Kroo Cube Durable EVA Hard Carrying Case for Gateway LT41P04u or LT41P06u 10.1” Laptop Netbook

Pros: lightweight, dual zippers for easy opening, interior security strap and pocket

Cons: no shoulder strap

I bought a Gateway netbook computer so that I could be productive during lunchtime at work.  With a lot of choices, here is why I selected the Kroo Cube Durable EVA Hard Carrying Case for Gateway LT41P04u or LT41P06u 10.1” Laptop Netbook.


The “hard” case is constructed from EVA.  I looked up the abbreviation, and EVA is a type of sturdy plastic foam material.  The EVA in this instance is covered with what the manufacturer calls durable nylon construction.  This hard case is specifically designed to hold either the Gateway LT41P04u or LT41P06u Netbook 10.1” Computer.  The case is also lightweight, only weighing eleven ounces.

There are two soft U-shaped handles with a Velcro closure to secure the two handles together.  Dual zippers make the case easy to open.  The inside lid has a compartment for storage.  The inside bottom of the case is where the computer sits, and there is a wide band to anchor the machine in place.

My Experiences

When I purchased my Gateway Netbook, I knew I would need a durable case so that I could transport the computer to and from work.  My goal: To use the computer to write during my lunch break.

After reading the description on Amazon regarding this Kroo Cube EVA Hard Carrying Case, I decided it was a good option.  The product description specifically mentioned an interior pocket that would hold the “battery, cable, and charger”.  Maybe the manufacturer was thinking of equipment used with a tablet versus a netbook.  There is no way the pocket is capable of holding the bulky adapter with cable that came with the computer.  Since the netbook has a short battery life, I prefer to carry the adapter with me … which means I need a separate bag for the cable.

Other than the disappointment with the pocket, this is a great carrying case.  The netbook computer fits inside the case as if custom made.  There is also a strap inside the case that fastens around the computer to hold it in place, which is great extra protection.  The dual zippers easily slide open and closed, too.  The case handles are soft to the touch but have a stiffener in them so that they retain their shape.

I do wish a shoulder strap option came with the case.  Sometimes, with hands full, it would be nice to sling the computer case over my shoulder.  The two shorter handles are meant for carrying the bag like a briefcase.  The good news is that even with the computer inside, the case with equipment is light and easy to carry.

Durability is great, too.  The case has one slight scuff mark on it, but other than that it looks great.  I’m not abusive of equipment, so I’m expecting the case to last a long time.

I keep thinking about the disappointing pocket.  The product description mentioned the case being used with a Gateway Netbook … and also uses the word Tablet several times.  If a tablet came with a USB charger, which is no doubt less bulky that the netbook’s charger, there is a possibility it would better fit in the pocket.  I don’t have a tablet to test the theory.  The interior pocket would also serve well to hold papers or other notes, convenient for this writer.


Overall, I am pleased with this carrying case.  It is small and lightweight; easy to fill and carry.  The material is holding up well, too.  I do wish there was room inside the case to include the Gateway recharging cable, and a shoulder strap would be a helpful addition.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart

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