Run For Your Life by Andrea Kane


Pros: A premise that’s different from the typical thriller.

Cons: Eye-rolling is required.

Run For Your Life by Andrea Kane is an interesting thriller.  It has a premise that’s “different” than the usual book in this genre, that’s for sure.  I just wish the story had been a bit more exciting, something that gets the adrenaline pumping as you read it.  Instead, you had an interesting premise surrounded by a dull story.

Imagine Victoria’s surprise when, while out jogging in a park, she comes across her own sister – wearing a hospital gown and clearly distressed.  The sister collapses before saying too much and Victoria runs off to get help.  When she gets back, her sister is gone.  

Even though no one believes her story, Victoria refuses to give up; she searches for her sister, eventually discovering a reclusive private clinic.  Victoria knows her sister is in there, but what she doesn’t know is just how far certain people will go – to keep Victoria from going inside those walls – and from finding out exactly what’s going on, inside that building.

The entire story takes place over the next two weeks, as Victoria works frantically to solve the mystery of her missing sister.  We, the readers, are privy to a lot more than Victoria is, thus we are a few steps ahead of her in the investigation.  And as more clues come to light about what’s really happening inside that clinic, I kept being impressed.   This story is definitely not the “same old” thriller, that’s for sure.

But I was also disappointed in several aspects of the story.  First of all, I hate when an author relies upon coincidence as a plot device.  Once in a story is OK, beyond that it gets ridiculous.  And this story is just full of them.   Wouldn’t you know it, Victoria’s ex-boyfriend is also investigating the clinic – right at the very minute that Victoria gets involved.   How quaint!  Now she and her ex can resume their romance, because that’s exactly what Victoria should take the time to do, while her sister might be in danger.

And, guess who else is involved in the goings-on at the clinic – Victoria’s father, of course!  Time after time, we are handed these ridiculous connections that would never happen in real life.  

If that isn’t bad enough, we have some very dumb bad guys.  Here’s just one example: if you were instructed to keep tabs on someone, mightn’t you think to bug their apartment and their office?  Perhaps find some way to slip a bug into the woman’s purse, or the man’s briefcase, so that you’d have access to all of their conversations?  Instead, these guys bug one phone, and make assumptions based upon their “evidence”.  

As if all of this isn’t enough, I found the book to be dull, and slow-reading.  Probably because I had to force myself to continue.  It just didn’t have any real hook, nothing that made me have to turn those pages to figure out how it would work out.

So, yes, this book contains an interesting premise, and I was pleased that it was “different”.  But I also did a lot of eye-rolling throughout the book.  Overall, this is an “ok” thriller, but don’t go out of your way to read it.

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