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Which Board? Witchboard!

Witchboard 1986


[Rating:4 /5]

Witchboard 1986..is a movie about the Ouija Board..this is by far the BEST movie pertaining to this subject and puts to shame the very boring and disappointing new release of this past Octobers  movie Ouija.


Plot Summary:

The movie begins with a gathering of friends at a party and one of the guests Brandon has also brought with him a very decorative spirit board referred to as Ouija aka “Witchboard“.

Brandon is an expert in the field of talking boards and begins to explain to everyone at the party just how Ouija works. Most of the guests are unconvinced by Brandon’s descriptions about how the board works and are skeptical. Some are even laughing and making fun of the whole concept. Brandon explains that in order to get the best results from a Ouija it is important that you have two players preferably a man and a woman and that both participants be free from drugs and alcohol.  Everyone at the party is under the influence except one person, Linda, who seems to have a keen interest in the subject. Brandon specifically requests Linda’s participation and she reluctantly volunteers after being pressured by all the other guests. One guest in particular, Jim, begins heckling Brandon as well as the spirit David; a ten year old boy who died by drowning.

As Jim continues harassing Brandon and insulting the spirit contact. David grows very upset and the planchette (indicator/pointer) flies violently off the board. To the shock of the room Brandon’s tires to his new sports car has also been flattened by an unknown source. Brandon explains that David is angry and has decided to take it out on him. instead of Jim because he was in control of the board at the time of Jim’s insults. Brandon inadvertently leaves his Ouija Board at Linda’s house during this commotion. where Linda, now having had a supernatural experience with the Witchboard..decides that she would like to try using the board alone to re-connect with the spirit David. David begins to entice Linda’s continued use by revealing that her lost wedding ring is stuck in the drain of her bathroom sink. Surprised to find her ring exactly where David tells her it is she slowly begins to become obsessed with using the board.

Knowingly ignoring Brandon’s advice of “:never using the board alone” she attempts to put the board away which causes David to get very upset. David begins terrorizing Linda and this causes Brandon to embark on a one man mission to stop David in his tracks and save Linda from becoming completely possessed by the growing wrath of David. Unbeknownst to all, David turns out to be much more malicious than even Brandon suspects and the people that Linda love the most start having “accidental” deaths. Linda starts exhibiting signs of demonic possession i.e. excessive cursing, fits of rage and unusual behavior. this sends Brandon and Jim on a quest to communicate with David at the place of his drowning. Little do they know evoking the spirit of David sends them on a one way ticket to meet one of the most ferocious and malignant demons of all in hell.

My personal experience and opinion:

As you can see by my plot explanation there is quite a bit of depth for a horror movie from the late 80’s  Since I own a very large talking board collection and have a rather extensive history with the Ouija product I can attest to much of the information provided as being very accurate to a large degree even  if much of it is based on hysteria. Since I was extremely disappointed in how the new “Ouija” movie was handled and represented..I feel it is important for me to describe exactly the highlights from the movie I greatly approve of.

1) The original lore of the mysterious Ouija remains intact and is cleverly described and depicted.

2) Magnificent board design with decorative artwork including angels from heaven, this really gives the board a very supernatural look and personality of its own. This is important since the bulk of the movie is centered around this.


3) Cool camera tricks that show what it looks like from the spirits perspective.. Nice twists throughout the movie that aren’t anticipated or expected. Some interesting death sequences that is presented as coincidental accidents and is reminiscent of the deaths in the movie Final Destination. More than one board design is shown with the second having a much more demonic appearance.

4) Genuinely spooky and actually informative. Here is an exert of dialogue from the movie as an example:

Party guest: How can you believe in spirits if you don’t believe in God or Satan?

Brandon: There’s been evidence of their existence. Eye witness accounts, photographs, recordings…you name it and I have contacted some of them.

Party guest: What with a wee-gee board?

Brandon:  Ouija. It’s pronounced Wee-ja not wee-gee. It comes from the French and German words for yes. Oui and Ja. Ouija. And this is a planchette (shows the boards pointer)

Lloyd: I don’t care what you call it dude. It’s just a game like Checkers or Chess.

Brandon: For your information..”dude” the Ouija board has been around since recorded history. It was in wide use as far back as 540 BC.  Now for the best results, the Ouija should be used by two people. Preferably a man and a woman and it shouldn’t be sitting on a table, it should sit on our knees so there is as much body contact as possible. Also the two people should have clean, pure systems. So that the energy flowing thru us to the planchette is as strong as it can be.

