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Protects and Moisturizes – Jason Aloe Vera Hand and Body Lotion

Jason Pure Natural Aloe Vera 84% Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion

[Rating: 5/5]

Pros: non-greasy moisturizer, rich botanical composition, light fragrance

Cons: don’t expect it to heal all skin conditions

I had never heard of the Jason brand of hand and body lotion until a relative gifted me with several tubes in different scents.  My favorite lotion is this Jason Pure Natural Aloe Vera 84% Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion.


Jason lotion comes in a squeezable 8-ounce tube.  The tube has a flip-top lid.  The lid is flat so that the tube can stand upright on a flat surface.  This product is advertised as having a concentrated, rich botanical, hydrating non-greasy formula.  It is promoted as a relief to newly shaven, dry, or irritated or sun-damaged skin.  Jason also never tests their products on animals.

The manufacturer suggests using the lotion on skin that is still slightly damp after a shower or bath.  Suggested daily use is recommended.

My Experiences

My sensitive nose is very happy with the scent of this Jason Aloe Vera lotion.  The fragrance is light and almost a non-fragrance.  I can’t compare it to any one thing.  It is not flowery and does not have a perfume smell.  The scent (light as it is) is pleasant and quickly dissipates after the lotion is applied.

The white lotion easy comes out of the tube without being too liquid.  I mainly use this lotion on my legs, which tend toward dry skin.  If I don’t use lotion, it doesn’t take long for my skin to develop a dry, irritated itching.  The Jason Aloe Vera lotion easily absorbs into the skin.  As advertised, it is not greasy, and it leaves no residue.

I definitely notice my skin is happier after applying this lotion.  I use it daily, sometimes twice a day (morning and evening).  It does a great job keeping my skin hydrated.  Don’t think this lotion is a miracle worker though.  I have a rough patch of flaking skin on my thumb, and my hands are smoothed with this lotion as it is worked into the legs … yet that rough patch of skin on my thumb is still there.  My skin feels soft on both hands and legs; even that rough spot.  So I know the lotion is working well.  It’s just not a miracle healer, but it isn’t advertised as one either.


The ingredients list is from the manufacturer’s website:

Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice (1), Aqua (Water), Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Glyceryl Stearate SE, Cetyl Alcohol, Stearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, Potassium Cetyl Phosphate, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Dimethicone, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) Seed Oil (1), Persea Gratissima (Avocado) Oil, Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Panax Ginseng Root Extract, Ascorbic Acid, Panthenol, Retinyl Palmitate, Tocopheryl Acetate, Allantoin, Citric Acid, Xanthan Gum, Caprylyl Glycol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Phenoxyethanol, Potassium Sorbate, Sodium Benzoate, Amyl Cinnamal, Benzyl Benzoate, Benzyl Salicylate, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Citral, Geraniol, Hexyl Cinnamal, Hydroxycitronellal, Limonene, Linalool, Fragrance (Parfum) — (1) Certified Organic Ingredient


I enjoy using Jason Pure Natural Aloe Vera 84% Moisturizing Hand and Body Lotion.  The scent is mild, and the lotion is easy to apply.  It absorbs well into the skin, and my skin feels better after I use it.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy your day,

Copyright 2015 Dawn L. Stewart

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Curls that Last for Days

CONAIR hot Sticks

Conair Hot Sticks in th Box


Pros: Easy to set hair with great results

Cons: The thinner hot sticks can get undone and pop off (read my review for a painless fix)

Having had a love-hate relationship with my hair for as long as I can remember, it isn’t easy for me to deal with styling products. My expectations are too high, and the results have often been disappointing. The only thing more tied up in my emotional baggage than food is my hair. Multiple Sclerosis makes it hard to keep my hands over my head when I braid my hair. I came up with a system of French braiding my hair in my adjustable bed. I raise the head to a half-sitting level, a height that isn’t so painful for my shoulders. Time marches on. I’m 60 now, and my coping inventions don’t work as well for me as they used to.

