Sabra Hummus Singles

Pros: 2-ounce serving containers are quick, good value, nutritious, tasty, portable

Cons: needs lemon; cannot purchase single servings on Amazon; only Costco

Back in the day, I had never heard of hummus. In fact, on my first trip to Israel in the ’80s, I was afraid to try it! It was a foreign, golden-colored, vegetarian spread with a glistening, oily veneer and dusting of spice. Finally, I dared to dip. With pita poised, I scraped my first taste of smooth, creamy, chick-pea hummus. Was it love at first swipe? YES!  Soon, I mastered the art of making my own hummus. And slowly, hummus grew in popularity and “spread” across America!

But take it to lunch? That seemed unlikely, until we found Sabra spreads in convenient, single serving sizes at Costco. Since daughter and I are vegetarian, we need a good protein source with our daily carbs.  Each 2-ounce single-serving provides 4 grams protein and 3 grams fiber. The main ingredients are chick peas (garbanzos), tahini (ground sesame), soybean oil, garlic and salt. Lemon juice isn’t an ingredient, and I do miss the tartness (I add lemon juice to my homemade version).

Sabra hummus tastes quite good, although somewhat generic, at least the plain variety. It is very smooth and is easy to spread and dip. There’s not much spice and no lemon, but the overall flavor is well rounded ~ I always finish the single serving and feel satisfied with the amount and taste.

Sabra makes other varieties of hummus that might be more spicy or garlicky.  If you’re looking for a typical hummus for lunch boxes or quick lunches at home, I highly recommend Sabra hummus. If you’re having a party, with no time to whirl your own in a food processor, then purchase the tubs. All you need are pita chips and crudites, and your guests will eat this up.

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