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Low Profile and Accurate – Brecknell Digital Postal Scale

Brecknell Electronic Postal Scale – Model # 311


Pros: Tare, auto-off feature, comes with batteries, compact, lightweight, easy to operate

Cons: optional AC adapter not included

We needed a new postal scale at work.  All it had to do was accurately weigh items.  No fancy bells or whistles; I didn’t even need to know the amount of postage required.  I also wanted scale that didn’t hog desk space.  After some research, I bought the Brecknell Electronic Postal Scale – Model # 311.


The Brecknell scale is termed “low profile” since it sits low on a flat surface.  Overall measurements are 9 1/2” x 7” x 1 1/2” high.  A round base measuring 5 3/4″ is the weighing area   Three push-button controls are to the right of the LCD display.  The LCD shows the weight in pounds and ounces or in kilograms and grams.  The scale will weigh items up to 11 pounds.  Four AA batteries are included.  Note that this scale does not come with an AC adapter, though there is a port for one.  It comes with a slim instruction pamphlet in multiple languages.  No calibration is needed at setup.

My Experiences

This Brecknell scale is simple to use and works well for us.  I placed it on my desk so that it is in a central location for anyone to use.  If needed, the scale is slim enough to fit in one of my desk drawers.  Since one of my job duties is to handle mailings and shipping, this scale comes in handy.  The scale is well constructed and sturdy.

The scale is also lightweight and easy to move if needed.  It is one piece with the battery compartment located on the bottom.  It was convenient that it came with four AA batteries.  I like that this scale has an off button to conserve battery power.  It also has an auto-off feature as a power-save backup.  When the batteries need replacement, the scale displays the letters LLLLL.  I’ve been using this scale for quite a while and have not had to change the batteries.

The three press-buttons include the off button, the On/Tare button, and a button to switch between pounds and kilograms.   For those who are not familiar with tare … the term refers to the weight of an empty container (ex: shipping box).  The scale weighs the empty container, and then the weight of the container with the goods being shipped inside it so that the actual weight of the goods can be determined.

I wasn’t sure how often we would use the tare feature, but several of our departments find it handy.  Place an empty container on the scale (such as a box).   Press the On/Tare button.  The scale then shows zero, eliminating the container weight.  Fill the container with the goods being shipped and place on the scale.  The net weight of the item is displayed on the LCD screen.  Remove everything from the scale, and the display shows a negative weight.  Press the On Tare button again to remove the tare weight and to return the scale to zero.

We find this scale accurate.  It was also one of the more affordable electronic scale options. The LCD numbers are large at 1-inch high.  The numbers are easiest to read when viewing them head-on; however, they are also easy to read if one is a bit to the left or right of the display.  Should you need an AC adapter, the instructions say it takes a 6-volt DC, 100 mA with center positive.

I’ve kept the scale clean by simply dusting it.  Should something spill on the scale, do not soak it, which can cause a short circuit.  The manufacturer recommends spraying a mild soap solution onto a cloth to wipe down the equipment.


This Brecknell Electronic Postal Scale was a great purchase.  Affordable, it is accurate and easy to use, plus the compact size fits on my desk.   I like that the design is slim, and the machine is lightweight.  Everyone who has used this scale is happy with it.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

Copyright 2016 Dawn L. Stewart



Not your Mama’s Scrapbooking Punch

Punchline™  Ribbon Stitch handheld punch Hole Punch





Pros: Osage County First Grade approved

Cons: none noted


Advantus, McGill Punchline™ Ribbon Stitch handheld punch Hole Punch places parallel slots paper crafters, scrap book enthusiasts and others use for attaching embellishments to cards, tags, scrapbook pages and the like.

I am not a scrap book enthusiast.

Osage County First Grade, site where our Ribbon Stitch handheld punch is used, is learning the number on THIS side of the equal must be the same as the number on the other side of the equal.

 Daily Math activity of any kind can be met with groans, sighs and wails that Math is hard by students of all ages.

Our hand held hole punch creates a fun equal sign on the page for Little Learners to use during the learning process.

I like the 2 inch throat reach allowing for easy placement of the punch and slots along each side of the paper cut to size for use. A row of slots along sides allows classroom drill, wherein Little Learners and Mrs M each write a numeral to the left of the slot, decide our equation, write it, numeral, +, numeral, to the right, turn our papers so that the new, unused slots are again at the left.

