Frog Tape Green Pro Painter’s Tape with Paint Block

Frog Tape

Pros: Leaves sharp paint lines, Easy on/off, slightly less expensive

Cons: Wasteful plastic packaging (recyclable though)

We’ve always bought 3M Scotch Blue Painter’s Tape on our multitude of painting projects in our home and rental property.  I had eyeballed Frog Tape Green Pro Painter’s Tape With Paint Block because our results with that well-known tape were mixed but I never tried it due to the wasteful hard plastic packaging.  Once my waste disposal company opened up our curbside plastic recycling beyond #1 and #2 plastics to include the #5 PP type material I was able to rationalize the purchase.  This was a little over a year ago and since, have never gone back to the 3M branded option.

I really noticed absolutely no difference as I began to roll on this tape.  The Frog Tape rolled off the roll without issue much like our old 3M standby.  The tape tore easily as I tried to separate a piece off the roll.  The overall stickiness of this brand was equal to any painter’s tape I had used previously.  Drywall, glass or woodwork adhered to this tape yet at times, if I had to lift of the tape and adjust and reapply it, I had no problem.  The tape laid back down and adhered perfectly in place maintaining it’s paint blocking property as designed.   PaintBlock technology is designed to react with any latex paints along the tape’s edge.   We were more than happy with our results in this regard.  After years of using the 3M branded product, this obviously excelled in our opinion.  Our experience over the past year on other projects has been every bit as positive as our first.  I’ll mention here that 3M does now offer their Scotch Blue tape with something they call Edgelock which is supposed to eliminate the bleed through we had experienced with their regular blue tape.  We have never tried the new 3M option because its price is quite a bit higher than Frog Tape Green Pro Painter’s Tape With Paint Block.  After several projects, my wife and I are now more convinced than ever that the Frog Tape is the better choice.

If there is little difference in rolling the tape on and this tape is superior in its paint blocking capability, then you might ask, “How do they compare when removing them?”  Well, again, the Frog Tape also was better when comparing the ease at which we could pull it off unpainted surfaces.  The green tape reviewed here came off all surfaces including painted drywall, glass and wood very easily.  The tape rarely tore and only on rare occasions did it leave a thin strip on moldings or drywall.  This was not always the case with our old standby choice.  I always had a hard time pulling the 3M Scotch Blue tape off wood and drywall once some new paint got onto the surface.  I had to take extra time and hassle cutting the stuck on tape from surfaces where it tore.  Our experience since initially purchasing this tape has proved equally easy to remove when the paint project is complete.

Both this tape and the regular Scotch brand can be picked up for approximately $6.00 which certainly isn’t a steal.  If you want the 3M Scotch blue tape with the Edgelock which (although I have never used it) is more comparable to this product, expect to drop more than a buck premium.  Based on our experience with both products and the slight price advantage, we’ll be “sticking” with Frog Tape Green Pro Painter’s Tape With Paint Block.   I’m offering five full Veryhelpful.com stars and a buy recommendation.

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