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Which Board? Witchboard!

Witchboard 1986


[Rating:4 /5]

Witchboard a movie about the Ouija Board..this is by far the BEST movie pertaining to this subject and puts to shame the very boring and disappointing new release of this past Octobers  movie Ouija.


Plot Summary:

The movie begins with a gathering of friends at a party and one of the guests Brandon has also brought with him a very decorative spirit board referred to as Ouija aka “Witchboard“.

Brandon is an expert in the field of talking boards and begins to explain to everyone at the party just how Ouija works. Most of the guests are unconvinced by Brandon’s descriptions about how the board works and are skeptical. Some are even laughing and making fun of the whole concept. Brandon explains that in order to get the best results from a Ouija it is important that you have two players preferably a man and a woman and that both participants be free from drugs and alcohol.  Everyone at the party is under the influence except one person, Linda, who seems to have a keen interest in the subject. Brandon specifically requests Linda’s participation and she reluctantly volunteers after being pressured by all the other guests. One guest in particular, Jim, begins heckling Brandon as well as the spirit David; a ten year old boy who died by drowning.

As Jim continues harassing Brandon and insulting the spirit contact. David grows very upset and the planchette (indicator/pointer) flies violently off the board. To the shock of the room Brandon’s tires to his new sports car has also been flattened by an unknown source. Brandon explains that David is angry and has decided to take it out on him. instead of Jim because he was in control of the board at the time of Jim’s insults. Brandon inadvertently leaves his Ouija Board at Linda’s house during this commotion. where Linda, now having had a supernatural experience with the Witchboard..decides that she would like to try using the board alone to re-connect with the spirit David. David begins to entice Linda’s continued use by revealing that her lost wedding ring is stuck in the drain of her bathroom sink. Surprised to find her ring exactly where David tells her it is she slowly begins to become obsessed with using the board.

Knowingly ignoring Brandon’s advice of “:never using the board alone” she attempts to put the board away which causes David to get very upset. David begins terrorizing Linda and this causes Brandon to embark on a one man mission to stop David in his tracks and save Linda from becoming completely possessed by the growing wrath of David. Unbeknownst to all, David turns out to be much more malicious than even Brandon suspects and the people that Linda love the most start having “accidental” deaths. Linda starts exhibiting signs of demonic possession i.e. excessive cursing, fits of rage and unusual behavior. this sends Brandon and Jim on a quest to communicate with David at the place of his drowning. Little do they know evoking the spirit of David sends them on a one way ticket to meet one of the most ferocious and malignant demons of all in hell.

My personal experience and opinion:

As you can see by my plot explanation there is quite a bit of depth for a horror movie from the late 80’s  Since I own a very large talking board collection and have a rather extensive history with the Ouija product I can attest to much of the information provided as being very accurate to a large degree even  if much of it is based on hysteria. Since I was extremely disappointed in how the new “Ouija” movie was handled and represented..I feel it is important for me to describe exactly the highlights from the movie I greatly approve of.

1) The original lore of the mysterious Ouija remains intact and is cleverly described and depicted.

2) Magnificent board design with decorative artwork including angels from heaven, this really gives the board a very supernatural look and personality of its own. This is important since the bulk of the movie is centered around this.


3) Cool camera tricks that show what it looks like from the spirits perspective.. Nice twists throughout the movie that aren’t anticipated or expected. Some interesting death sequences that is presented as coincidental accidents and is reminiscent of the deaths in the movie Final Destination. More than one board design is shown with the second having a much more demonic appearance.

4) Genuinely spooky and actually informative. Here is an exert of dialogue from the movie as an example:

Party guest: How can you believe in spirits if you don’t believe in God or Satan?

Brandon: There’s been evidence of their existence. Eye witness accounts, photographs, recordings…you name it and I have contacted some of them.

Party guest: What with a wee-gee board?

Brandon:  Ouija. It’s pronounced Wee-ja not wee-gee. It comes from the French and German words for yes. Oui and Ja. Ouija. And this is a planchette (shows the boards pointer)

Lloyd: I don’t care what you call it dude. It’s just a game like Checkers or Chess.

Brandon: For your information..”dude” the Ouija board has been around since recorded history. It was in wide use as far back as 540 BC.  Now for the best results, the Ouija should be used by two people. Preferably a man and a woman and it shouldn’t be sitting on a table, it should sit on our knees so there is as much body contact as possible. Also the two people should have clean, pure systems. So that the energy flowing thru us to the planchette is as strong as it can be.

Linda: Are you saying that the spirits actually come through our bodies?

Brandon:  Oh don’t worry it’s perfectly safe.

Linda: I don’t think I understand what you mean by “clean systems” though.

Brandon: Someone who doesn’t smoke or you Linda. Care to give it a try?  Good, I don’t smoke either and I haven’t been drinking tonight. So together we should be able to make a clear strong contact. Alright one more thing before we begin,  The spirits are lousy spellers and a lot of them like to lie. So just to play it safe, I’m going to try and contact David; the spirit of a little boy who died about 30 years ago. I have contacted him several times. For some reason he is connected to this particular board. I don’t now why really it’s just that every Ouija board seems to have its own dominant spirit. Maybe it’s because this board was made the day David died.



Review conclusion and final thoughts:

I have to point out some flaws…well there is a few complaints…since it was made in the late 80’s the hairstyles and clothing are very dated. the set locations are pretty good though. Trying to rate this movie is a bit tough..can’t give it 5 stars because there is some complaints but because this is the only movie about the Ouija that is dead on (no pun intended)  I will give it 4 stars .

Here is a video short of me and my Witchboard:

This movie will either scare you away from using the Ouija or it’s going to entice you to get out the old Ouija Board and give it a go. The movie makes the whole concept of what the Ouija game is..exciting and fun the way it’s intended to be. The whole scene where David tells Linda where to find her lost wedding ring is a prime example of this. Who doesn’t want to learn information that should be lost or hidden from us or having the future predicted ahead of time? This is what makes the Ouija Board fascinating and this is the general motivation for someone to use it. The idea that you might get in contact with a long lost relative or a family member who has passed away is also alluring

Some very good dialogue and hilarious put-downs. The music is very good..quite a few jump scares..some of these are timed so perfect that no matter how many times I see it and know ahead of time its going to happen..still scares the shit outa me. .plenty of one-liner sarcasm that will make you chuckle every time as well.


  • Todd Allen as James “Jim” Morar
  • Tawny Kitaen as Linda Brewster
  • Stephen Nichol as Brandon Sinclair
  • Kathleen Wilhoite as Sarah “Zarabeth” Crawford
  • Burke Byrnes as Lt. Dewhurst
  • James W. Quinn as Lloyd
  • Rose Marie as Mrs. Moses
  • Judy Tatum as Dr. Gelineau
  • Gloria Hayes as Wanda
  • J.P. Luebsen as Malfeitor
  • Susan Nickerson as Chris
  • Ryan Carroll as Roger
  • Kenny Rhodes as Mike
  • Clare Bristol as Anchor woman


Jacking away your time and money… A different form of meditation.

Celtic Totem Animals: With Drumming CD



Find a Pet Rock, it would have as much life as this Box-set!