Slotted paper used now and then helps keep enthusiasm and interest high for Little Mathematicians as we accomplish our required Math activities.

Handy for usage at home, in the classroom and office this imported punch comes complete with ideas for use included with packaging. I like that the high capacity chad hold receptacle holds a great many punch outs before need to empty is required.

Advertising claims that the punch can easily be used on leather, cardboard, plastics, papers and more. In the classroom I have used the punch on lightweight papers our school received as donated papers from Phillips Oil. We received many packages of lightweight, white and vari hued papers in a diversity of sizes from legal to larger as Phillips changed office papers from these to something else.

Math work accomplished using slotted equal signs punched along the side of lavender, yellow, pink and green toned papers are more fun than only paper and pencil accomplished on blue, white or orange.

I have punched slots when using card stock papers as Osage County First Grade works on special cards for holiday, however I cannot vouch for use of the punch on heavier papers or other materials.

Slots measure about 1/16 X ¼ inch per slot, punch reach is 2 inches allowing hole placement away from edge of card or page. Ribbon measuring ¼ inch and less can be threaded through the slots for cards, and embellishment purpose.

As a manufacturer of button and hand held punches McGill Corporation offers a nice line of varying shaped, child pleasing, hole designs including stars, valentines, slots, round, valentines and others. Many provide 15 sheet capacity, and sizes vary by shape. Largest is about ½ inch while others are smaller. Shape of hole produced is shown non both sides of handle for easy identification of the particular punch to use.

I like the soft, cushioned, poly grip handles providing ergonomic and ease during repetitive punching when preparing the equal work pages. As arthritis continues and my hands are becoming more arthritic i.e. lumpy, bumpy in appearance and grip is lessened along with having some pain now and then today that I did not experience previously, the cushy grips make the work easier and less uncomfortable.

The Ergonomic Design of the washable cushioned comfort grips means I can use our various punches more often to reward Little Learner work with a star anytime or valentine during February. Easier for my small, arthritic hands to operate; I find these handy punches to be sturdy and long wearing. Using a succession of quick to fall apart punches led to my locating McGill punches.

The star is put into frequent use as our Senior Student aide, Americore aide or Student Teacher listens to Little

Readers reading aloud, and then applies a star to individual Reading Incentive Charts. Working toward the yearly

goal of reading a minimum of 25 books each in order to receive a lovely reading certificate from our State Superintendent of Education is something Osage County First Grade prizes each year. Watching those incentive charts fill with holes to indicate progress is exciting for Little Learners.

Hand held punches have been around for over a century. A speedy, simple method for showing a passenger ticket was voided during the late 1800s, during a time when train travel in the country was widespread, led to a patent for a hole punch, labeled as conductor’s punch by inventor, Benjamin Smith, Massachusetts. Design of that early punch much resembles the hand held single hole punch commonly used today.

The 1885 patent was followed by another filed by Charles Brooks of New Jersey in 1893. Again, the Brooks patent, also designed for use by the train industry, reveals a punch very similar in appearance to one hole punch design in common usage today. Seemingly the design lives up to the old adage – if it ain’t broke; don’t fix it.

As do today’s one hole punches both of the earliest patents featured spring action handles and a receptacle for holding chads as they were punched.

The hole punch, designated at times as a paper punch, hole puncher, holing pincer, and even as a perforator, as my London born nanny called the device several years back when she was caring for Son # 2 is a handy, useful device used to generate holes in sheets of paper. In the office the holes are often used for placing documents in binders with the addition of two prong paper fasteners.

Every student eventually seems to come to the classroom with at least one colorful paper folder equipped with prong type fasteners requiring use of hole punch in order to more easily secure papers in the folder.

McGill Corporation provides a durable Round Hole Punchline Hole Punch available in 1.25 inch reach length, I find the 2 inch throat which places the hole 2 inches from the edge of the paper to be a good size for my use as an award device; I can move the device closer to the edge if desired.

The innocuous, easy to use chad receptacle keeps miniscule bits of paper off the floor, the poly covering is easy for my arthritic fingers to open for chad removal.

Happy to recommend Punchline™ Ribbon Stitch handheld punch Hole Punch.

 The Bottom Line:   Our ribbon slot  Punchline Hole Punch is used when we want to add some enthusiasm to our daily math 


Product Details

For more product details, facts, and shipping information please check AMAZON and other online sites or your local Staples, and/or mercantile outlets.


