OfficeMax Rubberized Stick Medium Point Ballpoint Pens

Pros: Comfortable grip, writes well enough.

Cons: Not a perfectly consistent ink flow, caps can get lost.

Pens are part of my every day work life so I do get quite annoyed when they run out or if they don’t work properly or “feel right”. I’m a fan of the medium ballpoint tip of 1MM which gives a nice thickness to the lines or words without wasting more ink from a thicker ball.

I currently am using the OfficeMax Rubberized Stick Medium Point Ballpoint Pen in black (they also come in blue). I must say I have had worse pens and I am quite fussy when it comes to having the right one. Nothing made in America with this; it has “China” proudly stamped on the gray barrel along with the brand name and pen size. Amazon currently have these for around $6 per dozen.

At a glance…

I love retractable pens, but this is not one of those. It has a removable lid with a half-inch clip connected to it. Overall pen length (without lid) is 5½” and has a barrel diameter of just over a quarter-inch. Personally I like a thicker barrel with my pens; it makes them easier to grip. This one is slightly less comfortable for me to hold because of this.

The black end cap unscrews anti-clockwise and is scored to make it easier to grip to unscrew. The ink cartridge is inserted in the end of this cap, and it is possible to replace the ink in these if you want as long as you find a matching size ink cartridge. Personally I wouldn’t bother; they’re cheap enough to discard.

Comfort and Convenience

There are four nice grippy rings near the point to place your fingers for a non-slip grip. It also doubles as a tight fit for the cap when you want to put it in your top pocket like I do. This can be a pain as it’s hard to flip the cap off in a hurry especially when taking a phone call and only having one hand free to grab a pen and take the lid off. I usually have to bite the lid off with my teeth as the four rings hold it on there quite firmly! The barrel itself is rubberized but feels like plastic and is smooth but has some grip to it so my fingers don’t slip.

I have had the plastic cone near the tip come loose a few times while writing but that’s probably more to do with my grip than anything else. Lately it hasn’t done that. After doing paperwork for several hours I found it quite comfortable with no hand fatigue, even with the narrow barrel. It did leave a red mark on the side of my middle finger after a while but it didn’t hurt, and my fingers never slipped once.

So how well does it write?

The ink flow isn’t too bad, but not great. It doesn’t dry up like some other pens and I don’t have to scribble much to start the ink flowing. Once it’s flowing, it produces an even flow of ink but sometimes the ink will come out too light, making me go over some things I’ve already written. The occasional ink blot will appear but they’re very small and I’ve had no real issues with messing up the pages with ink blots and smears. The does ball runs smoothly across the paper, nearly as well as a gel-roller. I have however, noticed that as it gets toward the end of the ink, this pen skips quite regularly now. Nothing extreme, it still lays ink down but I tend to have to go over several places now when writing. Even with a low ink level, pressing lightly on the paper still gets better results. It has had a good run though so I can’t complain too much.

The ink cartridge itself is clear so it’s possible to see how much ink is left, although mine seems to have splattered all inside the cylinder so it’s nigh on impossible to tell how much is left!

Final thoughts…

My dislikes would be the clip fits a little too tight over the pocket; the cap of course, I prefer retractables and the not-quite-perfect ink flow, although the flow improves when quick, light strokes are applied. All in all I’m satisfied with the OfficeMax Rubberized Stick Medium Point Ballpoint Pen.. It does the job for heavy workloads with decent results and minimal hand fatigue. I’d recommend it and give it 3½ stars.

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