Linda: Are you saying that the spirits actually come through our bodies?

Brandon:  Oh don’t worry it’s perfectly safe.

Linda: I don’t think I understand what you mean by “clean systems” though.

Brandon: Someone who doesn’t smoke or drink..like you Linda. Care to give it a try?  Good, I don’t smoke either and I haven’t been drinking tonight. So together we should be able to make a clear strong contact. Alright one more thing before we begin,  The spirits are lousy spellers and a lot of them like to lie. So just to play it safe, I’m going to try and contact David; the spirit of a little boy who died about 30 years ago. I have contacted him several times. For some reason he is connected to this particular board. I don’t now why really it’s just that every Ouija board seems to have its own dominant spirit. Maybe it’s because this board was made the day David died.



Review conclusion and final thoughts:

I have to point out some flaws…well there is a few complaints…since it was made in the late 80’s the hairstyles and clothing are very dated. the set locations are pretty good though. Trying to rate this movie is a bit tough..can’t give it 5 stars because there is some complaints but because this is the only movie about the Ouija that is dead on (no pun intended)  I will give it 4 stars .

Here is a video short of me and my Witchboard:

This movie will either scare you away from using the Ouija or it’s going to entice you to get out the old Ouija Board and give it a go. The movie makes the whole concept of what the Ouija game is..exciting and fun the way it’s intended to be. The whole scene where David tells Linda where to find her lost wedding ring is a prime example of this. Who doesn’t want to learn information that should be lost or hidden from us or having the future predicted ahead of time? This is what makes the Ouija Board fascinating and this is the general motivation for someone to use it. The idea that you might get in contact with a long lost relative or a family member who has passed away is also alluring

Some very good dialogue and hilarious put-downs. The music is very good..quite a few jump scares..some of these are timed so perfect that no matter how many times I see it and know ahead of time its going to happen..still scares the shit outa me. .plenty of one-liner sarcasm that will make you chuckle every time as well.


  • Todd Allen as James “Jim” Morar
  • Tawny Kitaen as Linda Brewster
  • Stephen Nichol as Brandon Sinclair
  • Kathleen Wilhoite as Sarah “Zarabeth” Crawford
  • Burke Byrnes as Lt. Dewhurst
  • James W. Quinn as Lloyd
  • Rose Marie as Mrs. Moses
  • Judy Tatum as Dr. Gelineau
  • Gloria Hayes as Wanda
  • J.P. Luebsen as Malfeitor
  • Susan Nickerson as Chris
  • Ryan Carroll as Roger
  • Kenny Rhodes as Mike
  • Clare Bristol as Anchor woman


Ouija Funds Go Here

Ouija Embossed Black Bi-Fold Wallet



Pros: Authentic Ouija product from Hasbro

Cons: I don’t think it’s genuine leather

This Ouija wallet is actually pretty nice..it’s a thin leather..(it’s Polyurethane) but it has embroidery (Embossing as well) on the front and on the back.

The inside has a Ouija card that is inside the section for photo ID’s..I thought the card was just paper..it’s not, it is actual leather stitched in. The leather feels soft and it has several compartments to fit cards pics and whatever else you want to slide in there.


This wallet I am using for display purposes only but I did experiment with it by sliding all my cards from my real wallet..and they fit very snugly. Nothing should slip out from this wallet such as credit cards when opening it up up-side down.

download (1)

The nicest feature I liked was this is actually an official Ouija product from Hasbro.  I found that to be a very nice surprise and was unexpected upon ordering. There is also manufacturing numbers to prove the items authenticity. I am very happy with this item and I will use it to save up and store my Ouija fun money!

Now you can hold the keys to Ouija in your hands.

Mini Ouija Keychain



Pros: Cute toy that replicates the Ouija Board

Cons: The Ouija board graphics are stickers

What mysteries will you unlock with this Mini Ouija Keychain?

This cute keychain looks just like the Ouija board and has a mini planchette included in a hidden drawer…complete with the Ouija name printed on the top of the indicator. Planchette slides smoothly on the game boards surface..might actually work if you had little baby fingers..


The drawer does not slide open or shut too loosely and keeps the tiny planchette securely in place. The mini game board and planchette both glow in the dark and is fashioned after the Glow-In-the-Dark Ouija Board game


This is a great gift for toy collectors or any fan of the Mysterious Mystifying Oracle aka OUIJA. The keychain is made of stainless steel and has a clip to put keys on. However the Ouija board surface and box prints are stickers and might come off during extensive use.


