7th Heaven – very typical James Patterson.


Pros:One of the stories was pretty good, with a satisfying ending.

Cons: The other story.


7th Heaven is the seventh book in James Patterson’s Women’s Murder Club series.  The series follows four women who put their heads together to solve crimes in the San Francisco area.  The main character is Detective Lindsay Boxer.  Her three best friends are medical examiner Claire, reporter Cindy, and prosecutor Yuki.  Depending on the book, sometimes the three friends really help Lindsey solve her cases, other times they merely support her efforts through their friendship, but do very little to help.  In this case, Yuki gets a fairly large role, but Claire and Cindy just show up occasionally.

There are two main stories going on at once.  The governor’s son has been missing for the past few months.  The case has been fairly cold but all of a sudden a lead lands in Lindsay’s lap.  The lead brings Lindsay to a young woman who breaks down and confesses to having watched the young man die, then disposing of his body.  Open and shut case, right?  Except that the confession wasn’t recorded, and the young woman soon recants.  Now Yuki is prosecuting the case, with not one iota of hard evidence.

At the same time, some homes are being burned down, with their wealthy owners trapped inside.  The arsonist is clever.  The only clues ever found are those he left purposely, as his calling card.

Lindsey and her partner, Rich, are mostly involved in the second story, and Yuki is busy with the first story.  As far as the stories go, they were a mixed bag.  I was interested in the first story, wondering what really happened to the young man, and whether the young lady was really involved or not.  The story takes a very long time to completely unfold.  In fact you have to wait until the very end of the book to know the whole story.  And I, for one, was not disappointed.

The second story didn’t hold my interest quite so well.  And, it didn’t wrap up nearly so well.  In the end, there were still questions left unanswered, but I didn’t care enough to really ponder.

This book is very typical Patterson, which means extremely short chapters that jump around the various points of view.  Lindsey gets most of the action, with Yuki coming in second.  But the other ladies don’t get to do a whole lot.   And in the little amount of time that Cindy was given, she managed to annoy me.  I get that she’s a reporter, but she can be absolutely ruthless and obnoxious when it comes to getting her story.

As usual Lindsay’s love life plays a role in this book.  And, as usual, Lindsay is confused, with not a clue what she really wants.

The villains in this book are unbelievably evil, seemingly with no comprehension of right from wrong.  But little is given in terms of their background, so we have very little understanding of what drives them.

Overall, I would say this book is “ok”.  One story was pretty good, the other one a disappointment.  It’s always fun to watch the same characters as the series progresses, but very little character growth is gained in this book.

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