Rust-Oleum Universal Satin Nickel Metallic Spray Paint

Pros: Fast drying.  Easy to use.  Improved trigger design.  True nickel-stainless finish.

Cons: Contains Butyl Acetate – vapors harmful and flammable.

In my painting career, I was called-upon to accomplish a variety of projects.  Few were more difficult to estimate than a kitchen re-paint.  The extent of factors such as wear and condition – and the prep-quality of previous coats – can be tough to determine until work begins.

A recent project involved custom cabinetry installed around 1975.  The quality work featured raised-panel doors suspended from surface-mounted “H” hinges – a tribute to its bicentennial origins.  The previous paint was a stark-white, showing thin in spots.

The client expressed her desire to go off-white with a nickel hinge to match the stainless steel appliances.  The decision to reuse the hardware was unanimous – updating the colonial theme using a satin off-white latex with subtle pewter tones (White Dove from Benjamin Moore) and a Rust-Oleum Satin Nickel repaint for the flat-black hinges.

After removing the doors and hardware, the hinges were soaked in solvent, then wire-brushed to remove any old paint and soil – revealing anew their lightly hammered texture. Once washed with soapy water and thoroughly dried, I laid them out on cardboard.  On a separate cardboard, I popped the screws through so they were separate and upright.

Since Rust-Oleum dries quickly, the directions recommend the application of several light coats a few minutes apart, rather than one or two heavy coats.  Working quickly with brisk, sweeping strokes, I applied a total of seven coats overall – at which point the hardware had the silver-nickel sheen the label had promised.

Reconstructing a project is always a satisfying experience.  The satin nickel hardware provided a perfect complement to the cabinet color.  The colonial elements were, in effect, modernized without compromise to the period décor – at a minimal expense.

I’ve used a number of colors in the Rust-Oleum Universal Metallic palette.  All provide exceptional results for both interior and exterior applications.  For best results, shake the can vigorously for at least one minute, then shake briefly between sprays.  Keep the can moving during application to assure an even coating.  Short, rapid, quick-trigger hits will avoid excess accumulation.

Due to the potentially toxic and volatile ingredients contained within, always use Rust-Oleum Universal All-Surface Paint in a well-ventilated area.  This job occurred in early June, so I was able to set-up outside on a covered deck – staying up-wind of the target as the paint was applied.

The latest generation of sprayer used with the Universal Metallic line features a tapered neck grip with a trigger-action spray tip – a design superior to the cumbersome top-button cans of yore.  This improvement eliminates the tendency for over-spray to color the tip of one’s index finger.  Even in consideration of such an advance, the use of rubber gloves is recommended where an ingredient such as Butyl Acetate is involved.

When used within the parameters of proper technique and surface-prep, Rust-Oleum Universal Satin Nickel Metallic is a quality option when updating the details of your own designer inspiration.

The manufacturer has constructed an attractive, informative website which provides tips and techniques for obtaining the optimal benefit from their products.  Go to and start painting with confidence.

Rust-Oleum Corporation

Vernon Hills, IL  60061


Made in USA

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