Adding to my hair complex is thinning hair, which I noticed 25 or 30 years ago. By now, everyone can see my scalp shimmering between the strands on the top of my head. This was the same thing that happened to my mother, whose solution was a hair-piece that she wove into her long hair in an upsweep that looked like a French knot with a muffin top. It was a great look in the early ‘60s, but I don’t want to go down that road. I used to buy shampoos and conditioners that promised thicker hair, but they didn’t enough to warrant their price tags.

Because I still care about styling, I’m always on the lookout for anything that will bring a bounce of curls or waves – especially if it’s easy to use. Last November, I found something that works while looking for something else. I was looking for one of the latest, greatest ceramic “clam shell” curler sets advertised to be easy on damaged hair (nothing could be more damaged than hair doing a disappearing act). The set I was looking for wasn’t there, so I decided to investigate the sets that were there. Conair Hot Sticks caught my eye. For $20, you have 14 rubbery stick curlers in two sizes and a simple heating device for them. No switches or buttons. Plug it in to heat up, and when the red dot turns white, they’re ready to use.

Conair hot sticks shown in pink and blue
Hot Sticks out of the box

The curlers are long, flexible, skinny cylinders with little nubs to keep the hair from slipping (see photo to the right). There is a ring on one end that you poke the other end through to make a locked circle. The nubs also keep the circle intact until you’re ready to take the curlers out. They get pretty hot in the middle, but it’s still easy to roll up – even for someone like me who can’t keep my hands up too long.

My gray/brown, long-but-thinning hair will not easily cooperate with curlers, rollers, or curling irons, so I decided to test it after washing my hair. I let it air dry because it’s too much effort to blow dry it when it gets dry enough on its own in about 20 minutes – the same amount of time it takes to dry the rest of me and coat it with baby powder and body lotion (like dipping chicken in beaten eggs and breadcrumbs before frying it).

The test worked pretty well. It was easy to roll my hair up, let it sit for as long as possible, and then pull the curlers out and gently style the curls. I didn’t have any mousse when I tested, so the curls only held for a day or so. The next time, I put mousse in my hair while it was still wet and had much better results. I also decided to keep them in overnight – my choice because I have to sleep semi-sitting and I didn’t want to add hair-curling to my dressing routine. I don’t need any help to be late for doctor’s appointments. The curls lasted till my next shampoo a week later.

Over the last few months, I’ve discovered a glitch with the curlers but have managed a solution for it. The smaller curlers lost their ability to stay locked until I chose to take them out. At first, I woke up to find one of them undone. The curl was already set, so it wasn’t the end of the world. The next time, it popped off like a well-flung rubber band and nearly hit me in the eye! The honeymoon was over! However, I came up with a prevention tactic. I wrapped a pony-tail band around the curler end as close to the ring as possible. It stayed until I was ready to undo it. True, this isn’t the best situation, but the fix is easy enough – for now. There will be a time when I throw a fit and start shopping around again.

The bottom line for me is that I can get enough curl to camouflage my scalp without going for the Donald Trump comb-over. I can now put off wig shopping for at least a year or two. Best of all, I get compliments! A few thought I cut my hair and had a perm (curled hair looks shorter). Everyone who complimented me thought it was amazing to get a crop of dependable curls from this simple $20 set. Even with the drawback of loosening grips on the thinner hot sticks, this is still a good deal.

Curls on the go!

You™ CONAIR Thermacell Butane Ceramic Hair Curler

Large image of the product


Pros: Cordless, portable, almost instant heat

Cons: Wish they made a 1 1/2″ in barrel

It seemed unreal. I was driving from the hospital where my older  sister, Mem, was in ICU, to a nursing home where my younger sister Bekki, had just been transported following a stroke the week before.  I was pretty much on autopilot. I’m a strong person, but come on!

When I got to the nursing home my sister was having a tizzy. She still couldn’t move her right arm or leg and had two IV ports in her left hand, making any specific movements virtually impossible.  But by now, almost more than anything, she was upset that she couldn’t take a shower, brush her teeth, or her hair, and further, was absolutely convinced that no one on staff even knew she was there. After a while she drifted off to sleep and I left.

