Turtle Wax Oxy Power Out! Upholstery Cleaner

Pros: A detachable bristle cap for scrubbing

Cons: Just plain doesn’t work

I have an SUV – I have a dog – ‘nuf said? Well, not really. I have a little red Dachshund – Wally, who goes with me everywhere. Consequently between eating on the run, walks in the rain and muddy fields, even with a towel tucked around the passenger seat, her side gets dirty. In addition, the weather the past few months has done little to ameliorate the situation.

I looked at several auto upholstery cleaners before choosing Turtle Wax Oxy Power Out! If there’s a word that will grab my attention when it comes to any kind of cleaner, it’s ‘oxy’ ( meaning oxygen containing surfactants) ” for incredible cleaning and stain removal”. In this case, not even close. I honestly believe I could have done a better job with just warm, sudsy water.

One ( rare) sunny day about two weeks ago I tackled the job. I followed the directions explicitly:

  • Vacuum loose dirt from surface
  • Shake ( can) well and spray evenly onto upholstery
  • Rub foam into upholstery with bristle cap or sponge until foam disappears.
  • Wipe area with a clean cloth or vacuum when dry.

I finished, leaving the doors open for the seats to dry.  I was astounded and really disappointed a few hours later to see practically no change. Now, we’re not talking about removing blood, or mustard, or shoe dye – we’re talking dog drools, dried mud, maybe a soft drink spill. Yet, the can states ” Works great on coffee, makeup, ink, juice, ketchup, mustard, grease, oil and mud/dirt”. In addition it claims it will remove odors from smoking (never), pets, food, mildew and more. Either I got a can that  accidentally made it through quality control, or they have no such system.

I paid $4.99 at a local hardware store for the .22 oz. size.

For those willing to try this product:

Caution – Contents under pressure. Do not puncture, incinerate, or store above 120F. Do not use near heat, sparks, or open flame. In case of eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes. KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

Questions? 1-800-TurtleWax – or –


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