Diamond Select Toys Star Trek Electronic Tribble, Gray

Pros: Cute and cuddly

Cons: Will eat you out of house and home

Looking for a new “pet” that you don’t have to feed? Perhaps your stuffed toy collection has gotten to the point where it’s the same old bears, dogs, monkeys, rabbits (or perhaps stuffed chickens! Sorry, I had Popeye’s for dinner).

If your stuffed toy collection has become boring but you are still too addicted to stop, then how about adopting a cute furry pet from a galaxy far, far away? For those unaccustomed to my ramblings, I am talking about the lovable Tribble! Indeed, these furry critters made their appearance on Star Trek season 2, episode 15 back in 1967 and have never been forgotten by hardcore Trekkies since. So much so that now these cute furballs are available to buy for your very own!

Our Tribble is gray but they also come in beige and brown. The gray is much more striking though!

This is the correct way to hold a Tribble so you won’t get bitten. Notice their ability to camouflage into the background  :)

CAM00178 (826x1024)

Be careful though, as they are known to eat you out of house and home and breed like Austin Powers on a Viagra and methamphetamine cocktail. Buy one though and you should be ok. At least for a week or two anyway.

There are many Tribble kennels you can purchase these creatures from, Amazon being one of them. An adult Tribble will grow to the size of a cantaloupe and set you back a little under $20. There are smaller sizes to purchase of course, but it can be a little confusing as many sites don’t actually know what sizes their Tribbles are! This particular bundle of joy measures 6 x 6 x 5 inches and is the largest size available. If you’re lucky, its breeding days are probably done too!

The Tribble we bought seems to have swallowed some kind of electronic device with batteries. I know this as when I picked it up it began cooing gently and vibrated affectionately. Or perhaps it just had gas. I’m really not sure. The soothing cooing stopped after a few seconds and it went back to sleep.

CAM00175 (1024x819)

There must have been a Klingon near for it suddenly awoke with the most annoying shrill sound! It sounded royally peeved off. I’m sure if it had arms and legs it would’ve liked to have beaten the hell out of that nasty Klingon! Nope, Tribbles and Klingons just don’t get along very well at all. There seem to be only two moods for the Tribbles; happy and angry. This is determined by the switch on the electronic device marked by the numbers 1 and 2. Oh, the OFF setting means that it’s the Tribble’s naptime. That’s my favorite setting.

Tribble 1

Tribble 2

Their fur is fairly coarse and they like to be brushed to keep looking spiffy. They even like to wear hats to keep warm in colder weather. They are also pranksters who love hiding under cushions on sofa chairs and scaring the crap out of people when they sit down, by cooing and vibrating under their butt! Yes I have been caught like this many a time… they have a wicked sense of humor.

They love to play and interact with people too. Their favorite games are catch, peekaboo (although I really can’t tell when they’re peeking as they haven’t got any eyes) and “Whoopee Cushion Tribble Surprise”, although I think they enjoy that one more than I do.

Ours loves to watch The Addams Family. It just loves Cousin Itt (as if we didn’t notice.) :)


Like the Energizer Bunny, these Tribbles too need energy and a pair of AA batteries seems to do the trick. They even come with their own batteries when you Trek them home from the Amazon kennel but they seem to drain fairly quickly, so always have a spare set on hand to feed them with. Once fed, they will be sated for quite some time!

So if you ever want to get another playmate for your disturbingly large collection of stuffed animals, or even if you don’t have any, an adopted Tribble may be just the cutest addition to your family. Just be prepared to have a houseful of them before long, because even if you just buy one Tribble, McCoy from Star Trek had concluded that they are born pregnant! So if you take in one of these creatures, be sure to stock up on grain and be prepared to be over-run by a thousand Tribbles by the end of the week! I recommended Tribbles for people who love LOTS of cuddly pets.

P.S. Please don’t sit on the Tribbles… the bulky electronic device inside it might bruise your butt!

“The Trouble With Tribbles” episode is available to watch on YouTube if you’re interested here (note this is not my video):


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