On my way home I was making mental lists of what each of my sisters would need over the next few days in the line of toiletries, slippers, ‘comfort things’. Out of the blue, and among many other thoughts,  I remembered my CONAIR Thermacell Butane Ceramic Curling Iron. I had purchased it a few years back for camping/hunting expeditions. I mean, one has to eventually come back to town – and it’s impossible to drive with a bag over your head! It would be the perfect solution when the time was right.

That time came much sooner than expected. When I entered my older sisters’ room on Day Five her pastor had just been up to visit. She was mortified at how she looked.  “Get me a &%(#@ brush” she spat out.  Fortunately, I could do better than that with the CONAIR Thermacell Curling Iron. Within a few minutes she really looked like a changed person – and she felt better too. Exhausted, but better.

Bekki was a little different story.  She has very fine hair that’s straight as an arrow. I was concerned whether  the curling iron would even give it a twist. Voila! No problem. A little curl here, a wave there, a spritz of spray and she looked so much better – happier. Ready to get wheeled out into the dining room for lunch and a little elder-flirting over mashed potatoes and gelatin.


I’ve made light of these circumstances, but they have been anything but. I don’t mean to infer that looking good is of paramount importance under these conditions, but what little things the patients’ family can do to help, is important. I’m reminded of the movie My House in Umbria starring Maggie Smith. She had been seriously injured in a train-bombing incident. She asked her male friend Quinty, to bring her a whole passel of things she ‘needed’. Incredulous, he asked what all these things were for? “It cheers the spirit” she replied. It certainly does!

Some of the features of the YOU™ CONAIR ThermaCELL Butane Cordless Curling Iron:

  • A ceramic outer-casing for smooth, sleek styling and high shine.
  • It reaches a maximum heat of 360°
  • Each ThermaCELL butane cartridge lasts approximately two to three months depending on use.
  • Replacement cartridges are available separately.
  • Approved for airline travel. TSA and FAA allows one installed cartridge in baggage.
  •  Protective heat shield for quick and easy storage

How to use:

  • Best on clean, dry hair.
  • The barrel has an ON/OFF button. Push the ‘ON’ button. Wait five seconds. Quickly depress the igniter until you hear a ‘poof’. That’s the sound that the butane has ignited and the barrel will begin heating immediately.
  • Section off a portion of hair. Depress the wand lever to open the curler. Either wrap the hair around the iron, or roll the hair up in the iron just as you would a plug-in curler.
  • Count 8-12 seconds and release the curl. If more curl is desired, repeat the process.
  • Be careful – the barrel is very hot. Don’t wrap the curl too closely to scalp.
  • Don’t smoke while using.


3/4 ” barrel

9 3/4″ in length

5.5 oz.

Comes in Black or Blue


Contents are under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate. Do not use near sparks nor flame.



Every woman can have (the right) ‘signature scent’

Design Parfum by Paul Sebastian



Pros: Subtle, long-lasting, alluring

Cons: Even after twenty years of constant use – none

There are some beauty rituals I refuse to abandon (not that anyone has asked me to). One of them is the three seconds it takes each morning to spritz on my very favorite (virtually, only) perfume – Design Parfum by Paul Sebastian.

It’s been so long since I began using it, I can’t remember if I first found it on my own in a department store, or if it was a gift. If it was, thank you, whomever!

As mentioned in the title ” Every woman can have a signature scent”,( if they want one), but aside from merely enjoying  the scent you wear, is it the right one  for you? Now, of course, most men and women choose a scent that has a pleasing odor to our own nose, everyone else comes next. But did you know, that just because you like it, it may (truly) not be the best scent for you? Here’s why – (a little Perfumery 101).

  There are two points to consider when selecting a fragrance.

  • Skin type.

Moist, oily skin enhances and amplifies perfume and cologne. Therefore it will smell stronger, more pungent, on you. Unfortunately, nothing is more ‘off-putting’ than being stuck in an elevator with an incense burner. Fresh, light, summertime  scents are better for people with this skin type.

Dry skin.

Perfume needs something to adhere to. If your skin is dry, the perfume will evaporate too quickly. A scent with heavier undertones is better for your skin type – like musk, or sandalwood.

  •  Lifestyle.

