest picking up some garden staples to also secure the soaker hose in place.

My Final Thoughts

The system is ridiculously simple to set up and maintain. I know people who have complained that they didn’t get a tight seal and had drip issues around the couplers but for whatever reason, I’ve not had that problem. I used a very sharp knife to make the cuts and didn’t need to force the coupler into the hose. This soaking system waters the roots and reduces leaf scorch. Begin with one kit and like me, you’ll return for more. I like this system but it is expensive.

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