K&N Performance Gold ‘Wrench-Off’ Oil Filter For ’07-’11 Jeep Wrangler JK  #HP-1002

Pros: Premium filter provides higher flow-rate for extreme conditions.  Extra-strength canister and base-plate.  Top-welded 1″ nut simplifies removal.

Cons: Premium price ’cause excellence don’t come cheap.

When you get in your car and turn the key, do you have a sense of what’s happening under the hood?  Some drivers look at automobiles as totally utilitarian, while others relate technically to the various systems that work in harmony to make the wheels go round.

Cult Status

Certain makes and models achieve a broad spectrum of consumer support.  GM‘s limited-production pickup known as the Chevy Avalanche has dedicated clubs and blogs aplenty – but few vehicles have achieved such legendary status as the Jeep Wrangler.  Driving one is like knowing the secret handshake – oncoming Wrangler owners communicate their comradery through a variety of (mostly) positive gestures.

What may appear an obsession has often more to do with pride of ownership.  The Jeep Wrangler maintains one of the highest resale values of any production vehicle.  Protecting that investment requires a commitment to quality replacement parts.

Routine Maintenance

There are several good reasons to use a premium filter at every oil change.  K&N manufactures their filters with a “high flow” feature originally designed to withstand high-pressure racing situations where unrestricted oil flow is vital.  Their filtering media successfully eliminates 99% of contaminants from the engine’s oil supply.  An installed Anti-Drainback Valve provides consistent lubrication by preventing oil within the filter from draining back into the oil pan.  Both Bypass and PSI Relief Valve protections are also featured on the HP-1002.

K&N Performance Gold filters are compatible with all contemporary synthetic and extended-life varieties of motor oil.

Off-Road Reasoning

The heavy-duty steel canister and base plate offer increased anti-puncture protection while off-roading. The Chrysler 3.8 liter V-6, fitted to the latest (JK) generation of Wrangler, has the oil filter placement at the lower front corner of the engine block.  Although a relatively safe location, the jagged rubble can really fly during a spirited, off-road romp.  Despite the standard skid-plates and extensive ground clearance offered by the optional 18-inch wheel package, that extra measure of protection gives added support when you’re miles from the edge of nowhere.

“Our Oil Filters Have Nuts” (quote from K&N’s website)

Welded to the top of the canister is a 1” nut to provide for easy removal – especially for filters fitted to areas of restricted access.  Though the Wrangler JK has the room to accommodate a conventional oil filter wrench, the K&N Wrench-Off design is the preferred method for the majority of Jeep upkeep peeps in my orbit.


K&N Performance Gold filters can be found at their website, as well as a select number of independent auto part and speed shops.  The national chain Advance Auto Parts will occasionally bundle their premium oil filters (including K&N) with 5 quarts of a featured brand of synthetic oil as a heavily discounted promotion.

Warranty Info

According to their website, the use of K&N filters is compliant with manufacturer warranties.  Consult the above link for additional details.

Through several years and as many vehicles, my use of K&N oil filters for recommended maintenance has resulted in no internal engine component failures of any type. In my experience, their highest recommendation is due.

K&N Engineering

Riverside, CA

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