I bought two keychains; one to open (and play with he, he. he…) and one to keep in original packaging,  which is very nice looking. There is an issue number on the box to prove authenticity and also comes with a small plastic piece with an issue number attached to the  “chain” part.


I am very pleased with this keychain and it does get a lot of comments. Great little toy that fits nicely into my collection of Ouija brands.

Ouija. It’s only a game. Isn’t it?

Wee-Ji Mystical Talking Board Game

Wee-Ji Mystical Talking Board Game


Pros: Interesting Board Design

Cons: The Board Folds In Half

 found this item and thought it was unique enough to add to my collection of talking board games. This product is distributed exclusively by Five Below Inc. in Philadelphia, PA. Here is how the contents hold up.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the contents don’t add up to very much, given the deliberate mispronunciation of the classic Ouija brand. The box has a catch phrase: “Remember, it’s only a game, it’s only a game…etc..I think!” This phrase is on the top of the box’s lid. The back of the box reads, “Discover what your future holds. With at least two players, turn the lights low and gather around the Wee-Ji board. Place everyone’s fingertips gently but firmly on the oracle, as one player asks a question. Focus on the question asked and wait for the oracle to answer.” I’m not sure how you do this since my version of “gentle” and “firm” are complete polar opposites, but okay. Now it is time to see the contents of the box.



The board is longer than the average talking board (which I like) but has a seam down the middle that allows it to fold in half. I found this to be a deception upon looking at the box as there is no actual indication visually that reveals that the board folds in any way at all. The board looks nice and is reminiscent of how the old school game boards looked ages ago. The “Yes & No” sections each have a “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” symbol. A “thumbs up” is used for YES and a “thumbs down” is used for NO. The moon and the sun symbols have a very nice look and appear as though they have been decorated in tribal. The board feels more solid than the newer versions of the Ouija brand message boards.


Now on to the Planchette. Unfortunately, the planchette is just thrown loosely in the box and slides around. There is no compartment in which to fit the planchette (called the Oracle). The planchette is white and is simply a piece of solid plastic with stubby legs. It does glow in the dark. Overall, this is the biggest disappointment as I find the planchette is generally the most important piece to any talking board game. It always amazes me how cheap companies will go when it comes to making a planchette. However, the Oracle does slide fairly smoothly on the board so it’s not a complete loss.

There is a small piece of paper with instructions that reads similar to other talking board game instructions. Overall, I think this board game is a cute play on the classic Ouija game. It retails for around 5-20 dollars. Unless you absolutely want a talking board that acknowledges the commonly mispronounced name of the classic Ouija game, avoid this item. However, if you are a collector like me, you may find it has a place among the many brands of talking boards on the market today. 

Ouija Board with Light Up Planchette



ProsThe new ideas are neat and editions like this are nice for collectors.

ConsYou better have one hell of an imagination because this Ouija Board won’t work

Ouija BOX:

The box looks old and has a picture of an old trunk with hinges. The top of the box says “The Mystifying Oracle OUIJA” On the bottom left corner it says “AGES 8 2-4 Players (A4812) 3 AAA Batteries are required.The back of the box says: “Planchette reveals hidden messages on the board. What will you uncover?” Oddly enough the board was made in the USA but the Planchette was made in China. I will certainly address that issue later in my review.. Now time to look at the boxes contents.

Ouija BOARD:

The board is made out of some very cheap card board and is extremely light weight. The graphic design on the board makes it look like wood that has aged over 100’s of years. The board itself has been sprayed with glow-in-the-dark “Clear Paint” and is very abrasive to the touch.

There is an issue number on the bottom left side in tiny numbers otherwise the layout of the letters and numbers are exactly the same as the layout on other Ouija boards from the past. The back also has a wood graphic and says the board was “Made In The USA.”


The planchertte is made out of plastic and takes 3 AAA batteries to get the clear window to light up. To do this you must unscrew the lid on the bottom of the planchette. Once the batteries have been placed the lid gets screwed back on. There is a reset button next to the lid but there is no “on” or “off” switch. 

The only way to make the planchette light up is to place your fingers on the top of the planchette. The planchette light is very sensitive and lights up very easy and turns off just as painlessly when pressure has been removed from the top of the planchette. The planchette is 3 times heavier than the usual planchettes included in Ouija boards from the past.