The Jack Move:

I hunted for a unique book on animals at a book store for about an hour before stumbling upon this box set in the New Age section. This box set claims to be able to connect you with animal spirits known as “Totem animals”, a shamanic tradition and belief system…

It advertises on the packaging the following contents: A 70-minute CD of Shamanic drumming, 20 cards with wood-cut depictions of Totem Animals and an illustrated book that guides you on your own shamanic journey. (Wow sounded pretty cool to me so I read on…) Play the Shamanic drumming and choose a card with the animal that appeals to you to help you with a problem or help you make a decision. Follow the simple instructions for guided visualization-and witness how these animals can guide and empower you.

All right… sounds like I may get in contact with the spirits of animals that I love. I looked at the price located under the text (what I just quoted) and saw US $24.95. I thought about this and decided that for a book, cards and a Celtic drumming CD I couldn’t go wrong. I pulled out my wallet and jerked out my hard earned money and gave into this classic “Bait and switch” (They must have seen me coming?)

The Book and Cards:

192 Pages filled with lifeless philosophy no photos except for what is shown on the cards and no detailed information on what the animals in Celtic tradition represent. Here are two examples of our most popular animals:

Cat: Cats appear several times in Celtic myth notably in the Voyage of Maelduin where the voyagers encounter an innocent-seeming kitten leaping to and fro on the tops of four pillars…
(It goes on for about a paragraph and then reveals its importance). The significance of the cat which we can derive from this is that it is strong in guardianship, and a good protector of one’s inner powers. It might be invoked when about to enter a confrontational situation, when its fierceness is deemed appropriate. (however,  don’t use it as an excuse to lose your temper!) (At this point I’m already starting to lose my patience!!!)

Dog: There are many famous dogs in Celtic tradition, as one would expect in a race so addicted to hunting.
(Well, I did hunt for a book like this.) Authur’s great hound Cafall left its footprint on a stone, called to this day Carn Cafall, which if moved in the evening is back in its original place next day. (This continues for about three more paragraphs and then reveals its importance). The dog was also associated with healing, since its saliva was said to have curative properties… …there was an established association between hunting and healing, making the Dog a good companion when in search of the latter. (At this point I’m starting to become annoyed!!!)Totem-Dog-216x300

The book has little to no educational value, explains very little of  how to meditate upon the animal that grabs your attention:  No explanation on how to use it to help solve your problems… It doesn’t help at all and in fact it gave me a huge headache reading a book half the size of a DVD case and with all of its horrid editing: It was lighthearted and simple… (That was the Problem it was written in a way that assumes you already know about Shaman Animal Totems.)

20 Animals are depicted on flimsy cardboard squares they are colorless and lifeless as the rest of this set… The animal totems are: Badger, Bear, Bee, Blackbird, Cat, Cow, Crane, Crow, Dog, Eagle, Eel, Hawk, Horse, Otter, Owl, Pig, Salmon, Stag, Swan, Wolf, and a graph of which animals correspond to different months of the year.. Need I continue? (Unfortunately I have to because of the dreadful CD!!!)

The CD and Final thoughts:

Banging your head consecutively into a brick wall would probably have the same effect;  produce the same sounds as this CD!!!

Track 1:  Single drumming for 20 minutes. (One drum and One sound for 20 Minutes!)

Track 2 : Double drumming for 20 minutes. (One drum and the same sound twice for 20 Minutes!)

Track 3: Single drumming for 30 minutes. (Same drum and Same sound for 30 Minutes!)

They didn’t bother with or need to include…
Track 4: Double drumming for 30 minutes. (That sound was already pounding inside my head for 70 Minutes!)

The basic idea’s are friendly and lighthearted but I didn’t really see the benefit from this box-set. I wish I would have passed on this product. (I can drum up more fun, exciting and inexpensive ways to meditate.)

The Manson Media Collection

The MANSON Media Collection which includes the book “Death to Pigs” the 1973 MANSON on DVD and “Inside the MANSON Gang” on DVD



Pros: Actual footage of the Manson Gang right after the murders.

Cons: Set not intended for newcomers to the case.

‘We’re going to blow the cover right off the Manson Family story!

It’s DONE! The MANSON Book is Done! So everything you thought you knew about Charles Manson, the Family, Helter Skelter, the Tate and LaBianca massacres, the Crime and Trial of the 20th Century and the 1960s, guess again!”‘ 

Note this is an actual description of THE MANSON MEDIA COLLECTION, which is what my review centers around. and in no way shape or form do I plagiarise the authors work in anyway.  I do not attempt to nor am I capable of trying to explain the authors extensive research. and unique interpretations depicted in his films or presented in his written work  The information provided in my review is based on my own personal experience with the DVD documentaries “Manson”, “Inside The Manson Gang” and with the book “Death to Pigs”. Additional notes and links to the official website that is Hendrickson’s can be found at the bottom of this review!

This review is about the Manson media collection and its contents and purposes only. This limited release is meant to be used as a supplement. This limited release has been buried in a vault for over 40 years and is now available only to specific individuals. Distribution and authorization of the DVDS is exclusively determined by the author and only for a limited time. And when I say limited edition I mean limited..1 of the three products..INSIDE THE MANSON GANG is already unavailable!

I like the fact that this obscurity adds to the collectability of the items. However my impression is that only a few specific individuals will actually buy this… so demand has to be extremely low here and it is my observation that unless you are already a super fan of this CASE and had time to familiarize yourself with the vast amount of elements connected to and concerning all the people involved…don’t even waste your time here…Although I like this and find it rather refreshing because it  reexamines an old and tired history and breathes new life back into it… to anyone else you’re going to be greatly unsatisfied and extremely disappointed..this is for serious  fans and collectors only!

This collection set has nothing to do with investigating whether or not Manson and his gang are guilty of murder. All were decided guilty in a court of law. Rather this set serves as a recorded account of the treacherous business and corruption of none other than our current United States Judicial System.

Robert Hendrickson’s first film was released in 1973 at select theatres receiving mixed ratings and reviews. The only available versions were limited and  on VHS tapes .most of these being unauthorized bootlegs that had horrible picture quality and sound.  In 2004 MANSON was officially re-released and digitally restored by the director.  His second movie was released straight to DVD 2007. The book entitled Death to Pigs in 2011.

Manson and The Manson Gang documentaries isn’t so much about the murders as it is about the people involved with the killings and others involved with those killers..this is about a lifestyle lived, a mindset shared, and the repercussions of living so free that nothing is off limits, no boundaries to stop these people from doing anything they wanted to do. All types of crimes …if you can think a crime up in your head this group committed them.

Being able to  see these people in the height of their madness is fascinating  and hearing them speak, watching how they lived, and understanding the way they think is downright chilling, I mean I want to know what makes people like this tick by listening to them explain it..since the  ranch  burned to the ground  only a few years after the arrests means finding actual video and sound of the Manson gang in their natural habitat is extremely rare and this is what makes Hendrickson’s work unique .

