Indulgence in Death – J.D. Robb


Pros: The returning characters are always a delight.

Cons: No mystery for us to solve.  Eve is a bit over-the-top.

In Indulgence In Death, the thirty-first book in J.D. Robb’s In Death series, the point is not to solve a mystery, but rather to prove what one knows to be true.

Like all of the In Death books, the main character is Eve Dallas, head of New York’s Homicide division.  The year is 2060 and Eve has just returned from an eventful vacation with her husband.  The events that took place during the vacation have no bearing on the rest of the book, but they help establish the kind of person – the kind of policewoman – Eve is.  For those of us who have read many of the books, we already knew these things, but a first-time reader will be intrigued.

It’s when Eve returns home that things turn weird.  A top-of-the-line limo driver is found murdered – a crossbow the weapon of choice.  With few clues, Eve is stumped.  Then another victim is found – also a woman at the top of her game – and the weapon this time is a bayonet.

Two murders, strange weapons, and the only clues point to innocent people who were recent victims of identity theft.  What is going on?

As the body count rises, Eve starts to see the pattern.  In fact, it’s quite early in the book when she figures out who’s killing these people and why.  Mystery solved, right?  No.  Because Eve knowing the answer and Eve proving it are two very different things.

The rest of the book follows Eve, helped by her usual array of friends and co-workers, as she tries to prove who the criminals are.  Mostly, she has to amass enough evidence to convince a judge to issue a search warrant.  But most of her evidence is circumstantial.  In fact, the only way Eve can get anything concrete is to pull off a sting, one that puts a target right on her back.

Compared to some of the other books in the series, this one was dull.  Knowing all along who the bad guys are (there really was no doubt in Eve’s mind, nor in the reader’s mind) meant we didn’t get to “solve” anything.  We just sat back and watched Eve do her work.

I also found Eve was a little over the top, when it came to being – well – Eve.   Readers of the series will understand what I mean.  Eve is always grouchy, curmudgeonly, sarcastic, opinionated, and sometimes downright nasty.  But we put up with her because we love her, and we’re touched by her background.  Still, in this book, she is extra- all of those things.  Some of her tirades are supposed to funny, but mostly, I simply found myself disliking her – just a bit.  New readers who don’t know her good side are likely to be put off.

So, Indulgence In Death is not the best book in the series.  Still, give the series a try – most of the books are better than this.


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