Internet search including the McGill Incorporation site reveals: innovative thinking have led to progression of paper punches for office, school, classroom, craft, and gift markets for well over a century.

McGill Inc offers an all-encompassing line of single and/or discrete hole, hand-held paper punches functioning for a diversity of crafting, office and school needs, including a line ranging more than 200 crafting devices embossing tools, paper drills, punch shapes, and 1, 2 and 3 hole punches, as well as institution and loyalty punch programs and one of its kind industrial products.

A local Mexican food café where we often stop for a bite to eat punch is a little chili pepper while a local sandwich shop famous for their sweet tea punch is a tea glass. The nearby bread and cooky shop punch is a coffee cup.   While none of these are seen on the McGill website, they assure that fancy shapes are used and often by industry as well as in the classroom.

McGill Corporation begun with a plain hand-held ticket punch along with coin changers designed to serve the needs of the railroad industry and has continued to grow, expand and change for more than a century as McGill has provides ground-breaking office products and paper punching tools designed to further enhancement of business tasks.

Mcgill’s Custom Punchline™ series is used today by businesses of many types to generate customer loyalty and forward sales promotion programs. Browsing the McGill web site for office, craft, and other products indicates corporate determination to offer best value, purpose and accessibility to meet a wide range of fine paper punch tools, office and industrial solutions, reward and recognition gift needs.

McGill is one of the growing group providing goods under the umbrella of Advantus Corporation, a miscellaneous consumer products corporation, headquartered in Jacksonville Florida and in business since 1913.

Today Advantus creates over 4,500 products in corporate manufacturing facilities in Jacksonville, Florida, Mequon, Wisconsin and Asia.


McGill Inc.

131 East Prairie Street

Marengo, Illinois 60152



You will love spending more time at the computer with Bellbrook!

BELLBROOK Executive Big & Tall Chair

Belbrook Computer Chair



Pros: Very comfortable for long stints at the computer.

Cons: Expensive and a pain to put together!

Is your computer chair annoyingly uncomfortable? Do you suffer numb-butt and back ache after a stint in front of the screen? Well if so, then this chair might just be the most comfortable computer chair you’ve ever parked your rear-end into.  And I’ve owned a few!

I will tell you up front; this is NOT available on Amazon. You can only get this from Home Depot. The name of it is the Bellbrook Executive Big & Tall Chair. At $300 it certainly ‘aint cheap, but if comfort is a priority then it might be worth the price. It’s made from memory foam and microfiber, overlaid in fabric and only comes in a light black color.

We had it home delivered free of cost and the delivery window is 1-3 business days. Of course, you could also buy one direct from their store and pick it up; although you might have to call ahead and make sure they have them in stock. If not they can probably order it in for you.

Just a hint – order it online at Office Depot and you will get a $30 coupon which lowers the price a bit. Just go to Google and type in “Office Depot Coupons” which gives you a coupon code that you enter in the Office Depot website checkout. Hey, you save thirty bucks!

Belbrook Chair 1
The box is big enough to block a wide doorway!

ASSEMBLY: Compared to other computer chairs I’ve owned, this is an absolute beast to assemble. For starters, the box weighs a metric ton! (Or close to it). The pieces are heavy, the chair back and the castor base are the heaviest by far. It comes with instructions and a big red sticker that contains American Chiropractic Association bragging rights. It also comes with a nifty cardboard/plastic tool kit which you can see in the picture, complete with Allen wrench. All tool parts are clearly marked, so you don’t get the four screw sizes mixed up.

Chair Instructions 9
Everything that comes with the chair.
Chair Instructions 11
Argh, what a mess! Straight out of the box.
Chair Instructions 6
Put it on the box like this to make it easier to assemble.

It recommends you assemble the seat parts on top of the empty cardboard box that it came in (pictured above). This actually does make it a little easier. The worst part to assemble is the seat to the long chair backing (pictured below). This is an absolute bear to line up and put together! I did it by myself but I struggled. Those with arthritis won’t be able to do this without help. Ok, so I have arthritis and did it by myself but I am a glutton for punishment!

Chair Instructions 5
Forget doing it this way, it’s too hard! Use a drill with an Allen wrench bit if you can get your hands on one. This is the worst piece to put together!