Sounds crazy, but this is another case of ‘you are what you eat’.  If you smoke, use an excess of alcohol, or eat a lot of spicy food, these odors come to the skin surface in the form of perspiration. Perspiration mixed with perfume is not a scent most of us appreciate.  For some types, no perfume at all  is better – it’s just plain chemistry.

The next lesson in Perfumery 101 is how a perfume is ‘built’.  Think of a pyramid – perfume has top, middle and base notes.

The Top note, also known as Head note, is the scent you perceive immediately after applying the perfume. It’s meant to be fresh, assertive and sharp.

The Middle note, also known as the Heart note, is the scent you detect anywhere from a few minutes to one hour later. It may still be pronounced, but it’s settling down. Other scents are evolving and making themselves known.

The Base Note has the heaviest molecules, it’s meant to evaporate slowly, to give the perfume it’s long-lasting characteristic. On an ironic note (no pun intended) perfume, just like firearm ammunition, has a co-efficient factor – meaning it’s ability to overcome air resistance.  This could also be referred to as sillage (pronounced ‘see-yazj’) (hard a), the trail or wafting scent you leave. Women love this!

For example:  Design Parfum has the following structure:

Top Note: Tuberose, Orange Blossom, Peach and Jasmine.

Middle Note: Honeysuckle, Carnation, Gardenia and Lilac

Base Note: Sandalwood, black currant, musk and civet.

Overall it might be considered an Oriental fragrance, with varying floral overtones.  I most often detect the scent of the honeysuckle and gardenia.

One experience I have on a fairly regular basis is a gentleman commenting on the scent I’m wearing, or asking what it is? Either inquiry is flattering because chances are good he’ll purchase this perfume for his ‘special other’.  An absolute guarantee Paul Sebastian will continue the fragrance for as long as I’ll need it!

This perfume is not that expensive and can be purchased at any of the major department store counters, and even at Wal-mart. It is slightly under $30.00 for a 3.4 oz. bottle – which lasts me, with daily use, from Christmas to Christmas. This my family knows well – 🙂



Just for the ‘sheer’ fun of it!

Revlon Sheer Translucide Nail Enamel


Pros: Glides on evenly, great one-coat coverage, long-lasting

Cons: Brush could be a little longer – but not much!

 I frequent a fast-food place a couple of times a week (mostly for coffee – uh huh). I can always tell who’s manning the drive-up window even before seeing the person, just by looking at her hands.  She’s a very pleasant young woman – with square nails ‘out-to-here’.  They might be purple, green, sporting a kangaroo decal, or an American flag – depending on her whimsy. Mine, on the other hand (no pun intended), are fairly short, neutral-colored, oval-shaped nails – and no doubt,  both of us are happy with our choice.

Did you know?

  • Nail polish has been around a very long time – since 3000 B.C. when it was developed by the Chinese
  • Nail polish not only decorates the nail, it protects the nail plate.
  • In ‘modern’ times, (as late as 1932) nail polish was used to conceal dirt and grime under finger and toe nails? ( eeuuuww!) 

Revlon Sheer Translucide Nail Enamel (number 007) is just that – sheer, pale pink,  shiny nail polish.  If not for the shine, one might not even notice my nails are polished. Yet not until just now, as I looked at the bottle with my mag glass, did I realize it contains minute specks of glitter, so tiny ( referred to as micro-glitter), as to be almost invisible, but obviously light-reflecting enough to create the soft shine. The bottle also contains one ( or more) tiny ‘mixing balls’ to keep the polish blended.

 I love a polish that glides on smoothly and evenly, covering the nail with one coat. Nothing is more annoying than a nail polish so thin it streaks, or so thick, it clumps. Another valuable feature is that it’s long-lasting. Because the color I use is quite pale, it’s difficult to see if the polish is chipping, fading or wearing off, but I did my nails three days ago, and after regular household chores, dishes, etc., they are as shiny and polished as the day I did them. Honest!

Applying. As mentioned, the brush (polishing wand) may be a little short, making it necessary to tip the bottle as the product is used, but I would rather put up with that inconvenience, than try to use a wand so long that one has no control. What’s more challenging than a right-handed person, painting a right-hand nail with a 3-inch brush? Anyone for polished fingers? This wand extends just an inch-and-a-half beyond the cap, allowing excellent control.

