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How to start a review:



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Can I repost reviews from elsewhere?

Within some conditions, yes. Please read the rules on this.



How much does this site pay?

This site is a collaboration by the former Epinions community and is not a pay-per-post business. However you can monetize your reviews directly using the Amazon Associates program or other such affiliate programs. Find out more here.

4 thoughts on “FAQ and How-To”

    1. Andy mentioned in the Eps-VH thread that in order to post a profile pic, we have to register at WordPress. I’ve done that and linked them to my vh.net account. Clicked around for a while – found nothing obvious in “Dashboard” or “Tools” as to the method involved. No mention of this process at WordPress, that I could find.

      Perhaps a peep who has a previously posted pic can provide assistance…

      If this information is currently available elsewhere at vh… my apologies.

  1. ,Andy, couldn’t find your contact info. Could I interview you now that I’m a staff writer for Preferred Writer’s Group and they expect such articles of interest and would promote your site and my reviews? Basically your vision and future plans. Thanks!


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