C6 Corvette Car Cover from Chevrolet

Pros: Soft knit polyester exterior & fleece style inside material, Stays clean, Decent price

Cons: Flat, lifeless C6 Corvette logos

I hated the idea my little baby was going to sit cold and naked so one of my first purchases was the C6 Corvette Car Cover from Chevrolet.  This winter was a real challenge here in Michigan.  The temperatures never exceeded freezing for months at a time and many nights, temperatures were well below zero Fahrenheit. Even though the vehicle was garaged, there was plenty of snow and blowing when the doors were opened as we received record levels here in the state.

This particular cover was purchased in black with the C6 Corvette logos.  One logo is located at the front and one at the rear just above the rear license plate area.  There are two specific choices if you look for the covers manufactured and sold by Chevrolet.  One is designed for outdoor use and the one I ended up purchasing is for vehicles stored indoors.


The cover is constructed of an extremely soft and stretchy knitted polyester fabric designed to breathe and allow for sufficient airflow eliminating the trapping of moisture underneath.  Stitching on the cover appears well done and I see no appearance of fray or loose stitches after the first winter of use.  The material stayed surprisingly clean throughout the first winter.  Should the material get dirty, Chevrolet suggests rubbing out the spot with an all purpose cleaner and rinsing with clean water.  You are also instructed to air-dry the cover and avoid both a washing machine and dryer.


I wanted, and was more than happy with, a snug fit this cover offers.  I also desired a cover with the pocketed mirror pouches.  Pulling the cover on and taking it off around the mirror pouches is not an issue at all.  The cover completely covers the entire painted portion of the vehicle once it is in place and pulled down.  Only about half the wheels show underneath the bottom of the cover.


I wasn’t too impressed with the two Corvette logos on the front and rear portions of the cover.  I really expected a high quality embroidered C6 Corvette logo but instead the manufacturer added a stiff, lifeless patch style insignia.  The picture shows the C6 Corvette logo at the front of the cover.  I also attempted to offer a view of the soft fleece style material I mentioned earlier with which Chevrolet has constructed the inside of the cover.  The soft material eliminated my concern that the cover may scratch the exterior surface of the vehicle.  Some covers on the market are only constructed with a thin stretch type material that gave me some concern of scratching the surface, especially when the cover is subjected to sub-zero temperatures.



Chevrolet did include a nice carrying case with the cover.  The bag is about the size of a small overnight bag once the cover has been folded and inserted inside.  The cover can be folded, with some difficulty due to the elastic and odd shape and placed in the bag which is designed with ample room.  This makes the cover simple to store or take along on a road trip in the limited storage compartment of the C6.

I ended up paying just over $230.00 plus shipping for my cover on-line.  You can find cheaper options on the market but I suspect they are mostly after-market items.  Many will not have the logos or charge extra for them.  Others will not include the soft fleece style material that, in my opinion, does a great job protecting the paint from both scratching from the cover and offers an extra layer of protection from items that may bump up against the vehicle through a long winter’s stay in the garage.

Based on the fair price and the super quality of the Chevrolet designed cover, I’m offering up a “BUY” recommendation.  You can check out the lesser priced options currently on the market but in my opinion, the extra $60.00 to $100.00 you may save may not offer a similar amount of protection.  I’ll get into gear and roll out all five Veryhelpful.net stars for this C6 Corvette Car Cover from Chevrolet that will keep your cold and naked C6 both warm and wrapped up.

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