Everlast 2Lb Wii Dumbbells

Pros: good idea for improving a Wii workout

Cons: uncomfortable to hold, hard to insert & remove remote

A friend of mine passed along to me a set of Everlast 2lb Wii Dumbbells. She never got into using Wii fitness games, but I regularly use them for my workouts. I was very anxious to try out these dumbbells to see how they could improve my Wii workouts.

The Wii dumbbells are a set of weights that weigh 2 pounds each, and can accommodate a Wii remote and nunchuk or two Wii remotes. Aside from the handles, they look like ordinary dumbbell weights. At first they did not feel like two pounds, but I compared them to a set of 1 pound Heavy Hands and I concluded that they are in fact two pounds each. The remote can slide easily into the handle of the dumbbell, however hooking in the cord for the nunchuk is not completely convenient. One dumbbell has a removable lid on the handle that is used to cover the nunchuk. If you choose to use a second remote for fitness games that accommodate using two Wii remotes, simply keep the lid off.

The Wii dumbbell is an interesting concept for improving the effectiveness of a Wii workout, but the dumbbells overall do not help the workout. I have used the dumbbells with Wii Fit workouts. I found the dumbbell handles a little awkward and uncomfortable to hold. The other issue is that there is no easy way to use the remote. When it comes time to use the remote to do things like push the A button to proceed to the next section, it is necessary to take the remote out of the dumbbell. The sensor just does not pick up the signal well. The constant removal and insertion of the remote into the handles just become tedious as well as holds up the fluidity of a workout. In a Wii Fit workout there are workouts that require the nunchuk to be disconnected from the remote. Disconnecting requires more in and out of the remotes from the handles.

I had been really intrigued by dumbbells for the Wii, but unfortunately the Everlast 2lb Wii Dumbbells proved not to be too effective. They are a little uncomfortable to hold while working out, and having to take out and insert the remote was frustrating. If you want to get a little more out of your Wii workout, I would suggest using a set of instead of Wii dumbbells.

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