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So Pretty in Pink

Hoppity  Ty®  Beanie Baby®


hoppity bunny

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[Rating: 5/5]

Pros: Ty product,  collectible,  cute as can be

Cons: none noted

Ty® Beanie Babies®’ Hoppity Bunny measures 8 x 3.7 x 0,8 inches of plushy polyester fabric. Hoppity is a honey of a sugar pink rabbit having bright black eyes, triangle pink nose and pink whiskers. Around her throat is a small pink ribbon tied in a bow.

Hoppity is especially appealing in pink. Only her tail is presented in white. Her large flappy ears indicate she is a lop type rabbit with ears drooping on either side of her head rather than standing erect.

Hoppity a popular Beanie for collectors and her companion Beanie Babies Floppity and Hippity make up the Bunny Trio. Surface wash only.

Born 3 April 1996, Hoppity’s poem reads:

Hopscotch is what she likes to play

If you don’t join in, she’ll hop away

So play a game if you have the time,

She likes to play, rain or shine!

All in all she is a perfect addition to my growing collection of Beanies.

For several years I used Beanies in my First Grade Classroom, as theme setters for holidays and the like. And, Beanies were used as sentence and story starters for Little Folks who might be stumped for what to write about.

As with other Ty Beanies I find the plush used to be soft, eyes are bright shiny, seams are well sewn, arms, legs, ears are secure and well attached. Pliable, poseable toy is filled with small pellets, and can be set on desk where Hoppity will sit, gazing, and will not tumble or sag.

Ever since 1993 Ty Inc., has fashioned 400+ different Beanie Babies in a diversity of sizes from wee softies appearing as a McDonald’s happy meal toys, to large Beanies measuring about 8 inches.

Hoppity holds appeal for boys and girls, and adults alike. Hoppity is intended particularly for those like and perhaps collect bunnies as do children and many adults.

Hoppity with the wee plastic eyes and nose is not recommended as a pet toy or for small children.

Ty Inc., established in 1993 when Ty Warner of Illinois produced his initial small critter shape, cloth bag, packed with small white, pellets sent to the market place has become a key contender in the toy race.

Beanies are available on Amazon, and I find them often at thrift and jumble shops as well as garage sales. If buying at jumble shop, yard sales and the like be careful to always check to be sure the Trademark Ty Beanie, heart shaped tag is in place to guarantee purchase is a genuine Ty product.

Recognized the world over; Beanie Babies, some might say they are filled with joy as well as pellets, are an over-the-top iconic, well-loved character in the toy market. Well made, sturdy seams to assure no bits on the floor, and for most of the softies having sewn nose and eyes, no pieces to swallow or otherwise cause harm, then again they are not indestructible. Ty Beanie Babies are some of the best loved toys adored by children and collected by adults everywhere.

Happy to recommend Ty Beanie Babies’ Pink Plush Hoppity.


Reviewed by Molly’s Reviews

molly martin


NOTE: Ty® Inc. is an American PLUSH ANIMAL Toy Company based in Westmont, Illinois.

The most famous line of products produced by this company are the BEANIE BABIES®, on the other hand, Ty also manufactures other lines of stuffed toys. The Ty logo is a red heart with the lower-case letters “ty.” A tag is found affixed to all Ty stuffed toys, and inside each tag is the name of the toy and a 4 line poem about it.

Since 1993, the year when Ty Inc. was founded; the company has mass-produced nearly 400 assorted Beanie Babies.

My personal introduction to the world of Beanies® was 1996 when long lines of adults could be seen extending across the restaurant and out the door, and at times down the sidewalk of local McDonald’s® eateries. Teenie Beanie Babies® Smaller, fun versions of Beanie Babies were included in McDonald’s Happy Meals®.

Several subsequent promotions took place with various wee Beanies available.

The lesson taught by Ty Warner, sole owner of Ty Inc., the company behind Beanie Babies may be do what you enjoy, do it well, promote and diversify.

My personal favorites continue to be the Teenie Weenies gathered from McDonalds children’s meals.


Ty Inc

280 Chestnut Ave

Westmont, IL, 60559 United States

Russell Stover’s Sugar Free Chocolate Candy Solid Eggs – delicious, but not diet-friendly

Russell Stover’s Sugar Free Chocolate
Candy Solid Eggs



Pros: Delicious chocolate with no sugar

Cons: Not a low-fat or low-cal food

Easter time.  What does that mean to me?  Candy!

I love Easter-themed candy.  Bunnies, duckies, eggs.  Chocolate, marshmallow, caramel, jelly… you name it, I love it.   As long as it’s sugar-free, that is.  Why?  Because I choose to incorporate very little sugar in my life.  So I don’t eat “real” candies, cakes or cookies.  But that doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a piece of candy occasionally.  Especially around this holiday.

Today’s review is for Russell Stover’s Sugar Free Chocolate Candy Solid Eggs.  These are individually-wrapped egg-shaped milk chocolate candies.  Small, each candy is a one- or two-bite treat.  Or, in my case, a sucking candy that lasts for a couple of minutes before melting into chocolately goodness.

The outer bag is fairly tall, held closed at the top, with a gold clasp.  There are approximately 24 eggs, each wrapped in blue, green, or pink foil.  Six eggs are considered a serving, which contains 190 calories, 14g of fat, 45mg of sodium, 1g of fiber, 23g or carb, 3g of protein and of course, 0g of sugar (but 21g of sugar alcohol).

