PaperPro Hole Punch

hole punch

Pros: Durable, Easy Use, Low Pressure

Cons: Pricey

Accentra® Incorporated PaperPro™ One Hole Punch measuring about 3 x 1.5 x 5 inches is a well-engineered, durable, attractive little hole punch  capable of blasting a 9/32 diameter hole into a stack of several sheets.

This paper punch is a two part office tool, grey with black. Jaw depth is about 1 inch. To use, insert paper into device jaw, pull/push lever down to create holes in paper.  Easy-To-Empty Waste Collection Compartment assures no mess on floor or table top, rubberized handle provides comfort.

For use in my classroom I wanted a handy device to provide consistent quality work, with no jams or major exertion needed to render a hole into several sheets at once.  As the arthritis in my hands and arms progresses I continue to recognize that jobs needing a tad more power are not likely to be part of my repertoire.  Luckily this little workhorse does not need major pressure.

Osage County First Grade enjoys learning to use staplers, hole punch and the like as a part of their ongoing growing up during First Grade.  The beginning of the new school term brings a group of dependent six year olds into the classroom.  Increasing opportunity to use simple office devices for stapling their own papers, or punching holes into pages for placing into their binders helps Little Learners develop a sense of can-do, ability and worth.

I find the 10-Sheet Capacity One-Hole Punch strong cutting dies cause punching to be a great deal easier than many of the small hand held punch devices available.  The compacted, well-organized locking handle features an ergonomic, easy squeeze handle design with incorporated in-handle waste compartment is especially handy for small jobs and small hands.  My students and I have small hands.

The non-slip rubberized base assures the punch will stand vertically or horizontally.  Compact size fits effortlessly in brief cases, drawers, backpacks and on desktop.

My 3 Year Limited Warranty has expired, unused, and my PaperPro One Hole Punch continues to work like a champ.

Happy to recommend Accentra® Incorporated PaperPro™ One Hole Punch


Internet search including the Accentra PaperPro website indicates : it is the philosophy of PaperPro that a stapler that works with the pressure of a single finger is a necessary office tool. After years of the same old products produced by so many for so many years, PaperPro is dedicated to offering products that are dependable and easy to use.

Our PaperPro staplers and our ProPunch three-hole punch devices offer mechanical complexity to revolutionize the office products industry by putting better, more capable office tools on the desktop.

PaperPro philosophy includes: consumers work hard everyday, and at PaperPro it’s the PaperPro job to make consumer work easier.

December 2012 Brooks Houghton & Company, Inc. acquisition of Accentra Inc., the maker of PaperProspring-powered staplers and hole punches, by Rhode Island-based Amax Incorporated was completed.

Located in Newtown, Pennsylvania and privately-held, Accentra, Inc. is widely recognized as having revolutionized stapling with the introduction in 2003 of its patented, award-winning PaperPro® stapler, the first desktop stapler to contain a spring-powered internal mechanism that provides staple gun power to drive staples reliably and efficiently through stacks of paper with the touch of just one finger.


The company’s website is

Accentra, Inc – Global Headquarters

301 South State Street – Suite N200

Newtown, Pa 18940

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