Landlubbers Raw Bar And Grill


Pros: Reliable, good quality food, good choices.

Cons: Crowds (especially on game days), menu items can change unexpectedly.

It’s had its ups and downs. But Landlubbers has been a staple of my diet since the mid 1990s.

The Plantation Florida Raw Bar And Grill used to be a place where one could get a basket of fried clams, fries and a soda for about $7.50. The prices have gone up since then. But it’s still relatively cheap in terms of overall pricing.

Depending on how you look at it, this is the place you go to either for wings or seafood. I tend to lean more towards the seafood. But the wings are pretty good. They also have sandwiches, ribs, tacos, burgers and so on. Pretty much enough for even the pickiest eater to find something that he or she will like.

As far as side dishes go, if you have had it up to here with french fries never fear because they offer waffle fries, rice, onion rings and other choices.

Lest I forget to mention, the pretty good clam chowder.

SO yeah, the food here is usually pretty good. There have been instances of things overcooked or under-cooked. But that can happen at any restaurant and they don’t happen here too often, unlike when going through the drive-through at McSuck for instance.

But I do have a few complaints to register:

1: Being that it is a sports bar, it can get awfully crowded, especially on days when there is a game.

2: Menu items tend to disappear. Nothing wrong with making changes to the menu. But when something you like goes, it can be frustrating.

When I first started eating at Landlubbers on a regular basis, one thing I would get often was the Catfish. Then suddenly they didn’t have it anymore. Nowadays it’s back, complete with both the blackened and the fried Cajun variation. Delicious. But why did it have to go away for a long period of time, almost two decades.

Likewise, for a while they had the Fried Grouper Fingers. Now they’re gone. There have been times where I’ve wanted to say “Look, this is supposed to be a seafood place. Quit putting so much time into inventing chicken wing combos nobody knew they needed until now”.

Even so, I still can’t find any reason not to go to Landlubbers. There’s a reason it’s been a mainstay of Plantation Florida for so long.

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