The long screws in the chair seat just won’t line up properly and an electric drill with an Allen wrench bit is the only way to go here, otherwise it just won’t screw in (pictured below). Even with that, I couldn’t screw two of the bolts in all the way; they just didn’t want to go in any further, but it still held together very tightly in the end. I think because of this, one of the chair arms didn’t quite align properly, but that was a minor oversight.

Chair Instructions 4
*Note the Allen wrench bit? This will make life a LOT easier!

Once those difficult pieces are assembled, the chair is now ridiculously heavy and care must be taken so you don’t throw your back out setting it in the castor base. Like I said, two people are recommended!

Once assembled, it has two basic adjustments; up/down and leaning back. There is a loose lever to the right that controls this and is quite accessible and easy to find. Flip the lever up to raise/lower the chair and pull it out to lean back in it. Push it in to lock it. I prefer not to lock it and like to lean back a little in mine. You can lean back quite far in it too.

I keep it at the lowest height setting, all the way down as far as it can go. Lowest setting is 20 inches off the ground. The highest setting is 23½ inches high. I am five-feet-ten and my feet touch flat on the floor comfortably enough while barefoot, but people a few inches shorter may have trouble grounding their feet. A foot rest will fix that little issue though. At maximum height my feet dangle like a toddler at the kitchen table!

The seat is incredibly well-padded with microfiber and memory foam and is comparable to some sofas. My butt sinks into it and the backrest is slightly curved inwards to match the contours of my spine. I use a back cushion anyway so my back hardly ever touches the backrest. When I lean back in it my head rests very comfortably near the top of the backrest. Needless to say, it’s easy to nod off! I wouldn’t recommend it because when I do I wake up with a neck ache. There is a big sewed-in cushion on the backrest, but it just won’t support your neck. Then again, it’s not supposed to be a reclining armchair! Such a pity because, ooooohhhh. My head and neck feel so comfortable resting against it! A taller person than I might find better neck support at the top of the backrest.

The seat kind of reminds me of a rocket ship, in the sense that the seat leans back a little due to the raised cushion stitched into the fabric. I tend to lean backward a little in it; this is quite normal. The seat just won’t sit exactly horizontal as it’s just not designed that way. The inner seat cushion presses into my calves a bit while sitting and for long periods it can get a little uncomfortable as circulation has trouble flowing. I just cross my legs over to alleviate this discomfort. Don’t get me wrong, this chair is a dream to sit in, but you might feel a little pressure in your hamstrings from time to time. A footrest would solve that little issue too.

The casters roll freely across tile or thin carpet and if chair-spinning are your thing, you will love the weightless sensation it gives you as you spin around freely with perfect smoothness! Ok I’ve probably done this more often than I should!

Armrests are fairly high, but that’s where I like them. They are extremely well-padded on top, and fit the contours of my arms nicely. One thing I found was that after awhile the arms would work loose just a little and the bolts would need tightening (pictured below). At the moment there is just the slightest amount of play in mine and they will have to be tightened again before too long. I had that problem with my other chairs too, so it’s not just an issue with this brand.

Chair Instructions 2
This Allen screw will come a little loose in the armrest over time and will need to be tightened.

Next is the weight limit. It says it can hold 400 lbs., yet one reviewer at a sprightly 350 lbs. said this chair was useless to him, as it was too tight to sit in. Yes it held his weight, but the manufacturers don’t consider butt-width when creating these things! You have a comfortable 22 inches of play before ever being in danger of wedging yourself in there…

So, is it worth the price, time and blood, sweat and tears? That’s up to you! I’ve only provided my personal experiences with it. We have three of these Bellbrook Executive Big & Tall Chairs in the family, and I have made two of them. The third one was put together by my wife’s’ daughter who mentioned how ridiculously hard it was to assemble. Oh they’re easy assembly steps to follow, but fitting the seat to the backrest was nigh on impossible. Bring a cordless drill to make it easier!

$299.99 or $269.99 with the coupon is still expensive in my opinion, and if I had my way I wouldn’t have bought them (my wife did!) I’ve owned mine for about a year and it hasn’t had any wear and tear or any major spills on it. Hey, it’s sofa fabric – it can be cleaned. The fabric is supposed to be of a low-allergy design too. My chair has held together well, the only thing being the loosening of the armrests from time to time.

Chair Instructions 3
Tah-dah, the finished product ready for butt-parking!