The book has the actual transcripts of all the interviews that were conducted during filming and ended up in the movie including the interviews that were cut. The book relies very heavily upon Hendrickson’s role as a film maker as well as what he personally experienced while making the documentary. A variety of interesting elements surround the Manson Case and just as many odd connections from a wide variety of differing paradoxes and historical irony is staggering.

I don’t need to see or hear about those murdered to enjoy this book…the most interesting  facts of the Manson case are about the Manson Family and ultimately Charles Manson himself. We already know about the murders and we’ve seen the crime scene photos that seem to be the center piece of every Manson documentary out there. Very little info about who the family was and how they lived.

Hendrickson makes some excellent points that really make you think..for example the killers used their victim’s blood to write messages on the walls and various objects at the crime scene..specifically “Pig” “Death to Pigs” and “Political Piggy”.  Also introduced as part of the prosecution’s  case was a Beatles  song “Piggies” (again referring to the establishment and therefore relating to the media Hollywood .involvement…) since Sharon Tate was an actress and her husband was a film maker and because of the prosecutions intent focus on the words “Helter Skelter”  Bugliosi’s natural instinct was to conclude..that the words written in blood referenced the victims themselves and their now mutilated bodies were the actual message intended…

Hendrickson states that the words Death To Pigs and Pigs were meant to warn and intimidate the police…who would ultimately be among the first at the crime scene. The word “Pig” written on the door was put there as a macabre greeting to the cops..aka pigs… ..since Manson and his family, (just previous to the killings) ,had been harassed, raided and arrested by the police on more than one occasion and were covering up the tracks they left (at an unrelated murder) by trying to get the police to think the black Muslims did the crimes. By making  a black panther paw on the wall in blood next to the words “political piggy”…then pig on the door at Sharon Tate’s house the reference here is that pig meant cops which is the title of the book.

I’d have to say that the author’s biggest gripe seems to be with Vincent Bugliosi’s “Helter Skelter” motive.. considerable time is spent on this that not only throws in reputable doubt that Bugliosi lied both on the stand by inventing a motive that would not only secure him a healthy win over the case and prosecution…but his insatiable desire to convict Manson at all costs… and by any means necessary….. including write and close the book on one of the most sensationalized crimes and trials of the 20th century. According to Hendrickson.. Vincent Bugliosi described the case as being so fantastically vast in magnitude that fully understanding all the variables was like peeling an onion with each layer revealing more and more complexity  and unusual. coincidences.

The prosecution’s case was indeed pretty cut and dry; Manson used powerful hallucinogenic drugs and repetitive mind control/programming  on his followers and convinced them to  kill for him  and then send a message to the establishment..i.e. elite Hollywood actors and law enforcement decoding a prophesy from a Beatles album..the song Piggies is about such established order..and by killing these specific individuals to spark a race war that would essentially be “Armageddon” and the annihilation of the white establishment…

Manson is an American icon of everything that is perceived as evil in our society. If you haven’t already tried to find out as much truth as you can as to what, why, and how something like this happened… If you haven’t read prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi’s  crime novel Helter Skelter or watched the movie of the same name this set is not for newcomers inexperienced with the intricacies of the case  I have watched all I could find concerning Manson on the internet including just about every  Charles Manson documentary and interviews, listened to interviews from the killers , listened to audio tapes of Manson talking  to people on the phone. I have watched the many parole hearings of Manson and that of those who were also convicted of the murders. I have. listened to the Beatles “White” album looking for “clues” (as Hendrickson describes it) and connecting it somehow to the Manson case or disconnecting it from the case..

The Manson Media Collection has such persons in mind in considering presenting evidence, historical truths, accurate information,  and documented facts. Unfortunately the Manson Gang was never allowed to testify in court to explain their versions of what they think really happened. It’s important to point out that this set release is told and explained  by a  journalist, a documentary film maker, writer, and producer but specifically the Manson Gang.

According to Hendrickson..his 1973 Manson movie was unfairly banned and it was banned against the US constitutions put in place to protect  freedom of speech. His movie was disregarded and forbidden in a ruling by a continue playing during the trials for fear of affecting the decisions of the jury. That went against the legal constitutional rights that exist as the law… also the fact that the judge super exceeded the law by silencing Manson from testifying and depriving him of his legal right to legally represent himself to put on his defense…. one of the more prominent themes from Mr. Hendrickson’s  book is the corruption and crimes that are committed by those of law enforcement…and it’s clear he thinks that they (the police) and prosecutor Bugliosi is by all intents and purposes, self serving  and ultimately full of shit …

(Lol..I find this undertone to be quite humorous in nature but also because quite possibly the information provided by the author here also makes perfect sense.)

Naturally in light of these facts the treatment of Manson by the prison guards and later by the police..Manson builds up quite a hate and disgust for law enforcement as well as by that of the United States Government….at the time of the Tate was decided to be a revenge killing /cover up to throw police off the track (concerning another murder that took place shortly before the Tate murders…)..with constant raids to the Spahn Ranch, and continued harassment by police, there was also a building paranoia  about retaliation from the Black Panther militant group.

Personally, because of my extended interest with the Manson case and having exhausted the possibility of discovering new information by researching everything online,  you eventually run into a dead end..and are left to make up your own judgments…(gets old real fast…) and most of all the information available is written according to Bugliosi and with-out-a-doubt is factually misleading , fabricated and decidedly one-sided.

My overall impression and extended review:

A lot of effort is  put into this book to try and make it more combining..multiple layers and writing techniques….this is one part movie script, one part interview, one part transcripts from the documentary, one part conspiracy theory, and one part the authors personal life as a filmmaker… Luckily I have an interest in how films are made and understand its importance  on how these elements impacted the films  content.

Otherwise I can see most people becoming annoyed and uninterested in how details like changing the video reel and getting the perfect angle etc…to be over descriptive , unnecessary, and downright boring as hell. Another issue I can see non-fans getting disappointed about is that the book looks like it will be loaded with lots of photographs,  (I actually expected full color photographs to be strewn throughout its pages myself upon ordering.) the book has little to no photos at all..

Although there are dozens of black and white photos of the Manson family members and key witnesses they are added to provide faces with the names. No new or uncut photographs of the victims are included in this book. Hendrickson explains  that the reason for this is because the two films actually serve as the books  pictures.

Whether this is just a good excuse for Hendrickson to save money by going the cheap way out is more likely the reason for absence of photography,  but because Hendrickson is so good at excusing  these shortcomings I quickly felt like it was for the best the book turned out like it did..

I actually  watched the two DVDs and tried following  along with the book…it syncs up perfectly….but instead of just being a copy of dialogue in the movie…the book also reveals additional information upon each segment used from the film as well as  lots of additional segments that are unrelated to the films contents.

However as I stated earlier..these aspects about the case like crime scene photos are no longer interesting or exciting to super fans..we have seen those hundreds and hundreds of times already since the first time we heard about Manson and Helter Skelter… I didn’t buy this media collection to just rehash what I know and learned about the case already…whats the fun in that? I bought the set to hopefully find  newly discovered evidence  that provides  additional insight on what the truth is behind what actually happened and why.

