Midnight in Death – J.D. Robb


Pros: It’s an OK story

Cons: But it’s completely unnecessary to the series.

I really enjoy J.D. Robb’s “In Death” series.  There are lots of books in the series, and for the most part, they’re quite enjoyable.  Besides the full-length novels, there are also a few short stories.  This review is for Midnight In Death, a story that fills fewer than 100 pages.

Like all books in the series, this story takes place in the future, and features Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas as she investigates bizarre murder mysteries.  This book takes place between Christmas and New Years Eve, in the year 2058.

A diabolical murderer that Eve helped put away a few years ago has escaped, and is back with a vengeance.  The judge who sentenced him is found after having been tortured and murdered.  Attached to the judge’s body is a list of the murder’s next intended victims.  All had something to do with his arrest, and of course, Eve’s name figures prominently on that list.

The story revolves around Eve trying to find this person.  It’s never a question of “who is he?” but the trick is to find him and capture him.  Because his identity is known all along, there is no mystery to solve, no surprise, and no twists or turns to keep us guessing.  We’re simply spectators to Eve’s search mission.

This type of story really doesn’t hold my interest nearly as well as the type where we have no idea who the bad guy is, and we get to enjoy the fun of solving clues along the way.  But, I suppose, a short story has far more limits in terms of what can be done.

In this case, there’s the initial setup, the search, and the ending.  That’s pretty much it.  There was no time for a whole lot of character development.  And while a few of the other characters from the series put in an appearance, nothing really new happens with them.  Eve’s husband Roarke helps her investigate the case, and for a change, he’s supportive to her without being too overbearing or annoying.  Eve’s assistant Peabody, and the electronics wizard McNab help her, too.  Dr. Mira, who helps Eve when she needs a psychological profile, is on the murder’s target list, thus she has a fairly big role in this book.

The story, itself, is just OK.  The murderer is certainly evil, and he’s very smart, and detail-oriented.  Thus he’s quite an interesting antagonist as he poses quite the challenge to Eve.  But, he’s not someone we will really get to “know” or understand.  No motives will be given for why he is the way is his.  He’s just evil for evil’s sake.

As there’s really nothing in this book other than the main story, readers enjoying the entire series can easily skip this book.  Nothing of importance will be mixed.  Read it if you come across it on your shelf, but don’t go out of your way to purchase it.

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