Kitchenaid Professional 6 Quart Bowl-Lift Stand Mixer

Pros: powerful, works with various attachments, many different colors

Cons: price, warranty is only for one year

I love to cook and am always whipping up something whether it is for my husband and I to have for dinner or a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake for my coworkers.  I had a 4.5 Quart Classic Pro Kitchenaid mixer but, as my cooking and entertaining load increased, I started to feel like it was too small for my needs.  My husband bought me this 6 Quart Professional version for my birthday last year.  Some women might be annoyed by receiving a kitchen appliance as a “gift” but I was thrilled with it then and I’m still thrilled with it now.

The Details

The 6 Quart Professional KitchenAid Stand Mixer is a larger-capacity mixer with a powerful 575 watt motor.  It is designed to combine heavy and dense mixtures as well as large amounts of foods (8 pounds of mashed potatoes or dough for 13 dozen cookies at one time).   The mixer head does not tilt up and down like the company’s smaller models; instead there is a handle that you use to move the bowl up and down.

This mixer comes with 3 mixing attachments: a flat paddle, a 6-wire whisk, and a PowerKnead spiral dough hook.  There also is a place at the top to use optional attachments like the company’s pasta roller, meat grinder, juicer, sausage stuffer, etc.  It has 10 mixing speeds so you can stir, knead, mix, beat, cream, or whip your ingredients.

According to the Kitchenaid web site, this product is available in 15 different colors.  I have the Cobalt Blue version which does not appear to be available any longer.  The suggested retail price is $569.99 but is currently listed at $449.99 on the company’s site.

The Experience

I’ve been using this mixer for a year now and I absolutely love it.  I’ve been doing a lot of baking these days so I’m using it every week to mix batters, mix fillings, and whip frostings.  I also use it regularly to knead bread and pizza doughs and to mash/whip potatoes.  I’ve never put the company’s claim of it being able to knead dough for 8 loaves of bread at once to the test, but I can report that it has absolutely no problem mashing and whipping 5 pounds of potatoes.

The spiral dough hook on this model is far superior to the J-shaped hook on the smaller models.  It does an excellent job of kneading bread and pasta doughs which is wonderful because that is one thing that I really just don’t enjoy doing.   Speaking of pasta dough, I have the pasta roller and cutter set that the company sells for $249.99 and use it all the time with this mixer.  I love the fact that the cap and screw where the attachments fit are permanently attached to the mixer head.  I was always afraid that I was going to lose them when I detached them from my 4.5 Quart Classic Pro.

The one thing that annoys me about this mixer is the warranty.  This mixer costs anywhere between $350 and $570 depending on where you buy it and the company only offers a one year warranty.  That’s pretty stingy, in my opinion, when you are investing literally hundreds and hundreds of dollars in a stand mixer.  I registered it as soon as I received it so it would be covered under the warranty.  The year has come and gone, though, so if it dies on me I will be both sad and angry at the same time.  I don’t have an extra $400 just sitting around to replace this mixer if it breaks.  My Classic Pro model served me well for 10 years so I am hoping and trusting that this model will do the same.

Overall Opinion

I have been very happy with this product.  I don’t know if a regular household of just two people necessarily needs such a large mixer but I am always cooking and entertaining so it definitely is something that this household needed.  I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who was looking for a large-capacity stand mixer.

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