Hefty Blackout Tall Kitchen Bags, 13 Gallon

Pros: unscented, Odor Block technology, dark bags discretely conceal garbage contents

Cons: the bags will develop a hole if enough pressure is applied

I never gave much thought to using white trash bags in a black trashcan.  But when I came across these Hefty Blackout Tall Kitchen Bags, it occurred to me that perhaps a black trash container should have a black trash bag liner.


Hefty has added their Odor Block technology in an unscented “blackout” trash bag.  They advertise the 13-gallon tall kitchen bags as being able to not only hide the mess but also to neutralize garbage smell.  The drawstring bags are 9 mill thick and 2’ x 2’ 3 3/8” in size.  They come packaged in a sturdy cardboard box.  Package count varies.  I buy them in larger volume to save money.

My Experiences

I like that these bags are unscented and still utilize the Odor Block technology.  I was using Hefty’s white Odor Block bags with an apple scent, and while the scent started out pleasant, it didn’t take long for it to turn nasty.  I much prefer the unscented bags.  The Odor Block technology works, too.  It is not perfect.  For instance, if each day I place wet cat food remains in the bag, eventually the trash will begin to smell.  Overall, though, the trash odor is definitely reduced when I use these bags.

The black color works great in the black trashcan.  I open a bag and drop it into the can, wrapping the outer edges of the bag over the can’s rim.  The bag edges are then covered by the trashcan lid.  If the lid is not perfectly aligned, the black bag blends against the black can.  Since the bags are black, instead of a see-through white, the bag contents are also invisible.These bags also have a silvery-colored drawstring.

The bags hold up well.  I have never had a drawstring break, which can be annoying.  The bags are sturdy.  However, apply enough pressure, or insert a sharp object, and there is a possibility of creating a hole.  The bags have never burst open, though.  The trash remains inside where it belongs.


I will definitely buy Hefty Blackout Tall Kitchen Bags again.  I like that the dark bags hide the contents, which is more pleasant when people other than me are emptying the trashcan.  The bags are sturdy enough for our needs, and the Odor Block technology cuts down on unpleasant garbage smells.  I buy the bags in the larger boxes to reduce cost.

I hope you found this review useful.

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Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart

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