I love the fact that it keeps my butt well-padded, for all my other chairs gave me numb-butt after not too long. This chair’s memory foam does the job nicely and keeps Gluteus maximus nice and comfy. Just around the hamstring region is where it will fail you and you’ll feel pressure like I mentioned earlier, but that’s not too bad if you ask me. The Office Depot reviews give it 4/5 stars and I’ll tend to agree. It loses a star for price and assembly difficulty but four stars all the way for comfort alone! Recommended.

Here are some useless/useful stats from the Office Depot website:

1. It’s recommended for heavy use of 6-8 hours a day

2. Overall dimensions: 49″H x 29″W x 30″D

3. 400lb weight limit

4. One-touch adjustable seat height accommodates multiple users.

5. Armrests that support your shoulders and upper body

6. Waterfall seat cushion slopes slightly downward to help reduce stress on your legs.

7. Meets and/or exceeds applicable ANSI/BIFMA performance standards.

8. Requires a hell of a lot of patience to assemble it right!

9. GREENGUARD certified for healthier indoor air quality.  Manufactured with reduced harsh chemicals and with processes that are ‘low VOC’ (low in volatile organic compounds).

Truly a Removable Label — Avery Round Color Coding Labels

Avery Removable Color Coding Labels – 5467


Pros: easy to apply and remove, good weight label paper, hand-write or use laser printer

Cons: the sheets are a small size (if that matters)

My neighbor corralled me into participating in a “multi-family yard sale” – aka a garage sale.  I have been cleaning house, so I thought to give it a whirl.  Why didn’t I remember my past experiences?  Does history have to repeat itself?  At least these Avery Removable Color Coding Labels # 5467 made the task a bit easier.


Each package contains 42 sheets for a total of 1,008 labels.  Each label is a 3/4″ circle.  Each sheet is 4 round labels across x 6 labels down.  The removable labels are designed for either writing upon or for printing using a laser printer (use Avery Template 5472).  Avery offers free templates online if your word processing program does not have the correct template.

This particular label color is a neon-orange, though I have seen it described as red.  In my opinion, there is no way I would call this label any shade of red.  These removable round labels also come in a variety of colors.  They would be great for use on projects that require a color code for organization.

My Experiences

Back to the yard sale.  Several families agreed to participate.  It was being advertised … a “guaranteed draw” one person told me.  With so many people participating and advance advertising, how could we go wrong?

I lugged out boxes of like-new books, a charcoal grill, snow blower,  lots of holiday ornaments, furniture, rugs, assorted knick-knacks and games, yarn and craft items, clothing, a few quilts, my hand-knitted hats (money from hat purchases going to charity).  Where I could, I used my printer to print signs posting prices.  Many items required individual labeling, though.

That is where these nifty Avery removable labels became useful.  The color is an attention grabbing neon-orange.  No matter what I stuck a label to, the color stood out.  I used a black extra-fine Sharpie marker to write the prices on each round label.  Sometimes I changed my mind about a price.  The labels easily pulled up so that I could place another label on the item.  I stuck these labels on: cardboard, metal, plastic, laminate and wood surfaces.  The only surface they reluctantly stuck to were textured fibers.

If I had heeded my past experiences at yard sales, I would have focused on the fact that I never made a lot of money.  The day dawned sunny with a light breeze, so it wasn’t too hot.  It was an ideal day for garage sales.  However, some of the families pulled out of the sale at the last minute so that there were only two houses offering items.  I did make some money, but not nearly enough to compensate for all the work involved.  The good news, though, is that I have some more space in the garage.  Unfortunately, I am left with all those boxes of books, so they are going to library book sales and charity.  Out of all those books, only about six of them sold.

Quite a few items were left at the end of the day.  The labels easily peeled off of every single surface.  The labels did not rip paper or damage items.  Applying and removing the labels was the easiest part of the sale!


I will definitely purchase more of these Avery Removable Color Coding Labels if I need them again.  They worked great.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart

This is a stick-up!

GlueWorks Securehold Reusable Adhesive Putty


Pros: Fabulous for keeping things securely in place

Cons: None – really!

I’m a little embarrassed admitting how excited I became upon finding this product. I mean, really, who hyperventilates over putty? But this was an (unexpected) happy ending to a  long search.