Scent. The scent of the polish is fairly typical – sharp, with a paint odor – but then, that’s what it is. Fortunately, it dissipates quickly.

Ingredients. The ingredients listed on the bottle are almost impossible to read, as the polish is pale, and the print ink is tiny and light-colored. If you have chemical sensitivities or concerns you may want to research the ingredients before using. See below.

Caution. Nail polish does have its downside. Some polishes “may” include *ingredients associated with certain cancers and toxicity to the central nervous system, and increasing the risk of diabetes in some instances.

* Formaldehyde, tolulene, phtalates.


New York, New York

What my doctor says about bathing. . .

Pears Transparent Soap



Pros: Not heavy or oily,  easy to rinse off ( so perhaps easier on plumbing?)

Cons: Bar seems to diminish rather quickly

To address the heading and get that out-of-the-way. . .” What my doctor says about bathing ( and showering). . .” is that we do it much too often – we’re washing away many of the body’s natural defenses and valuable moisturizers and lubricating properties. Twice a week is his recommendation.  And in the meanwhile? A quick once-over with a warm wash cloth (no soap!) is all we need. Now, understandably, there are circumstances that arise – like falling in a mud puddle, cutting a cord of wood, or having a baby urp on you, that might justify a third douse – but for average day-to-day living, two, in his opinion, is sufficient.

In 1807, after completing barber training, Andrew Pears, the son of a farmer, opened a shop in the wealthy residential section of Soho in London, England. ‘In those days’ the lighter the skin, the better -(more socially accepted). Many of his clients complained that spending any time in the sun was ruining ( darkening) their complexion. Pears decided to dabble in a little cosmetic chemistry, mixing compounds, and in general, learning how to make a soap using much less fatty matter than other soap manufacturers ( 45% vs. 75-80%).  To that he added glycerine and, after a protracted drying spell of thirteen weeks, ending up with a transparent, English-garden-scented, oval-shaped bar of soap. It became the first mass-marketed, (and patented) transparent bar soap.

In the past two hundred years, the company has changed hands a few times. Ingredients have been added, then removed, then re-introduced, but it’s trademark transparency has remained constant.

Pears Transparent Soap comes in two sizes –  69g. and 119 g.  It comes in three colors,  original amber, mint green, and frosty blue – each having its own unique aroma. Some have said ( and I tend to agree) that the original amber has a very definite pine tar odor. Not exactly the scent most woman want trailing behind them, but it dissipates very quickly.

Ingredients. Water, glycerine, sodium roseinate, sodium ( trivial introduction), alcohol, sorbitol, sodium chloride, tetrasodium, etidronic acid, proplyene glycol and BHT.

Fragrance agents. Eugenol, cinnemal, limonene, and linalool.

Summary. I very much like this soap. I don’t necessarily feel ‘cleaner’ than with other bar soaps, but there’s definitely less residue on my skin. I find that by unwrapping the bar, which comes in a- Saran-Wrap type covering, and letting it dry in the cabinet until I need it, the bar lasts a little longer.  I have seen the green-colored bar in our local market, but not the blue.

I’ve read wildly varying comments about Pears Transparent Soap. Some consumers offer glowing results, others complain their skin feels so dry they need a moisturizer after using. These may be typical experiences since we have individual skin types.  

I pay about $1.00 per bar.

Unilever Brand



Not sure if it helps skin but it makes my husband laugh

Freeman Feeling Beautiful Facial Anti Stress Mask



Pros: easy to use, inexpensive, easy to find, amuses spouses

Cons: not sure if it actually improves skin condition

Despite the fact that I’m not a girly-girl who wears makeup or nail polish, I do enjoy trying different skin care and body products.  I’m getting older so anything that promises the possibility of improving my facial skin will attract my attention.  I bought this Freeman  Anti-Stress Facial Mask several months ago and have used it many times.  I can’t tell if my skin has actually improved from the experience but using it helps me to relax anyway.

The Details

The full name of this product is Freeman Feeling Beautiful Anti-Stress Facial Mask with Dead Sea Minerals.  The description on the blue plastic tube states that this facial mask is supposed to “replenish and balance moisture while purging clogged pores”.  The instructions are simple.  You simply apply the mask to (a presumably clean) face and neck, avoiding contact with eyes, and then let it dry and rinse with warm water.  The company suggests using it two times per week or as often as necessary.

