Zinsser Qt Bullseye 123 Primer Sealer

Zinsser Primer 1-2-3 Bulls Eye QT 03068794000 at Kmart.com

Pros: Works on a variety of surfaces, fast drying, Fairly priced

Cons: None – worked great!

Somehow, I seem to find myself with a paintbrush or roller in my hand on more occasions than I care to.  While I generally don’t have the need to, when I do have to apply a primer coat, Zinsser Bullseye 123 Primer is usually the primer of choice.  Some time ago we had the need to paint over 30-year-old paneling and several walls where we had removed wallpaper of the same vintage.  There was no question that primer would be necessary on both areas and this product would best suit our needs.

I have used this paint for several specific purposes.  Because of this paint’s reputation as a good stain blocker I was first introduced to this product when it became necessary to paint over a ceiling with some water stains following repairs.  I was more than happy to see this product lived up to its reputation and did a great job covering the old stains.  Not only will this Zinsser product work well on covering stains bit it is also formulated to be mold & mildew-resistant making it a good choice in areas such as bathrooms or laundry areas.

While I have not had the opportunity to personally experience it myself, the manufacturer states this primer inhibits rust formation when applied on clean ferrous metals such as iron and steel.  I did have the opportunity to verify the manufacturer’s claim that it adheres to all surfaces without the need to sand.  As I previously stated, we used Zinsser Bullseye 123 Primer to cover nearly 30-year-old paneling on a house remodel.  The primer was applied after only wiping down the paneling, completely eliminating the need of messy sanding.  I was extremely pleased and admittedly a bit surprised at the adhesion to the shiny wood panel surface.  I was also just as happy with the top coat and final result eliminating the worry I had over painting a paneled surface.

After covering the paneled surface, I used this as a sealer for the same home’s cement basement walls.  We had repaired a number of rod holes over the years but evidence of the old water lines remained.  The basement also had a slight musty odor most likely caused by moisture entering through the walls which had not been treated since the original builder painted the cement nearly 30 years ago.  Zinsser Bullseye 123 Primer covered the old stains with one coat.  In addition to the obvious visual improvement, the new primer and sealer seems to offer a noticeable reduction in moisture.  The entire basement was nearly rid of the musty odor, the one coat of this primer/sealer appears to have done a fantastic job sealing the pores in the old cement walls.

Zinsser Bullseye 123 Primer is formulated for priming and sealing either interior or exterior surfaces.  Up until my last use, I had always applied this product indoors or on basement block surfaces.  This fall we had a problem with a small leak in a vent stack of our home which caused a stain on the drywall in the garage.  Once the water problem was attended to, I grabbed a quart of this primer and sealer and found it did a nice job on the stained area out in the garage.   Considering the amount of sub-zero temperatures we have encountered this winter I was glad to see the primed and painted surface has still held up well.  I wouldn’t hesitate to use this primer sealer anywhere else outside the home.

Zinsser Bullseye 123 Primer is a water based primer and sealer.  This fact makes clean-up a breeze.  Brushes, pans and even primer that may have ended up in spots such as moldings clean up with water.  In addition to its simple clean-up, the manufacturer’s claim of fast, one hour drying time is also reasonable and well within the drying times I have experienced.  This fact can certainly be a time saver, eliminating long wait periods between priming and applying a top coat.

I’m sure there are cheaper primers available but I most recently picked up a quart sized can for a little under $10.00.   I feel this is very fairly priced.  Currently the manufacturer sells this product in the gallon can or five gallon container for larger jobs and cost savings.

I usually only prime when I’m concerned with specific issues such as paint adhesion, stain covering or covering dark colors.  I personally don’t feel saving a buck or two is worth the risk having to re-prime or having my paint job flake or peel some time following completion.  After a number of uses, I have the fullest confidence in the Zinsser name and this product in particular.  I’ll most likely stick with this primer when the need arises in the future and have no misgivings offering my full five-star recommendation here at Veryhelpful.net.

This review was originally published by myself on Epinions.com.  Some of the review remains in its original form along with a fair amount of updated information based on years of experience with this product.

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