Pros: The new ideas are neat and editions like this are nice for collectors.

Cons: You better have one hell of an imagination because this Ouija Board won’t work

Ouija BOX:

The box looks old and has a picture of an old trunk with hinges. The top of the box says “The Mystifying Oracle OUIJA” On the bottom left corner it says “AGES 8 2-4 Players (A4812) 3 AAA Batteries are required.The back of the box says: “Planchette reveals hidden messages on the board. What will you uncover?” Oddly enough the board was made in the USA but the Planchette was made in China. I will certainly address that issue later in my review.. Now time to look at the boxes contents.

Ouija BOARD:

The board is made out of some very cheap card board and is extremely light weight. The graphic design on the board makes it look like wood that has aged over 100’s of years. The board itself has been sprayed with glow-in-the-dark “Clear Paint” and is very abrasive to the touch.

There is an issue number on the bottom left side in tiny numbers otherwise the layout of the letters and numbers are exactly the same as the layout on other Ouija boards from the past. The back also has a wood graphic and says the board was “Made In The USA.”


The planchertte is made out of plastic and takes 3 AAA batteries to get the clear window to light up. To do this you must unscrew the lid on the bottom of the planchette. Once the batteries have been placed the lid gets screwed back on. There is a reset button next to the lid but there is no “on” or “off” switch.

The only way to make the planchette light up is to place your fingers on the top of the planchette. The planchette light is very sensitive and lights up very easy and turns off just as painlessly when pressure has been removed from the top of the planchette. The planchette is 3 times heavier than the usual planchettes included in Ouija boards from the past.


The Ouija boards instruction sheet is very basic and is a single sheet of paper. The front says the following:

CONTENTS: Ouija Board handle it with care and it won’t disappoint you. Planchette: Let it guide you in your search for answers. The Quest Begins! 1) Dim the lights and draw the shades to better see the illuminating answers. 2) Gently place the planchette in the middle of the Ouija board. 3) Gather closely around the board if you dare.”

Then a second part to the instructions:

Ouija are you there? 1) Place 2 fingers lightly on the planchette. 2) Let the bravest among you ask the first question. Give Ouija enough time to respond. Spirits can’t be rushed. 3) Concentrate. If the planchette doesn’t move, ask another question-and focus. 4) Did you reveal anything Ouija is hiding from you? Always speak slowly and clearly, just as friendly spirits prefer. And don’t forget to say GOODBYE when your done!”

The back only explains how to put the batteries in with a caution message and nothing more. The planchette is made in China.



My experience with the new light up Ouija board was not one of the best I have ever had, let me tell you..for starters the planchette is too heavy and the board is not heavy enough..because of the abrasive glow-in-the-dark spray, the felt pads on the bottom of the planchette grabs on and doesn’t slide smoothly on the board at all. In fact the board itself moves all around instead of the planchette.

There are hidden messages written in glow paint that can only be seen with the UV light from the planchette or under a black light. The hidden messages are rather bland and as an example the hidden messages are merely scratch marks and random numbers or words like “Silver”. “Always say goodbye” and so forth.

I tried using a planchette from an older version of the game but once again that too would not slide smoothly as a result of the Glow-in-the-dark spray paint. All in all regarding the new Ouija design I feel it is way too much of a toy now and do not believe this product is usable or even practical. The new ideas are neat and I like editions like this to add to my collection. I hope Hasbro Toys will continue to delve deeper into this concept in the future. I’ll give it an “A” for effort but not much else.

I let the Ouija board and the Planchette fall from my kitchen table and hit the floor..The board suffered from bend marks and the planchette broke apart in several pieces upon impact.

If you want to actually communicate with spirits with this board you better have one hell of an imagination because this .


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