This media collection provides just the sort of complexity that makes this case interesting in a whole new way… I actually feel like because of this release I now am able to formulate a more accurate conclusion as to what I think actually happened now having heard both sides to the story.

I think to gain full appreciation for what Hendrickson has assembled for us to examine in the book  “DEATH TO PIGS” is having the two documentary films as a set together. Since the book was first published in 2011 more than 50 years after the Crime and Trial of the 20th century first gained international exposure, a lot has changed amongst our society. Many of the beliefs shared by the family concerning a world in revolution and war hasn’t really improved much historically and the US occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan is just like the Vietnam conflict and protests of the 1960’s albeit in a different geographical location.

Hendrickson  insists that the US and its media presents itself to the American people that they are there to fight against terrorism..yet the mass majority of middle easterners insist it’s just merely “US occupation” disguised as a fight against terrorism. I imagine that the events of 911 having just happened at the time publication of his book was ready, weighed heavily on the authors mind and  it serves as the backdrop he uses to describe massive cover-ups by the US military and how the perceptions of the citizens of America is a result of extensive mind control programming our Government agencies have been using and implementing for hundreds of years.

He provides specific techniques that are being used and how to defend against it. Considering some of the current events of white police officers killing innocent minority’s  that have flooded the news lately and how these events  have sparked a great deal of anger once again at our law enforcement officers., we once again see the “Death To Pigs” concept of the Manson Gang   by the heinous crimes committed by the police  and sheds new light upon the “revolution” ideas that Manson and his gang insisted was  going on more than 50 years ago.  As we witness it taking place right before our very eyes. It is these circumstances surrounding us that made the Manson Crime and Trial so interesting to begin with and this is why the Manson case has remained the most sensational and iconic true-crime account in the annals of American History.

Review Conclusion and Final Thoughts: 

I really like the overall personality that is presented by the Author/Director, in his commentary included on the films but particularly of that which is projected by his writing style in his book Death To Pigs. He seems incredibly intelligent and exceptionally down to earth and yet again at times he comes off as being rather eccentric with his preoccupation of presenting the reader with several of his own brand of conspiracy theories. I didn’t feel like I was being forced fed and manipulated to believe him or not. Hendrickson only points out and presents to you possible motives that stand in direct contradiction to Vincent Bugliosi and his book Helter Skelter…even though it is apparent within his writings  that he concedes himself to be anti.Bugliosi and refers to him in a way that makes them sound like arch rivals.

After investigating the information provided through-out the became clear why Hendrickson, dislikes Bugliosi…Hendrickson states that while the prosecution was scrambling to find any information they could about the Manson gang…He was already on location filming the family in person… according to multiple descriptions throughout the book…it is learned that while filming wrapped up at the Barker ranch, it was obvious he was playing with fire. After experiencing ,on a hot day, a smell that was so foul it had to be a dead body …in fear for his life he and his co producer fled Barker ranch in a panicked hurry…lucky to have completed his documentary and glad to get out alive…it was suggested by an attorney that he should contact Bugliosi and discuss with him the evidence collected in interviews of the notorious Manson gang and their accounts about their approval of acts as incomprehensible as murder.

Sadly Hendrickson got word from Bugliosi that he had no interest in viewing his film nor did he have any desire to discuss with him anything involving the case.  Well no wonder he thinks Bugliosi as a low life…the guy is not only ungrateful for Hendrickson’s ability to help but he’s  an arrogant asshole.  A belligerent self righteous  prick! A prime example of the kinds of people our judicial system has deciding the ultimate fate of peoples  lives and the authority to violate their rights and even kill them unjustly. And get away with it.

Hendrickson never blatantly insults Bugliosi outright…in fact the mass majority of the time he simply refers to him in the third person..for example..he refers to Bugliosi as just “a certain prosecutor” or as the “lead prosecutor involved with the case”..which in a sense says more about the authors true feelings about his role in the case… Hendrickson by this time had already completed his 1973 MANSON film and was later nominated for an academy award…unfortunately it’s all about who reaches the market first who makes the bigger impact.  What is presented as the absolute truth to the public which was no other than  Bugliosi’s hit true crime novel HELTER SKELTER

It would seem that had Hendricks film been allowed to play during the trials, its commercial success would have been massively improved. This would be a filmmakers shot at becoming a noteworthy contender in the movie business as a director. I get the sense that because of the extenuating circumstances Hendrickson’s real potential to make it big was taken from him by a judge who made rulings that were later decided by a team of legal consultants to be unconstitutional and therefore illegal. Had he knew that at the time…he would have been able to distribute his film as he intended it to be.

Hendrickson’s bad luck situation and Manson movie is now what is left.. a once struggling independent filmmaker with dreams of making it big stolen away from him by a corrupt judicial system and significant role as part of the “establishment”.. However perhaps now with the completion of his book and re-release of his 1973 MANSON FILM and recently released subsequent companion film  INSIDE THE MANSON GANG…He has successfully proved himself on the hardcore Manson enthusiast as reputable and honest expert. There is no need to take HIS word for anything…because the footage will show… it isn’t about what he thinks…the evidence presented is coming straight from the horses mouths…the only people in the world who actually know the truth, The people who were there . THE MANSON FAMILY GANG.

Additional Notes and Interesting product info:: 

This set was signed by the filmmaker Robert Hendrickson….and personally issued to me, with my name hand printed right on the DVD cover. I actually saw the 1973 Manson documentary before it was removed from youtube…and was quite surprised. The book is over 540 pages.

Shot in 1970-71 the production of this film is actually mentioned in Vincent Bugliosi’s true crime classic “Helter Skelter”. Hendrickson and crew caught the Manson family at the height of its madness in the wake of the Tate/LaBianca/Hinman murders and Manson’s subsequent arrest

.Shot on location at Spahn Ranch and featuring extensive interviews with key “family” members such as Squeaky Fromme, Sandra Good, Bruce Davis & Steve ‘Clem’ Grogan as well as Manson prosecutor Bugliosi himself and ex-family members Paul Watkins and Brooks Poston.

Thanks Be To God!

Kingdom of Heaven (Director’s Cut)





Pros: Plot pacing and character development is improved ten-fold

Cons: Anyone who has seen the theatrical release and found themselves undecided whether to like or dislike this film; owe it to themselves to fully be able to make that choice.

The Cast:

Kingdom Of Heaven (2005) is an epic action film directed by Ridley Scott (Gladiator) and stars Orlando Bloom (The Lord Of The Rings Trilogy) as Balian, Eva Green (Casino Royale) as Princess Sibylla, Jeremy Irons (The Man In The Iron Mask ) as  Tiberias the Marshal of Jerusalem, Edward Norton (American History X) as  King Baldwin IV, and Liam Neeson (Excalibur, Clash Of The Titans 2010) as Baron Godfrey of Ibalin, just to name a few of the most memorable.