The Ouija boards instruction sheet is very basic and is a single sheet of paper. The front says the following: 

CONTENTS: Ouija Board handle it with care and it won’t disappoint you. Planchette: Let it guide you in your search for answers. The Quest Begins! 1) Dim the lights and draw the shades to better see the illuminating answers. 2) Gently place the planchette in the middle of the Ouija board. 3) Gather closely around the board if you dare.” 

Then a second part to the instructions:

Ouija are you there? 1) Place 2 fingers lightly on the planchette. 2) Let the bravest among you ask the first question. Give Ouija enough time to respond. Spirits can’t be rushed. 3) Concentrate. If the planchette doesn’t move, ask another question-and focus. 4) Did you reveal anything Ouija is hiding from you? Always speak slowly and clearly, just as friendly spirits prefer. And don’t forget to say GOODBYE when your done!”

The back only explains how to put the batteries in with a caution message and nothing more. The planchette is made in China. 



My experience with the new light up Ouija board was not one of the best I have ever had, let me tell you..for starters the planchette is too heavy and the board is not heavy enough..because of the abrasive glow-in-the-dark spray, the felt pads on the bottom of the planchette grabs on and doesn’t slide smoothly on the board at all. In fact the board itself moves all around instead of the planchette.

There are hidden messages written in glow paint that can only be seen with the UV light from the planchette or under a black light. The hidden messages are rather bland and as an example the hidden messages are merely scratch marks and random numbers or words like “Silver”. “Always say goodbye” and so forth.

I tried using a planchette from an older version of the game but once again that too would not slide smoothly as a result of the Glow-in-the-dark spray paint. All in all regarding the new Ouija design I feel it is way too much of a toy now and do not believe this product is usable or even practical. The new ideas are neat and I like editions like this to add to my collection. I hope Hasbro Toys will continue to delve deeper into this concept in the future. I’ll give it an “A” for effort but not much else.

I let the Ouija board and the Planchette fall from my kitchen table and hit the floor..The board suffered from bend marks and the planchette broke apart in several pieces upon impact. 

If you want to actually communicate with spirits with this board you better have one hell of an imagination because this 



The Psychic Circle



NOTE: My very first review on Epinions Jan 10 2010. This review seemed to get a huge response from the community as well as some tough critique from (Sleeper54) because he said it lacked actual product description although he enjoyed the personal experience I included. Also there seemed to be a problem with the products listing. It was in “books” and should have been in “toys”. This created a 2 year struggle for me to get this moved to the correct category. This review should have been lost from the Shopping.com website (where it was last seen) but I found it. So here it is:

Hello, I own this product, (The Psychic Circle) have had it for many years, and have bought it 3 times over the past 16 years. It has been beautifully designed and has 20 words like open, close, give and take and so on. It has the signs of the zodiac, numbers, and comes with a 32 page instruction booklet as to how to use this device and is very helpful! This is what sparked some interest in the product for me.My encounters with this product are a rather lengthy one. Due to the unusual circumstances surrounding this product my review cannot be based on the normal rules that I would ordinarily apply here. It is not possible for me to be too objective as the products main success depends upon individual results, so I hope you understand.

It all started back in ’94, when I sat down with a friend of mine, he had some experience with a product by a different name (let’s just say that it hurts Bill Fuld(s)) I never had much luck with getting it to move on my own until, I was shown a different method. We got out an oak table, sat down, and placed our fingers “lightly” on the indicator and spoke aloud “Is there anyone wishing to speak with us?” (This is referred to by veterans on the subject as a “no know” as this implies an open discussion to all.) Four hours passed and with limited movement after the obligatory discussion of “I’m not moving it” bounced back and forth between us, we asked our question and waited and waited. During this time we began to feel a tingling sensation; from our shoulders all the way down to our finger tips. We believed that we had obtained a direct link with an entity, after which, many things began to happen, much of which that I cannot exactly explain with absolute certainty.

(I, believe looking back, that the tingling was attributed to long hours of holding our hands in one position). During this same session we both received personal messages from a source unknown. Mine was “wait for plenty of monetary success”, and his was “travel east”. We were happy with how well this was working and began to inquire about the history of the source in question, where are you from? It answered in a way that was beyond coincidental and frankly was, to say the least, quite frightening. We put the board away, but I was so intrigued that something out of the ordinary actually happened, that I began to experiment with this object by myself.