I have looked (and looked) for my package of GlueWorks SecureHold Reusable Adhesive Putty. I knew it was ‘ around here someplace’, but do you think I could find it? Occasionally, I would ask for it in stores only to be guided to the picture-framing departments’ display of double-backed tape.  Not what I wanted. Today, while waiting in line at the checkout, there it was!

Examples for use:

  • Holds lamps, decorations, or framed pictures in place on a slippery surface
  • Holds wall art in place so it’s not annoyingly crooked
  • Conveniently holds a pen or pencil right where you want it ( like on a dashboard)
  • If you live in a windy environment ( as I do) it will hold outdoor ornaments, light strings, etc. where you want them
  • Use a ‘wad’ to keep venetian blind, or other cords, from banging about
  • Keep the bathroom soap dish where it’s supposed to be
  • Use a wad as a temporary straight or safety-pin cushion

These should give you some ideas of your own.


  • Tear off a piece sufficient for the job at hand.  Roll  between your fingers until soft and pliable.
  • Apply firmly to the bottom (or other place) of the item you want to secure.
  • Press down firmly while twisting back and forth a few times to create a suction/gripping effect.  Adherence is best after a few hours.
  • To remove, hold the item by the base and twist, gently pulling from its position. Any remaining putty can be removed by rolling a ball of putty over residue.

Special Instructions: Test on any questionable surface. The product may leave an oily residue on some surfaces. Product should not be used on freshly painted surfaces, flocked wall paper, or fabric. SecureHold is not intended to replace nails for hanging or attaching, heavy objects.

I paid $2.29 at a local hardware store.

Product is safe, Non-toxic and best of all, MADE IN U.S.A.


For weeks I’ve been wondering what to do with a really pretty frame of stained glass. I knew I wanted it in front of a window, but there was no place to drive a nail or hang a hook. Then, today, ta-da! I remembered the putty, and within minutes I had the frame ‘affixed’ to the window itself. It’s beautiful. Can’t wait for the sun to shine to get the full effect!


Hollywood Florida  33021


So many pens out there! OfficeMax make theirs work.

OfficeMax Rubberized Stick Medium Point Ballpoint Pens


Pros: Comfortable grip, writes well enough.

Cons: Not a perfectly consistent ink flow, caps can get lost.

Pens are part of my every day work life so I do get quite annoyed when they run out or if they don’t work properly or “feel right”. I’m a fan of the medium ballpoint tip of 1MM which gives a nice thickness to the lines or words without wasting more ink from a thicker ball.

I currently am using the OfficeMax Rubberized Stick Medium Point Ballpoint Pen in black (they also come in blue). I must say I have had worse pens and I am quite fussy when it comes to having the right one. Nothing made in America with this; it has “China” proudly stamped on the gray barrel along with the brand name and pen size. Amazon currently have these for around $6 per dozen.

At a glance…

I love retractable pens, but this is not one of those. It has a removable lid with a half-inch clip connected to it. Overall pen length (without lid) is 5½” and has a barrel diameter of just over a quarter-inch. Personally I like a thicker barrel with my pens; it makes them easier to grip. This one is slightly less comfortable for me to hold because of this.

The black end cap unscrews anti-clockwise and is scored to make it easier to grip to unscrew. The ink cartridge is inserted in the end of this cap, and it is possible to replace the ink in these if you want as long as you find a matching size ink cartridge. Personally I wouldn’t bother; they’re cheap enough to discard.

Comfort and Convenience

There are four nice grippy rings near the point to place your fingers for a non-slip grip. It also doubles as a tight fit for the cap when you want to put it in your top pocket like I do. This can be a pain as it’s hard to flip the cap off in a hurry especially when taking a phone call and only having one hand free to grab a pen and take the lid off. I usually have to bite the lid off with my teeth as the four rings hold it on there quite firmly! The barrel itself is rubberized but feels like plastic and is smooth but has some grip to it so my fingers don’t slip.

I have had the plastic cone near the tip come loose a few times while writing but that’s probably more to do with my grip than anything else. Lately it hasn’t done that. After doing paperwork for several hours I found it quite comfortable with no hand fatigue, even with the narrow barrel. It did leave a red mark on the side of my middle finger after a while but it didn’t hurt, and my fingers never slipped once.

So how well does it write?

