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NOTE: My very first review on Epinions Jan 10 2010. This review seemed to get a huge response from the community as well as some tough critique from (Sleeper54) because he said it lacked actual product description although he enjoyed the personal experience I included. Also there seemed to be a problem with the products listing. It was in “books” and should have been in “toys”. This created a 2 year struggle for me to get this moved to the correct category. This review should have been lost from the website (where it was last seen) but I found it. So here it is:

Hello, I own this product, (The Psychic Circle) have had it for many years, and have bought it 3 times over the past 16 years. It has been beautifully designed and has 20 words like open, close, give and take and so on. It has the signs of the zodiac, numbers, and comes with a 32 page instruction booklet as to how to use this device and is very helpful! This is what sparked some interest in the product for me.My encounters with this product are a rather lengthy one. Due to the unusual circumstances surrounding this product my review cannot be based on the normal rules that I would ordinarily apply here. It is not possible for me to be too objective as the products main success depends upon individual results, so I hope you understand.

It all started back in ’94, when I sat down with a friend of mine, he had some experience with a product by a different name (let’s just say that it hurts Bill Fuld(s)) I never had much luck with getting it to move on my own until, I was shown a different method. We got out an oak table, sat down, and placed our fingers “lightly” on the indicator and spoke aloud “Is there anyone wishing to speak with us?” (This is referred to by veterans on the subject as a “no know” as this implies an open discussion to all.) Four hours passed and with limited movement after the obligatory discussion of “I’m not moving it” bounced back and forth between us, we asked our question and waited and waited. During this time we began to feel a tingling sensation; from our shoulders all the way down to our finger tips. We believed that we had obtained a direct link with an entity, after which, many things began to happen, much of which that I cannot exactly explain with absolute certainty.

(I, believe looking back, that the tingling was attributed to long hours of holding our hands in one position). During this same session we both received personal messages from a source unknown. Mine was “wait for plenty of monetary success”, and his was “travel east”. We were happy with how well this was working and began to inquire about the history of the source in question, where are you from? It answered in a way that was beyond coincidental and frankly was, to say the least, quite frightening. We put the board away, but I was so intrigued that something out of the ordinary actually happened, that I began to experiment with this object by myself.

It became like an obsession much like an imaginary friend, I had summoned what I believed to be an old acquaintance of my dad’s named Scott (He had died by a fatal gunshot wound to the chest after trying to break up a bar fight in ’85.) When personal details that only he and I could have known were spelled out, I opened up and continued our conversation for more than a week.

I asked lots of personal questions, for example, I asked “What kinds of music do you like?” It answered AC/DC Highway to Hell. When I stated aloud that I didn’t have “Highway” we eventually agreed upon AC/DC’S Back in Black; this is when things turned in a different direction. Requests were actually being made by “Scott”, for water. He literally wanted me to spill some on the board (this I have read is a direct way to release the entity), when I responded by saying”If I do that it will ruin my new board” it spelled out the letters (tough s–t.) I eventually agreed to sprinkle some water on the board, In exchange for a display of power like having “Scott” open my living room door, nothing happened. No door opened in front of my unbelieving eyes. The words “Maybe I’ll close one for you” appeared, after I pressed the issue.

In my wanting to see something extraordinary and feeling tired, I put away my “game” and went to sleep. That night I was awakened by a loud bang, I jumped out of bed and was alarmed when I discovered that every door in the house was unlocked (I always made sure to lock up before I went to sleep,) I grabbed my “game” and proceeded to ask for Scott and I received a message like this: “4 someone who talks allot u sure put away … then it stopped moving.

“Scott” I replied, and to my horror it spelled out “ITS NOT SCOTT U GO 2 HELL” On the back side of the board scratched in a crude manner was the letters, H E L L P P P .

I went down stairs and outside to the back parking lot where I proceeded to squirt lighter fluid all over the board and then set it on fire. Was that the end of strange occurrences? Not in the least, as this board burned into the dark I saw rings inside of rings inside of rings… all the way from the center of the board to the outer edges glowing red from the fire. It eventually burned out, but I will never forget that as long as I live. So I never played with this apparatus again right? Not exactly, after telling my experience to anyone who was willing to listen, I began to research many different theories on how the board may work.

Ten long years went by with my trying to figure it out; testing different methods and reading anything I could get my hands on about the subject. Finally in 2005, I had enough experience with “talking boards” to know at least this much; “whatever you bring to this phenomenal tool, whether it is fear or anything else, you will receive that same effect in return.” Now isn’t that poetic? Might be, but that is the only truth I know for sure. I still own a psychic circle and have used it to great effect; I’ve received map coordinates’ to specified locations (only to find out later something terrible about the actual location). It carries with it a horrible stigma like no other and it must be used correctly.

Frame of mind is the ultimate key. From my experience, the journey from dabbling to mastering its art is a frightening psychology and the PSYCHIC CIRCLE is no exception to that rule and is much more accessible and therefore more dangerous than (Take a guess?), that I don’t play around with it often. Also, contrary to popular opinion, this must be done on your own in 99% of all circumstances and occasions because, people will use it to their own advantage and then lie about moving it when asked. (I’ve had girlfriends try and convince me to marry and even have kids with them, by using this apparatus in a manipulative and deceitful way.) Most unsuspecting people will have a partner attempt this because of their desire and impatience to see something happen and as a result will force the outcome. That, to me, is what makes it a most dangerous game and it should almost never be used casually.

Its success much like chemical writing, in my opinion, is all in your own mind. Remember, that we only use about 1/3 of our brains so this tool is a remarkable discovery at tapping into this mostly unused portion. Whether it is supernatural or something subliminal (You no doubt have acquired and experienced this throughout your life more times than I’m sure you would care to know about.) is subject to great debate and controversy. This tool, I have heard has been referred to as a piece of fruit that fell off the tree of knowledge of good and evil. (A direct reference to a passage from the book of Genesis in the Christian Bible.) I don’t know for certain if that is true, but I do know one thing: It is a very fascinating tool, but I do not recommend its continued use by laymen’s regarding the subject.

All and all I am pleased with the product it has a much better concept than its counterpart; the indicator is a clear plastic circle that the symbols on the board fit nicely inside of I have ran into some basic construction issues with the board as it is manufactured as a fold up board game like monopoly’s construction and the indicator will stubbornly go over the fold lines however despite these flaws it did not limit my ability to work with the board. If you are interested in Ouija, (There, I said It.) then by all means buy this product. It is much easier to work with and it takes some of the guess work out of deciphering your messages. Tread carefully though, it hasn’t been called the most dangerous game for nothing. That being said, I think I’ll break out the old “Red Devil” lighter fluid and set this “tool” ablaze once more, just for old times’ sake. Goodbye!

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