I purchased this skin treatment at the local grocery store for about $5.  Freeman products are widely available and found in grocery stores, drug stores, discount retailers like Walmart and Target, and also online.

The Experience

I have to say that I haven’t been very faithful in my use of this product.  I use it maybe once every two weeks or so whenever I remember that it is in the bathroom closet.  It is easy enough to use and hasn’t caused any allergic reactions or problems.  I can’t say that I’ve seen any visible improvement in my skin’s condition but I’m also not using it as often as the company suggests.

I do enjoy the process of applying it, waiting for it to dry, and then rinsing it away.  I feel like I am pampering myself which is a good thing even if I don’t see any major change in the appearance of my skin.  My husband also gets a good laugh out of the experience when he comes home to find his wife looking like a smurf from the neck up.

It is best to keep a wash cloth nearby when you are rinsing this mask off of your skin.  It clings on pretty well so I’ve found it helpful to have a damp towel to help remove the final bits of product that won’t just rinse away after wiping my face with my hands.

The Opinion

I can’t say that I’ve seen any visible improvement in my skin since buying and using this Freeman Dead Sea Minerals Anti Stress Face Mask but I also haven’t been using it as often as the company recommends.  If I had spent $15 or $20 or even more on this stuff, I’d be disappointed with my purchase but it was only $5 and at least I feel like I’m doing something good for myself.  It’s worth trying out to see if it works for you.

My favorite pedicure product in the Burt’s Bees line.

Burt’s Bees Honey & Bilberry Foot Cream


Pros: a little goes a long way, very thick and moisturizing, 99% natural, getting easier to find

Cons: pricier than drug store foot products

I have a pretty stressful job and long ago developed a routine to help myself relax and calm down each evening.  I fill the tub with lots of hot water and epsom salts or other foot salts, soak my feet while I read a book and drink a cocktail, and then scrub and moisturize them finishing with putting socks on.  I do that almost every night and it is a big point of how I try to unwind and de-stress after a long day at work.

For my recent birthday, I told my husband not to buy me anything big because he bought us first-class tickets to my idea of Paradise for Spring Break.  He decided to buy me lots of lip balm and pedicure products because he knows I use them every day.  Recently I’ve been using the Burt’s Bees Honey & Bilberry Foot Cream.

The Details

According to the label, this is a natural foot cream that combines honey, jojoba butter, and bilberry extract “to gently exfoliate and moisturize dry feet”.  The main ingredients include water, grape seed oil, jojoba butter, glycerin, beeswax, stearic acid, macadamia butter, honey, and sunflower seed oil.

The directions state to apply this foot cream liberally as needed.  It is sold in a 4 ounce plastic tube for anywhere between $7 and $12 dollars depending on where you find it.  Burt’s Bees products used to be difficult to find in this area a couple of years ago that totally isn’t the case these days.  You can find them in Target, Walmart, the local grocery store, and drug stores like Rite Aid and Walgreens.  That is a relatively new development over like the past year or so

The Experience

I’ve used this Honey & Bilberry Foot Cream off and on over the past decade.  I really like it because a little goes a long way and as you work it into skin it turns into a very thick and rich cream to hydrate feet.  You only need to use a small amount of it and it leaves your dry, tired feet feeling smooth, hydrated, and rejuvenated.

I always soak my feet for anywhere between 30 minutes to an hour as I read a book. It is part of my nightly relaxation routine.  I may or may not use an exfoliating scrub or file on them.  I really like using this foot cream because it is so thick and rich that a little goes a long way and it does an excellent job of hydrating dry, tired skin.

At $9 per 4 ounce tube, this Burt’s Bees Foot Cream isn’t cheap but it is definitely worth the price.  A little goes a long way and it deeply hydrates skin on your feet, ankles, legs, etc.

Overall Opinion

I’m a huge fan of Burt’s Bees Honey & Bilberry Foot Cream.  It is a thick and rich moisturizer that hydrates and softens even the toughest and driest skin.  I’ve been buying it for years and I will definitely buy it again in the future.