The ink flow isn’t too bad, but not great. It doesn’t dry up like some other pens and I don’t have to scribble much to start the ink flowing. Once it’s flowing, it produces an even flow of ink but sometimes the ink will come out too light, making me go over some things I’ve already written. The occasional ink blot will appear but they’re very small and I’ve had no real issues with messing up the pages with ink blots and smears. The does ball runs smoothly across the paper, nearly as well as a gel-roller. I have however, noticed that as it gets toward the end of the ink, this pen skips quite regularly now. Nothing extreme, it still lays ink down but I tend to have to go over several places now when writing. Even with a low ink level, pressing lightly on the paper still gets better results. It has had a good run though so I can’t complain too much.

The ink cartridge itself is clear so it’s possible to see how much ink is left, although mine seems to have splattered all inside the cylinder so it’s nigh on impossible to tell how much is left!

Final thoughts…

My dislikes would be the clip fits a little too tight over the pocket; the cap of course, I prefer retractables and the not-quite-perfect ink flow, although the flow improves when quick, light strokes are applied. All in all I’m satisfied with the OfficeMax Rubberized Stick Medium Point Ballpoint Pen.. It does the job for heavy workloads with decent results and minimal hand fatigue. I’d recommend it and give it 3½ stars.

Office Essential Accentra® Incorporated PaperPro™

PaperPro Hole Punch

hole punch



Pros: Durable, Easy Use, Low Pressure

Cons: Pricey

Accentra® Incorporated PaperPro™ One Hole Punch measuring about 3 x 1.5 x 5 inches is a well-engineered, durable, attractive little hole punch  capable of blasting a 9/32 diameter hole into a stack of several sheets.

This paper punch is a two part office tool, grey with black. Jaw depth is about 1 inch. To use, insert paper into device jaw, pull/push lever down to create holes in paper.  Easy-To-Empty Waste Collection Compartment assures no mess on floor or table top, rubberized handle provides comfort.

For use in my classroom I wanted a handy device to provide consistent quality work, with no jams or major exertion needed to render a hole into several sheets at once.  As the arthritis in my hands and arms progresses I continue to recognize that jobs needing a tad more power are not likely to be part of my repertoire.  Luckily this little workhorse does not need major pressure.

Osage County First Grade enjoys learning to use staplers, hole punch and the like as a part of their ongoing growing up during First Grade.  The beginning of the new school term brings a group of dependent six year olds into the classroom.  Increasing opportunity to use simple office devices for stapling their own papers, or punching holes into pages for placing into their binders helps Little Learners develop a sense of can-do, ability and worth.

I find the 10-Sheet Capacity One-Hole Punch strong cutting dies cause punching to be a great deal easier than many of the small hand held punch devices available.  The compacted, well-organized locking handle features an ergonomic, easy squeeze handle design with incorporated in-handle waste compartment is especially handy for small jobs and small hands.  My students and I have small hands.

The non-slip rubberized base assures the punch will stand vertically or horizontally.  Compact size fits effortlessly in brief cases, drawers, backpacks and on desktop.

My 3 Year Limited Warranty has expired, unused, and my PaperPro One Hole Punch continues to work like a champ.

Happy to recommend Accentra® Incorporated PaperPro™ One Hole Punch


Internet search including the Accentra PaperPro website indicates : it is the philosophy of PaperPro that a stapler that works with the pressure of a single finger is a necessary office tool. After years of the same old products produced by so many for so many years, PaperPro is dedicated to offering products that are dependable and easy to use.

Our PaperPro staplers and our ProPunch three-hole punch devices offer mechanical complexity to revolutionize the office products industry by putting better, more capable office tools on the desktop.

PaperPro philosophy includes: consumers work hard everyday, and at PaperPro it’s the PaperPro job to make consumer work easier.

December 2012 Brooks Houghton & Company, Inc. acquisition of Accentra Inc., the maker of PaperProspring-powered staplers and hole punches, by Rhode Island-based Amax Incorporated was completed.

Located in Newtown, Pennsylvania and privately-held, Accentra, Inc. is widely recognized as having revolutionized stapling with the introduction in 2003 of its patented, award-winning PaperPro® stapler, the first desktop stapler to contain a spring-powered internal mechanism that provides staple gun power to drive staples reliably and efficiently through stacks of paper with the touch of just one finger.


The company’s website is



Accentra, Inc – Global Headquarters

301 South State Street – Suite N200

Newtown, Pa 18940