Moonlight Path Shower Gel

Pros: Light fragrance; moisturizing.

Cons: Limited availability.

I like to keep an assortment of differently scented shower gels on hand simply because I get bored with using the same one day after day. I prefer the ones sold by Bath & Body Works since they tend to have just the right amount of scent and cleanse well.

Bath & Body Works Moonlight Path is a light blue/lavender color and has a light scent that is floral, yet also smells a little bit like baby powder. According the the bottle, it contains the scents of white jasmine, violet, lavender, lily of the valley along with soft musk. These come together very nicely and the bathroom smells strongly of it while it is being used, although the scent only lingers on my skin for about an hour.

Some other brands of shower gels leave my skin dry and itchy, especially in the winter, but this one lathers up nicely and leaves my skin nicely moisturized since it contains Shea Butter, Aloe and Vitamin E. I find it to be just the right consistency – thick enough to easy pour out of the bottle, but not so thin that it runs right down the shower drain.

The ten-ounce flip-top bottle is priced at $12.50, but it can often be purchased on sale. The Moonlight Path fragrance is part of Bath & Body Work’s Signature Collection and there are additional items available in that same scent including a fragrance mist, body cream, bubble bath, sugar scrub and even a candle.

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