Brief Plot Summary:

In the year of 1184, an illegitimate son of a Crusader Knight, named Balian, has just received a personal invitation, from his otherwise unknown father, to leave his hometown of  France and return to Jerusalem with him and his Crusader Knights. Reluctantly Balian agrees and begins to learn of his role as the new Baron of Ibalin. Seeking to receive forgiveness for his wife who had committed suicide and to redeem his faith in God, Balian arrives in Jerusalem to find it in a religious upheaval.
A group of mercenary knights known as Crusaders defend Jerusalem  known as  “The Holy Land” from an Islamic people known as  the Saracens and  Saladin (Ghassan Massoud), leader of the Muslim forces, who claim to have been stripped of their right to the Holy Land over 100 years ago.. Now, with the majority of the Crusader Knights led by Guy de Lusignan (Marton Csokas) and Raynald of Châtillon (Brendan Gleeson), they raid and pillage under the guise of Christendom and provoke a war that could bring the peace treaty, kept in place by King Baldwin IV, to it’s very knees.
It will ultimately fall upon Balian to restore peace for not only the Christians and Jews but also for Muslims. If Balian is to accomplish this feat; he must turn against fanaticism caused by religion and resort to understanding the importance of free will and by making the right choices and preserving moral consciousness.

Acting and Cinematography:

The acting was very convincing by the entire cast and from the supporting actors involved. Most notable to me were Orlando Bloom who did not seem to remind me of his character from The Lord of the Rings and from Edward Norton who displayed much emotion despite being restricted of facial expressions by a steel mask that hid his entire face. The set locations were visually awing and become the focal point of making this film a three hour journey of pure “eye-candy”. There are gorgeous landscapes and impressive costume designs that appear to be true/accurate to the time period.


My Opinion Of The Film:

I had seen the butchered version of this film when it first was released and was quite disappointed. This abridged version of the film left much to be desired. Epic battle sequences would consist of a large amount of build-up and then end just as quickly as they began. As an example; cuts were made in the middle of fight scenes and would end with a showing of the aftermath.  Huge gaps in character development made following the complicated story-lines difficult and combined with missing sections of the battle scenes only left much to be desired and not much to be remembered.
When I first heard about a re-issue of this film in its entirety and as intended by director Ridley Scott, I became very excited and pessimistic of any real improvements. So often there are “Directors Cuts” that accomplish nothing more than adding deleted scenes and providing little depth to the plot or pacing of the film. I was very uncertain that this film would do any better. Proudly I can assure my readers that in the case of this film…that could be no further from the end result of Kingdom Of Heaven now shown in its entirety. Plot pacing and character development is improved ten-fold. Scenes that did not seem to make much sense can now easily be understood with great clarity.
images (1)
Let’s face it; a movie that consists of so much plot detail and historical depth cannot be rushed through and be able to remain “epic”. This film and its story are truly epic in scale and vision. I was immediately glued to my seat the entire time and was on more than several occasions uttering the word “wow”.  I wanted to see more of the battle scenes that were previously cut out and boy does this version deliver!
Characters that I did not really care about before suddenly become important and provided me the emotional attachment that I longed for. Anyone who has seen the theatrical release and found themselves undecided whether to like or dislike this film… owe it to themselves to fully be able to make that choice. In the words of Ridley Scott during the introduction of this version cannot be stated any better and further expands my POV here:

When you’re flying into the third act; there are some elements in here that some people might argue as being, too long or take too long to get there, but I think you should see what it is and judge for yourself..” – Ridley Scott

How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho?

Insane Poetry Grim Reality




ProsHeavy beats and Graphic lyrics bleed off of this album.

Consincreasingly difficult to acquire at the list price if bought new.

If you want to hear rap from the good old days and like grizzly lyrics with hard beats this is for you.

When I think of Hip Hop, RUN-DMC, Flava Flav and Slick Rick are who come to mind. When I think of Gangsta Rap no other then Dr. Dre and the Death Row Entertainment artists jar my memory. But no other Rap Clique in history brings death to the forefront like INSANE POETRY. Comprised of group members Psycho-The Angel Of Death, EnDee- The Pimp of Darkness (Mad Dog), DJ Streek- The Crossfade Beast and introducing members known as The NIGHTBREED featuring, Death BLO, Shakespeare, DJ. Curse, Hex and Redrumm.

The album GRIM REALITY jumps off with the song Angel Of Death introducing the lead rapper Psycho and follows with a trademark song called How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho and is featured in a music video on the shockumentry, Facez of Death 2000 Vol.1. Every track is packed with dark themes and grizzly lyrics that feature songs about rape, murder, suicide and bloody deaths. Grim Reality is divided into two parts; The Grim Side which includes 8 tracks of the groups sickest fantasies about death, the devil and anything else to make you just cringe. Take track selections like Choppin Up A Body for instance where we hear Psycho hacking away at fresh bodies with an axe and getting more excited and aggressive while leading into the next song where enthusiastically he tell us his urges to murder and dig up fresh graves in the track If Rhymes Could Kill. The Grim Side concludes with Insane Poetry and The Nightbreed in n a friendly rap off exchange of equally dark deeds and desires in a track entitled Stalkin With The Nitebreed..

The Reality Side which also includes 8 tracks of the most relevant current events. Current for 1992 at least, with songs like One Careless Moment where the Angel Of Death describes his encounter with a beautiful female he met at a night club and ends up having a one night stand with her. The classic insults to females; as is popular in rap music permeates the song and ends with a shocking message written in red lipstick on his bathroom mirror: “Welcome to the world of Aids!” May have you simply saying “dang”. Next on the list to be mentioned is my personal favorite; a song called Manic Depressive. In this track we hear how Psycho loses his minimum wage job at a burger joint and goes home to find an eviction notice on the door of his apt. This sends Psycho into a drug induced state where he literally goes “postal” killing his landlord then entering the Burger Pit and shooting everyone in sight before turning the chrome gat onto his own head. Two more songs should be mentioned for their graphic portrayal in lyrics and in sound effects: The songs Till Death Do Us Part where Psychos insane jealousy has caused him to murder his own girlfriend in a Domestic Violence case. In the song called Raising The Devil we hear Psycho as a small child being beaten by his own father. We can all probably guess or assume the outcome; killing of your parents which was relevant to the song and of that time.

The music did have me Be-Bopping around the house and a few times in the car but Grim Reality came out before the 808 bass tone and has more of a thump thump instead of a boom boom sound. This works better thru 10 inch woofers than 15’s or 20 inch speakers as the bass tones translate much like the older NWA albums sounded upon their release. Grim Reality is still a hard hitting album that should not be missed by hard core Rap Fans. The lyrics are dark yes, but the beats and rap techniques are at their peak in the rap game. At the end of the album Psycho has a message to share:

“Now as we exit the reality side, I have to pose a question to each and every one of you. How far are we away from the Grim Side? Listen to my reality; it is your reality. The Grim Side is just a statement from a serial killer; a fiction statement. The reality side… Pure reality. We need to pay attention, because this s… goes on for real. This is 1992; Insane Poetry is in this M….. F….., and things aint getting no M….. F….’n better. Everybody better wake up, and ah one more question I have to ask every one of you. How are you… gonna reason with a psycho?”

Insane Poetry - Grim Reality rear

The Grim Side Tracks:

*1) Welcome To The Grim Side.
*2) Angel Of Death.
*3) How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho.
*4) The House That Dripped Blood.
*5) Choppin Up A Body.
*6) If Rhymes Could Kill.
*7) Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter.
*8) Stalkin With The Nitebreed.

