T-Fal Sauce Pot with Glass Lid (3-Quart)

Pros: non-stick dark interior, stay-cool handles, clear glass lid with vent, dishwasher safe

Cons: I feel more comfortable hand washing the pot (but that’s just me)

For a lot of years, I was a die-hard T-Fal cookware user.  Then I discovered the joys of ceramic pots and pans.  Still, there are a few favorite T-Fal pieces that I consistently use … and this 3-quart sauce pot is one of them.

Description The T-Fal 3-quart non-stick pan is a dark silver-gray color.  It comes with a glass lid.  The lid has a small vent hole, and a round plastic-type knob on the top.  Overall, this pan measures 18” x 13” x 11”.  There is a hole in the pot handle for hanging, but the lid would need separate storage.  The pan is dishwasher safe.

My Experiences This is a great size pot to have on hand.  My ceramic cookware has pans that are smaller or larger than this 3-quart T-Fal piece.  I cook a variety of items in this pan: soup, sauces, gravy, vegetables, instant mashed potatoes (which my nieces and nephew love).  The pot has high sides, too, so that liquids don’t easily splash out.  The pan evenly heats and performs well.

Whenever I have a tomato-based product (ex: tomato soup or spaghetti sauce), I reach for this pan.  The pan size is good … but the dark non-stick interior is great for cooking items that might stain a pan inside.  I have an enamel pan with a white interior that I used to boil carrots and steam turnip, and the interior is stained orange from those vegetables.  I don’t have to worry about that using the T-Fal.

The vent hole is a great addition in the lid.  The hole is small and rimmed with metal.  When the water (or pan contents) heats up, the steam escapes out the hole.  The clear lid is great for seeing inside the pot, too.  I also like the stay-cool knob on the lid and pot handle.

Cleaning is easy with this pan, too.  I soak the pan and give it a quick rinse to rid it of most of the tomato sauce residue.  Then I soak the pan with some liquid soap inside it.  With a quick swish of a sponge, the pan is clean.  Even though the manufacturer says it is dishwasher safe, I have never washed this T-Fal pot in the machine.  It is so easy to hand wash and dry on the rack, I don’t even consider placing it in the dishwasher.

I have owned this pan a number of years, and so far the non-stick coating is all in place.  The pot has proven very durable.  As a note: I never use metal utensils as they may harm the non-stick coating.  Silicone and soft nylon utensils work well.

Summary I would definitely purchase another of the T-Fal Sauce Pots with Glass Lid.  It is a great addition to my cookware.

I hope you found this review useful.

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