It became like an obsession much like an imaginary friend, I had summoned what I believed to be an old acquaintance of my dad’s named Scott (He had died by a fatal gunshot wound to the chest after trying to break up a bar fight in ’85.) When personal details that only he and I could have known were spelled out, I opened up and continued our conversation for more than a week.

I asked lots of personal questions, for example, I asked “What kinds of music do you like?” It answered AC/DC Highway to Hell. When I stated aloud that I didn’t have “Highway” we eventually agreed upon AC/DC’S Back in Black; this is when things turned in a different direction. Requests were actually being made by “Scott”, for water. He literally wanted me to spill some on the board (this I have read is a direct way to release the entity), when I responded by saying”If I do that it will ruin my new board” it spelled out the letters (tough s–t.) I eventually agreed to sprinkle some water on the board, In exchange for a display of power like having “Scott” open my living room door, nothing happened. No door opened in front of my unbelieving eyes. The words “Maybe I’ll close one for you” appeared, after I pressed the issue.

In my wanting to see something extraordinary and feeling tired, I put away my “game” and went to sleep. That night I was awakened by a loud bang, I jumped out of bed and was alarmed when I discovered that every door in the house was unlocked (I always made sure to lock up before I went to sleep,) I grabbed my “game” and proceeded to ask for Scott and I received a message like this: “4 someone who talks allot u sure put away … then it stopped moving.

“Scott” I replied, and to my horror it spelled out “ITS NOT SCOTT U GO 2 HELL” On the back side of the board scratched in a crude manner was the letters, H E L L P P P .

I went down stairs and outside to the back parking lot where I proceeded to squirt lighter fluid all over the board and then set it on fire. Was that the end of strange occurrences? Not in the least, as this board burned into the dark I saw rings inside of rings inside of rings… all the way from the center of the board to the outer edges glowing red from the fire. It eventually burned out, but I will never forget that as long as I live. So I never played with this apparatus again right? Not exactly, after telling my experience to anyone who was willing to listen, I began to research many different theories on how the board may work.

Ten long years went by with my trying to figure it out; testing different methods and reading anything I could get my hands on about the subject. Finally in 2005, I had enough experience with “talking boards” to know at least this much; “whatever you bring to this phenomenal tool, whether it is fear or anything else, you will receive that same effect in return.” Now isn’t that poetic? Might be, but that is the only truth I know for sure. I still own a psychic circle and have used it to great effect; I’ve received map coordinates’ to specified locations (only to find out later something terrible about the actual location). It carries with it a horrible stigma like no other and it must be used correctly.

Frame of mind is the ultimate key. From my experience, the journey from dabbling to mastering its art is a frightening psychology and the PSYCHIC CIRCLE is no exception to that rule and is much more accessible and therefore more dangerous than (Take a guess?), that I don’t play around with it often. Also, contrary to popular opinion, this must be done on your own in 99% of all circumstances and occasions because, people will use it to their own advantage and then lie about moving it when asked. (I’ve had girlfriends try and convince me to marry and even have kids with them, by using this apparatus in a manipulative and deceitful way.) Most unsuspecting people will have a partner attempt this because of their desire and impatience to see something happen and as a result will force the outcome. That, to me, is what makes it a most dangerous game and it should almost never be used casually.

Its success much like chemical writing, in my opinion, is all in your own mind. Remember, that we only use about 1/3 of our brains so this tool is a remarkable discovery at tapping into this mostly unused portion. Whether it is supernatural or something subliminal (You no doubt have acquired and experienced this throughout your life more times than I’m sure you would care to know about.) is subject to great debate and controversy. This tool, I have heard has been referred to as a piece of fruit that fell off the tree of knowledge of good and evil. (A direct reference to a passage from the book of Genesis in the Christian Bible.) I don’t know for certain if that is true, but I do know one thing: It is a very fascinating tool, but I do not recommend its continued use by laymen’s regarding the subject.

All and all I am pleased with the product it has a much better concept than its counterpart; the indicator is a clear plastic circle that the symbols on the board fit nicely inside of I have ran into some basic construction issues with the board as it is manufactured as a fold up board game like monopoly’s construction and the indicator will stubbornly go over the fold lines however despite these flaws it did not limit my ability to work with the board. If you are interested in Ouija, (There, I said It.) then by all means buy this product. It is much easier to work with and it takes some of the guess work out of deciphering your messages. Tread carefully though, it hasn’t been called the most dangerous game for nothing. That being said, I think I’ll break out the old “Red Devil” lighter fluid and set this “tool” ablaze once more, just for old times’ sake. Goodbye!