The Reality Side Tracks:

*9) The Horror Facts.
*10) Grim Reality.
*11) Six In The Chamber.
*12) Till Death Do Us Part.
*13) One Careless Moment.
*14) Raise The Devil.
*15) Manic Depressive.
*16) Exit Reality Side.

Bonus CD Track:

*17) How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho (Psycho Mix.)

WARNING: If you don’t want to read about death… CAUTION skip over this review!!!




ProsNo movie about Death can compare to this series.
Death in its most frightening form!!!

ConsAnimals, children and all life are dead or die in this series!!

This series is so shocking it will have you asking… “Why am I watching a movie like this?”  When you think it can’t disturb you further it upsets you more.

AH HA!!! Grabbed your attention didn’t I? 
I must have if you’re reading this review and if you keep reading you just might learn something that can save your life in the long run. I don’t know what else to say about Traces of Death but it is the most supremely shocking, graphic and frightening collection of death from around the world that I have ever seen. 

The Product:

This DVD set has been digitally remastered and contains all 4 previous releases and features the latest additions only available inside this box set including Traces of Death Part V Back in Action.: Traces of Death parts 1-5 are in color and in black/white;  has an approximate total running time, (including the extra features), of 8 hrs & 20 min. (Price varies from seller to seller.)

Each disc has its own special features: bonus footage, bonus interview with the producer Darron Fox and animated scene selection.  It comes in a cardboard box, each disc in its own separate case including the original cover art for each one.  On the back of each is a brief description of what one will find in the DVD. Parts 1-5 have bonus features and interviews that are broken down in segments for each individual disc. This is fine for the bonus footage but makes it a real pain to watch the most eagerly awaited feature: The final reveal and interview with Darron Fox. In my book that is the best thing this set actually has to offer. It finally gives you some closure to his motivations behind the series and some good explanations of scenes previously speculated on.

Traces of Death 
has a lot of actual vintage footage included,  and this time we are treated to a different kind of sound track instead of the usual spooky tracks. Producer Darron Fox attempts to upset his viewers further by uniquely placing Death Metal music in the background from such bands as Unleashed, Morgoth, Grave, Asphyx and many more!!! This is absolutely perfect because this genre of music is so fitting for a shockumentary and something I have not heard before the Traces of Death series.

There is a lot of footage on these DVD,s that I have never seen before on T.V or in other shocumentary’s and nothing is explained in detail in this series… It will take your conscience to the highest peak of inhumanity and leave it with no one to help “talk” you down. 

What I know about Traces of Death

Traces Of Death Box set Vol.I-V 9 Years of Hell, was released in 2003  and has became fairly well known since it’s release. Traces of Death Part 1 It doesn’t get any Deader than this was originally released to the public in 1993, Part 2 It just got deader! (1994), part 3 Dead and Burried (1995)  part 4 Resurected (1996) and part 5 Back in Action (2002) looks like it could have been filmed yesterday with crystal clear and up to date images and Live Video from around the globe.

Most versions were available to rent at your favorite neighborhood video store; they were the most controversial during that time as reality TV had not yet taken off when they originally became available. Shortly after 1990, a new kind of television show was introduced and became more popular than any other reality show of its kind, that show was and is called “COPS” and has been on the air ever since. Traces of Death may have paved the way and created new ground for the “caught on camera” craze that still exists to this day. 

Traces of Death
 will show you the accident on the side of the road without you having to crane your neck to see if something brutal has happened (most of the time you see absolutely nothing and can cause a backup on the freeway and has the potential to cause even more accidents ) Many of us watch movies and television shows about the “traces of death” and for most of us we feel safe, by a impersonal illustration of  killers and violence on the screen but if a man in a hockey mask would smash through your living room window (you know the one directly behind the couch that usually you watch stuff like this from?), I seriously doubt that you would continue to believe that it’s all fake would you? 

Is Traces of Death Staged?

Traces of Death
 makes it very clear about why most of us are so afraid of exploring the “traces of death” when you are suddenly painted into the picture. You will see what has already started to become shown more commonly now on the news and it is allot like what is seen in  forensic shows on prime time T.V. (For real!) The “traces of death” are all around us and it is the one constant that we all must face at some point, so why face it now? 


Do you dare look into the many rooms of death…  If so, be thankful (at the very least) you will be spared the smell!  

 I have seen just about every series exploring death out there and Traces of Death is unmatched. No one yet has rivaled Darron Fox’s (not Damon) ultimate collection of brutal on camera deaths and shocking aftermath footage like he has compiled here for the first time on DVD. I received this set as a gift back in 2003 and I eventually gave up on spending my hard eared cash on repulsive garbage that is repeated over and over in copy cat productions. Rest assured that this is the definitive reality death collection I have ever gotten my hands on.  It is for this reason I am not even going to mention in comparison one of the dozens of other sets like this. There is just no equal to the Traces of Death series (to my knowledge). My favor to you is letting you know firsthand, do not waste your time or money endlessly searching for that next unbelievable shocking scene. No need to look any where else but here for the ultimate reality death shockumentery ever!!!

Part one is basically put together like most death scene movies; it has spooky music playing in the background and features some really graphic photographs and live footage. It is approximately 90 minutes long and price varies depending upon where you buy it from but I have bought most of my collection from BLUELIPS.COM.  It has actual scenes of suicides, embalming, murders and some of the most brutal medical vault footage ever! It is shocking, disturbing,  and contains no recreated scenes in any way… making Traces of Death the first true shockumentery series ever.

It has an on camera suicide of a former state treasurer of Pennsylvania pulling out a large hand gun from a manila envelope, placing it into his mouth and blows the top of his head off.  Falling to the floor and ending up slouched against the wall behind him, we are subjected too close ups captured by the news media as the blood pours from his nose in an never ending spicket of blood… yikes!

There is a lot of footage on this DVD that I have seen before and nothing is explained in detail in this series… adding to the unflinching shock value as your imagination runs wild. It will take horrible hold on your conscience, for example in a segment where a newborn baby has its scalp pulled down over his face while surgeons drill and chisel away at his skull… unbelievably disturbing; it is unbearable to watch!!! (I found out later from another series that doctors were removing a brain tumor and actually saved the infants life… well thank god for that!!!)

Also there is another scene of a male to female sex change operation and even though this footage is foreign, outdated and (not how it would be done today) it caused me pain from across the room…. Ouchy!!! There are tons of footage of actual autopsies and an updated video of an actual embalming (cremate me please!!!)

To bring the movie to a close, there is live footage of a 1975 vicious Lion attack on an amature photographer who ignorantly gets out of his car and proceeds to snap pictures of a pack of lions. (uh duhh) you can imagine how the king of the jungle pays back the favor all in front of the unbelieving eyes of his helpless wife and two year old son, allowing this man to capture his own death on the documentary about wild animals he was creating…   Compliments from the lions!!!

Traces of Death will probably haunt you for days, perhaps your entire life… So watch with discretion! Traces of Death… It doesn’t get any deader than this!!!