As you can see, in this case, sugar-free does not equate to “low cal” or “low fat”.  No, this is not a “diet food”.  It’s merely a chocolate snack for people who can’t (or simply don’t) eat sugar.

What is sugar alcohol?  Despite its name, it is not sugar.  It’s a group of artificial sweeteners whose names typically end in “ol”.  In this case, it’s Maltitol.  The body usually can’t digest these chemicals too well.  So try them in small doses, only, until you find out how well your system tolerates them.  Or, believe me, you can get quite a belly ache.  I usually eat 3 or 4 of these eggs at a time, not even going for the full serving of 6. 

Besides Maltitol, these eggs also contain Sucralose (which most people can tolerate).

But what really counts in a snack is the taste, right?  After all, if I don’t like it, I won’t waste the calories on it.  In this case, Russell Stover did pretty well.  These solid milk chocolate eggs are quite tasty.  Not overly sweet, and with no unpleasant aftertaste.

My only complaint is that this fairly tall bag of eggs contains only 6 oz. of chocolate.  In fact, most of the bag’s length is completely empty.  This wouldn’t be so bad except that this product is frequently displayed next to the same product in the “regular” version, i.e., the sugar-full one.  That bag costs about the same as this one, is the same size, but contains 9 oz. of product instead of 6 oz.  Now I’ve seen other cases where the regular version of a product is 16 oz. and the sugar-free version costs the same but is 14 oz.  I suppose that the sugar-free version might cost more to make.  But in this product’s case, we’re talking a one-third difference between the regular and sugar-free products, and that’s just ridiculous, in my humble opinion.

So, if you don’t eat sugar, you might want to give these eggs a chance.  They’re really quite tasty.  But be aware that you’re paying quite a bit more, per egg, than the regular version. 

Russell Stover Sugar-Free Break-It Rabbit

Russell Stover Sugar-Free Break-It Rabbit – Adorable-looking, but only average-tasting

Russell Stover Sugar-Free Break-It Rabbit



Pros: Looks adorable, lets sugar-free people enjoy an Easter treat

Cons: The taste is just average

I love this time of year!  Not because Spring is coming.  Not because we move our clocks forward.  And not because the weather is warming.  Nope.  I love this time of year for the candy!  I’m an absolute sucker for Easter candy.  All those colorfully-wrapped yummy confections that you can only get during this season.  If it’s shaped like an egg, a bunny, or a chick, and contains marshmallow and/or chocolate, I’m happy.  Just one requirement: it has to be sugar-free.  Yes, that’s right, I live a (mostly) sugar-free existence.  But that doesn’t mean I can’t indulge in Easter treats… Thanks to Russell Stover!

Today’s review is for the Russell Stover Sugar-Free Break-It Rabbit.  This is a new item (or at least it’s new to me).   4.5 oz. of solid milk chocolate, in an adorable bunny rabbit shape.  The phrase “break-it” refers to the fact that the bunny has six sections.  While the sections are all attached, they form natural “break-it” points, so that it’s easy to break off one piece of the snack at a time. 

Interestingly, I think, is the fact that the six pieces are not at all evenly sized.  Nor is the item considered six servings.  In fact, it’s considered three servings.  But if you break off, say, the bottom left portion, and the middle-body portion, trust me, you’ll be eating way more than a third of the bunny.  Similarly, there’s an upper body portion that’s really small, and the ear section is also pretty small.

So, they bothered to break it into six pieces, but they’re definitely not all equal.  Oh well, if you REALLY want three equal servings you’ll have to do some estimating, and cut some of the larger sections in order to even things out.

Regardless, the bunny, itself, is quite cute.  He (I think of it as a “he” named “Floppy”) is solid milk chocolate.  His body is in profile – patterned all over on the front, completely flat on the back.  His face has an eye and whiskers.  His neck area has what looks like a flower decoration (as if he’s wearing a collar or necklace), his ear and body are swirled in different shapes, and his front leg area is shaped and decorated like a painted egg.  He has no color at all – no food coloring to make his eye blue or his nose pink.

He comes in a white, plastic tray, packaged in a colorful cardboard box.

How does he taste?  Well, he’s “ok”.  I would call him “average”.  Nothing spectacular.  Along the par of other Russell Stover sugar-free chocolates.  Mostly I prefer their chocolates that are filled with jelly, cream, or dark fudge.  I’m not a huge fan of their solid milk chocolate products, and this item is no exception.

Floppy definitely looks adorable, but his taste is just “so-so”.

Each serving contains 200 calories, 15g of fat, 50mg of sodium, 24g of carb, 1g of fiber, 3g of protein, and (of course) 0g of sugar.  As you can see, in this case “sugar-free” does NOT equate to low-cal or low-fat.  This is definitely not a “diet food”.

What makes this chocolate sweet?  Maltitol and Splenda brand Sucalose.  Maltitol is a sugar alcohol (a slowly metabolized carbohydrate).  Trust me when I tell you to start out in small doses if you’re unsure how your system will handle sugar alcohols, or you can get a belly ache and some very unpleasant side effects.  I eat sugar alcohols all the time, and I’m fine with them, but I stick to one serving at a time, never daring to go overboard. 

I enjoy the various sugar-free candies that come out this time of year.  This bunny looks adorable, but isn’t the best, in terms of taste. 

Russell Stover Sugar-Free Solid Chocolate Eggs