Vanquishing the Frizz — the Conditioner I Use

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Frizz Control Nourishing Daily Conditioner


Pros: silky conditioner, works well into hair, rinses clean, frizz management

Cons: use it with companion shampoo for best results

My hair decided to rebel and become much more frizzy than desired.  Looking for options, I saw a magazine advertisement for Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Frizz Control Nourishing Daily Conditioner.  I decided to give it a go.


Each plastic bottle contains 12.7 fluid ounces of product.  It is promoted as improving hair in seven days and offering 24-hour frizz control.  The conditioner is supposed to smooth  hair and make it more manageable, also strengthening hair so that there is less breakage when combing.  The main advertised ingredient is Nutrium 10 technology.

My Experiences

I am into my second bottle of this conditioner.  The first bottle had a defect between the cap and body so that the conditioner was difficult to squeeze out after the first few uses.  The second bottle has worked perfectly so far.

The conditioner comes out of the bottle as a ribbon of cream, which holds its shape on the palm until the conditioner is massaged into the scalp.  First I use the Clear Frizz Control Shampoo, and then I apply this Clear Frizz Control Conditioner.  Of my first two bottles of each, the conditioner lasted a bit longer than the shampoo.

The instructions don’t say to let the conditioner sit in the hair for any length of time, but I try to keep it in my hair at least five minutes before rinsing it out.  The product rinses clean out of the hair without leaving any oily or icky residue.  I also appreciate the lack of perfume smell.  My nose is quite happy with this product.

The big question is whether this product actually controls frizz.  I have mixed results.  My hair is definitely less frizzy, but it is not completely frizz-free.  Some days I feel I can leave my hair as is after blow drying it.  There are other days when I need to add some spray or gel to my hair to completely tame it so that the hair has a uniform smooth appearance.  Overall, though, this product has worked better at controlling my hair frizz than other options I have tried.


I liked this Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Frizz Control Nourishing Daily Conditioner enough that bought more and I am still using it.  The shampoo and conditioner work well together, and my hair feels stronger and is healthy.

I hope you found this review useful.

Enjoy the day,

Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart

Review of Clear Frizz Control Shampoo


Controlling Frizzy Hair

Clear Scalp and Hair Frizz Control Shampoo


Pros: manages frizz, shampoo lathers well, a little goes a long way

Cons: use with matching conditioner for maximum results

I never thought of my hair as unmanageable or out of control … but lately it has had a life of its own.  When I saw an advertisement for Clear Scalp and Hair Frizz Control Shampoo, I bought it not sure what to expect.


The plastic bottle contains 12.9 fluid ounces of shampoo.  This product is advertised as containing Nutrium 10, for 24-hour frizz control.  This shampoo is promoted as nourishing and moisturizing the scalp and hair with a mixture of ten vitamins and nutrients.  There is also a matching conditioner.

My Experiences

Like most other shampoos, this one is easy to use.  It squirts well from the bottle and uses the standard washing method of applying the shampoo to wet hair, massaging it into the scalp and then rinsing the hair and scalp clean before applying conditioner.  A small round of shampoo in the palm produces a good amount of lather, too.

While the shampoo has a lavender tint, I appreciate that there is no perfumed smell to the shampoo.  My nose is sometimes sensitive to fragrances, and this product does not overset my sinuses.  My skin has also had no reaction to the product.  After shampooing, the lather rinses clean from my hair without leaving any residue.

So does this product work at controlling frizz?  The answer is yes and no.  I definitely notice a positive difference in how my hair behaves.  It does appear smoother, and my hair also feels stronger.  There is less breakage.  However, not all frizz has been eliminated.  While my hair is much better behaved, sometimes I need to use additional hair product such as a spray or gel.


This shampoo lists for $5.79.  I bought it on sale for around $4.99 at Target.  Amazon offers a better price but with shipping added.


I find Clear Scalp and Hair Frizz Control Shampoo works much better than some other shampoos I have used.  I like it enough that I bought more of it once I used the first bottle.  I also use the matching conditioner, and the two products work well together.

I hope you found this review useful.

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Review of Clear Frizz Control Conditioner