If you have thoughts of hurting yourself or others… Then (crank up the volume)  here is one you can really “bang your head” to. 

Traces of Death II… in the shockingly graphic series, is my least favorite entry in the set and for some reason I have had more difficulty trying to acquire this film then any of the others ones. Don’t get me wrong though, it is still equally disturbing and I had never seen it before I owned the box set. Again, this shockumentary is put together like most death scene videos, and run time is approximately 90 minutes. It is in color and black/white and it continues with absolutely no staged scenes of close-up exploding limbs, splayed cadavers, devastating car wrecks and much, much more! 

It has little to no narration sticking to the tradition from Traces of Death and has allot of actual vintage footage included, which for me makes it highly collectible, and this time we are treated to a different kind of sound track instead of the usual spooky music. I personally like the music and in my opinion this gives it better watch ability (sometimes I have left this movie on while I am cleaning just so I can hear the wicked music).

The movie begins with a corpse of a woman at a morgue who was already prepared for burial, only coroners are cutting the body back open huh you ask? That’s right it’s what’s inside that counts and there going back in to retrieve…  well, I won’t give away the motive so easily, but let me just say “May the bird of paradise fly up your nose.”

Also in this installment is some rare rescue footage (or should I say the attempted rescue?) of people from burning buildings jumping out of windows and hitting obstacles on the way down. (There are, if you know your history, actual pre 911 footage of similar instances of large skyscrapers and people lunging to their deaths in trade for the wham bam thank you ma’am instead of a slow burn… what a choice huh?)

In one scene you can almost hear the smack of a foolish tight rope walker where on a windy day gets a little push (with shall I say some gusto?) before becoming one with the pavement whoa!!

There are some scenes of torturous castration that can only be described as something to lose ones head over and for one unfortunate African man he has a whole lot to offer if you get my meaning (Remind me not to “P’O'” this tribe if I ever get to visit this continent please?)

Once again Traces of Death brings you some never before uncut footage of an execution of a rapist and molester of children… while he is being escorted by police to a courtroom, the understandably enraged father of one of the victims, patiently waits on a payphone to enact his retribution on the scum!  When this (undoubtedly sick) man walks by, “Daddy” seizes the opportunity and places a single well timed bullet right through his (thick) skull. As he falls to the ground, enjoy the never before seen footage as the blood squirts out of the head of this low life’s now lifeless body!!! I love that scene and better yet the brave father (who took careful aim) was later acquitted of all charges!!!

In another segment we see a group of Shamans, display there unique method of corpse removal and to put it lightly, this one is definitely for the birds… There is also (as advertised on the packaging) a giant robot transformer act at a monster truck rally where it malfunctions and goes crazily wrong, but again if you don’t know the actual history, then it isn’t all that spectacular and most will have no idea what went wrong (as this piece of equipment explodes a large shard of steel pierces the chest of an unfortunate controller of the large robot!!!)

There are (what I call cool down periods) in each of these installments of motorcycle and auto racing accidents allowing you to catch your breath,  but none of these periods last very long and your thrown right back in to more shocking and disturbing deaths. To bring this shockumentary to a close, there is a gruesome finale of an execution that is known as being “drawn and quartered” a form of capital punishment where one is tied from the arms and legs (traditionally between two horses) and then pulled in opposite directions ripping the extremities away from the body this time, however, it is between two Jeeps and you see the arm of the executed rip from the shoulder as the rest of him is dragged down the desert. All the while, onlookers watch and follow with glee and in case you didn’t catch it all the first time it is shown again in slow motion just for good measure!!!

I really like this series but the poor quality of the vintage footage gets a little “old” also (for most people) once you’ve seen one “grey matter” then you’ve seen them all but Traces of Death somehow finds a way to present it to you in more bizarre and disturbing ways that will keep almost any “gore hound” begging for more.

Turn down the lights…flame a candle…and prepare yourself… Traces of Death II… IT JUST GOT DEADER!!!


What in the world were they thinking…  This movie is a testament to what different parts of the world actually do think… and it’s maddening to think about! 

Traces of Death III…Is the third installment in the ultra disturbing shockumentary series and I’m back to share with you my unique take on this widely popularly  “unpopular” series Traces of Death III is put together like most death scene movies and it continues in the tradition of the previous installments in the series it is approximately 90 minutes long and has photos and live videos in black/white and gives you little to no narration and this aids in making you speculate and adds to the shock value and on top of this is another soundtrack with some of the hottest bands in the death metal industry including  such talents of artists like: Purge, Sinister, Meshuggah, Brutality, Dead World, Dismember, Deceased, Gorefest, Core, Macabre, Benediction, Hypocrisy, Incantation & Repulsion just to name a few.

This installment is one of the worst and (for some odd reason) one of the most readily available installments in the series to acquire. This shockumentary contains more murders, autopsies, rare vintage medical vault footage, aftermath of suicide bombers and an introduction to one of the vilest storm troopers of death on the planet: The El Salvadorian Death Squad!!!

The movie begins with a statement and introduction from Darron Fox now known as Brain Damage and he gives you a brief history of the music and what’s in store for you inside his compilation of death scenes.

Traces of Death III… Begins with shocking scenes of the aftermath of suicide bombers whose victims include men, women and children.  I must inform you that during some graphic footage showing decayed remains you’ll hear some exerts of the original movie Helter Skelter and the voice of the actor playing Charles Manson!!!

There is lots of animal footage in this movie as well, including but not limited to: Pit Bull fights, Bull Fighting, Hunters drinking cups of blood from a slaughtered cow, a man eating live scorpions, the illegal slaughter of dolphins for false tuna sales and a disturbing look into hunger as an impoverished group of people cut up and eat a beautiful white camel, (This is by far my least favorite segments in the traces of death series but I can perhaps ease your qualms by saying, from my researches most of this repulsive activity was done  for food and survival purposes only.)

This movie border lines on what many would consider Satanic and it is possibly one of the most disturbing additions to the series for this reason.

There is a long segment about a crude circumcision rite performed on young boys and after more than 30 nonstop cuts back to back of this brutal ceremony will leave most with a lack of respect for the tactless and overly reinforced cruelty upon the viewer and if that were not bad enough they show a pre-teen girl (in this same country) in a puberty rite where they remove her c——- (In this region of the world women are for work and to bear children only and their belief is that it is not needed.) thankfully that segment is all but just a few seconds. I can understand the difference and acceptance of such rites in other foreign cultures but it is shown way too carelessly. That is however Brain Damages strategy as he has this belief that if one scene doesn’t disturb you than the next one surely will and he makes certain of it.

I can tell you from experience that Darron does not pull any punches at what it is he shows you. Once again, the lack of any explanation for scenes such as these, on top of the thundering music, will most definitely overpower and successfully disturb the viewer.

There is also lots of body modifications such as, the ancient art of tattooing in another country where they use razor blades to cut on the skin of people (including a woman’s breasts) and then rub some kind of make shift ink over the open cuts creating scarifications and a permanent tattoo all at the same time. In another we are shown modifications to the teeth as enamel is scraped off and then chipped away by a chisel.

