Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Countertop Cleanser

Pros: natural ingredients, lovely fragrance, no animal testing, environmentally-friendly

Cons: can’t remove really tough stains except bird poop

I’ve been a fan of Caldrea’s line of natural household cleaners for over a decade now.  I try to use environmentally-friendly, non-antibacterial, animal-friendly products in my home and this company’s philosophy is completely in line with my preferences.

One of their products that I always have in my cabinet is the Sea Salt Neroli Countertop Cleanser.

The Details

Caldrea’s Sea Salt Neroli Countertop Cleanser is sold in a 16 fluid ounce spray bottle for $9.  The company states on the label that it is a “hard-working cleanser (and) a naturally fresh way to remove odors from kitchen and bath”.   It is safe to use on finished surfaces like sealed wood floors, tile, laminate, porcelain, fixtures, walls, woodwork, and sealed stone.  To use it you simply spray this cleaning product onto a surface and then wipe it off with a hand towel or paper towel.  This item is not tested on animals.

The Experience

I love using this Sea Salt Neroli Cleaning Spray to wipe down my counters, kitchen table, cabinets, bathroom sink/fixtures, and any random mess I may find on the floor thanks to the cats.  It has such a lovely “beachy” fresh scent that lingers for many minutes after use. The one flaw in this product is the fact that it just isn’t powerful enough to clean *most* dried, tough messes like my stovetop range or dried tomato sauce that splattered onto the counter.

Pomegranate juice stains, smashed blueberry stains, and smashed cranberries are also stronger than this stuff. The one super-amazing thing about this cleaning spray is the fact that it is AWESOME at cleaning dried bird poop.  I recognize that this isn’t really a concern for most homeowners but, as a parrot owner, I’m always trying to find a way to clean up the poop that escapes from the cage and lands on the vinyl remnant under her cage.  This natural and environmentally-friendly cleanser is just as powerful if not more than bird-poop specific products that cost twice as much.

One of the very cool things about this stuff is the fact that you can buy the 32 fluid ounce bottle of Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli All Purpose Cleanser ($12) and use it to refill this spray.

The original recipe was 2 tablespoons and enough water to fill the spray bottle but it was eventually changed to 4-5 tablespoons for half of a bottle of water.  I use something in the middle and the formula works very well for me and is much, much less expensive than just buying the spray bottles over and over again.

Final Recommendation

I am a huge fan of Caldrea Sea Salt Neroli Countertop Cleanser Spray.  It is great for daily wipe-downs and spot cleaning while also having a secret talent of quickly dissolving dried parrot poop.  I’ve been buying this stuff for years and plan to do so for as long as the company sells this product.

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