Concord Plastic Squeeze Lime, Reconstituted, 4.5-Ounce Containers

Pros: No mess, no fuss, great taste.

Cons: None

Looking for an alternative to fresh limes? Why not give these Concord Plastic Squeeze Lime bottles a try? Yes I know, fresh is always best when it comes to all foods, limes included, but for city folk (and every other kind of folk out there) these are a pretty good imitation.

Standing only a few inches high and giving the general appearance of a life-sized lime, these squeeze bottles get quite a lot of use in our household. There are readily available in many stores and Amazon also sells them in packs of 24. Of course you can buy them individually from other stores like WalMart for over a buck apiece if you don’t intend using much of it. They come in 4½ oz and larger 8 oz plastic squeeze bottles. We prefer the small size.

These are made in the USA for you economic patriots out there and these bottles are LDPE recyclable plastic, which, if recycled will go into making carpet and clothing.


We used to buy fresh limes, but they became a hassle when some limes had hardly any juice inside or just went off in the fridge because we bought too many of them. These lime squeeze bottles made for a better alternative for us. also make a lemon flavored juice in a similar bottle if you prefer.

I quite like the taste of this lime juice. Sure, it’s not a fresh lime and it won’t be as acidic and tangy as a real lime, (and definitely won’t have any pulp) but it still retains its distinctive sour lime taste throughout. I love adding this to stews, lemon chicken, and curry and of course my favorite – homemade tacos! The lime taste is even more distinct with guacamole.

Concord Plastic Squeeze Lime bottles fit neatly in the palm of your hand and have a flat bottom so they can store upright in the fridge. Yes you will need to refrigerate these so they will last a long time. The use-by date is stamped on the upper part of the bottle and I recommend always adhering to it. Personally I don’t see much truth in these use-by dates, but that’s just me. I can use a single opened bottle for up to a couple years or more without fear of it going “off” and it still retains its taste after that time. Nowadays they don’t last that long in our place as we are always using it!

Lime 3

Use a pin or fork tine to puncture a hole in the top when you’re ready to use a new bottle. This will ensure the lime juice will squirt out evenly when the bottle is squeezed. The small flip-top cap will seal it perfectly afterwards and there is no fear of it leaking if you store it lying down on its side as we do. The cap is easily flicked open with your thumb. I love that there is no mess when squirting it on our food or in a drink. You can squirt it easily into an open bottle without spilling any either.

Lime 1

So what’s really in this stuff?

Well as I said before, it tastes pretty close to a real lime but it does contain preservatives and a few other things that increase its shelf life. The main ingredient is Lime Juice Concentrate with filtered water. The potency is such that two tablespoons of this juice is equal to an average sized lime. The added preservatives are Sodium Bisulfate and Sodium Benzoate. It also contains natural lime oil. Nothing else is added to this mix, not even sugar.

I highly recommend Concord Plastic Squeeze Lime bottles to keep handy in your fridge. You will never have to buy fresh limes again (unless you want to of course) and they make a nice handy condiment for your needs without the mess.

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