All and all this one is not as bad as it sounds but it will certainly offend some. There is also a segment showing a woman having a snake flick its tongue all over her body as Brain Damage says, and I quote, “You will have to use your own imagination as to where this snake ends up” and that’s the end of that (WTF?) that would have been a rite I actually would have rather seen VS the before mentioned puberty rites (Thanks for nothing Darron)!  The movie closes with a segment of the torture and mutilation inflicted by the El Salvadorian Death Squad after which is another statement from Brain Damage.

There are a lot of new elements introduced here that do not necessarily have to do with death per se’ but actually they might, a good example of this, is where they show you a quick segment of child birth… The baby comes popping out of the birth canal followed with the afterbirth splashing out everywhere (I find that more puke inducing then almost anything I have ever seen and most of all my male friends agree) and probably insinuates “the moment your born your dying”.

There is also some very graphic scenes of a girl who fell victim of a true “Silence of the Lambs” story, the only problem is it is divided into two separate sections and they go by lightning quick. The first section shows you the inside of what appears to be someone’s (dungeon like) basement where you see a person who is gagged, bound by their wrists and hanging by chains from the ceiling (this is all in a split second and unless you slow the video down you probably won’t notice it). The second section (which is later in the film) is a camera immediately entering a room where another girl is bound by chains from the floor and has evidently been shackled for so long that when they are removed you see where her ankles have decayed and rotted from lack of breathing room, right after this they show yet another split second of the killer who did these crimes.

I liked this addition in the series as well as the others especially for the very good music and some off topic oddities of mankind from around the world. There is an obvious display that Darron is showing off some of his other bizarre collection of footage (and from the look of things) I seriously doubt he’s going to run out of more shocking video and photos any time soon, but for now… Traces of Death III is… Dead and Buried!!!


Traces of Death 4 gives you a good reason to be “Proud to be an American” and reaffirms that there is “No prayer for the dying”. 

Traces of Death IV Resurrected:

I started this movie with hesitant curiosity, as I knew the after effects from watching the previous installments; I anticipated in dismay what horrors waited behind the (play-less) state from this episode at the time being. Already being fully aware of the vulgar display of frightening realism (that undoubtedly progressed) through-out 3 prior installments I unknowingly stepped into another fantastically gruesome “hay-ride” headed straight for and visiting “the gates of hell” regarding humanity.

I knew I could “hack” it, hell I just made it thru extreme footage of horrendous deaths such as someone in great political power “blow his brains out” with a 357 Magnum “Dirty Harry” style, over past wrong doings. Am I at fault for decidedly showing an interest in such atrocious activity? As much as I wanted to push away the thought of such repulsiveness I could not stop myself from watching even more. I shoved back the thoughts of horror that awaited and unwittingly pressed play…

Darron (Brain Damage) stood in a cemetery full of old and gothic tombstones. He wore a black leather jacket that displayed “Dead Alive Productions” underneath his “NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD” drawn letters that advertised “TRACES OF DEATH”. His back was again to the camera. Who was this man with the long “80’s metal hair” who offered no explanation to his apparent display of unrelenting morbid fascination with utterly disturbing media footage? Just as history had shown this was not something someone involved in this supposed “cult” was willing to share.

This is demonstrated by recorded narration from “BRAIN DAMAGE” proclaiming the following message (this is all said as he is digging up a fresh grave within this gothic cemetery!): “When we left before, you were “dead and buried” locked six feet under. From beyond the grave I‘ve heard your agonizing screams, like a blood drenched vision you burned in your brain. Your images of death are growing stronger. The message is clear… Brain Damage is back and traces of death is resurrected!!! {Beep… Beep… Beep… The title screen pulsates like a beating heart for a brief moment before ———

Let the spectacle of death resume… Ghastly “haunted house” like music quietly plays in the back ground. “During the elections in El-Salvador these two male bodies were found on the side of the road.” The camera zooms in on two men with their throats cut so deeply that ear to ear would be an understatement. Someone at the crime scene is rotating the first man’s head by the hair to allow better examination by a camera. His neck looked like a second mouth that would only speak out against the horrid fate that had descended down upon it.

The “media eye” moves to his partner in crime opposite the road beside him. His neck is slashed so deeply that only the spine has kept its connection with the rest of its body.

Why would someone do this? What terrible wrong did they do to deserve such barbaric cruelty? Knowing that basically “spitting on the sidewalk” is punishable by death in certain parts of the world led me to believe that this brutality cannot be rationalized. Apparently those who live in this region by tradition felt the same way. Military police stood around the road as the bodies were roughly picked up and slung into beat around pickup trucks as carelessly as they were tossed on the side of the road. Their faces are cold and unaffected. This is business as usual in the day in the life of El-Salvador.

If any notion of remorse was felt by the people or the authorities it was kept hidden. Obviously who’s calling the shots around here is no other than the El-Salvadorian Death Squad. A code of silence is in effect here and even the authorities know that if it is broken they too will meet with the same or even more wickedly disastrous results.

Get ready to “head-bang” Darron’s selection of Death Metal from the hottest bands in the underground music industry blast forward… The song “Bastard Saints” is played over footage of poor third world countries and its citizens that are stricken with neglectful and punishing untreated diseases and deformities. Men, women and children lie helplessly on crude steel beds (with a blanket to help ease the suffering as they lie in agonizing non-treatment).

This is watched over by those that secretly have compassion for their fellow man. It is sad to see anyone endure such atrocity especially the children! Let it be said that even if provisions were available to aid in these impossible states of suffering thru recovery and treatment, their efforts will no doubt, be answered with violent repercussions. A deep throat slashing and discarding of your remains (dumped like trash) at the side of a road.  It is clear that sometimes mercy is death.

Shortly after this tearful display they show a pregnant patient at another “underground” clinic discovered by the Death Squad.  Pay back for this unforgiving compassion was allowing this woman to rot and steadily decay as a public display on her blanket of comfort; this woman was treated low budget style like the “David Blaine trapped in ice for 3 days” gag… Imagine the slow but rapid chemical change in the decaying body and living with that visually on your street every day? The rotting dead human has the most rancid smell that at the more advanced stages of decay is carried for Miles and miles and will be a warning and a reminder to all who oppose the Death Squad.

A torture segment displaying the Death Squads handy work will include victims without eyes, headless and brutally slashed bodies lined up in a row.

A cool down period begins with foolish stunts by those jumping off extremely high structures and doing flips in the air, one man doesn’t complete his sixth flip and lands on his neck. His neck cracks out in a deafening silence. In a scene from “When animals attack” a Moose strikes back unexpectedly on a passerby in a public street in Colorado. The music is completely kick as$ here, so close your eyes if necessary and enjoy the music. More Third world children are shown while suffering along with severe cases of leprosy as an old woman shows her skills of knitting without any fingers… That is a display of strength and courage in the face of “true” adversity.

Also a disease known as elephantiasis has plagued a man through his testacles for so long that three men must lift up and carry them behind him. When he sets down this gigantic deformity is used as a built in table for the man to eat, write and work on!  Don’t get too warm and cozy yet, Darron is now going to show you his most extensive collection of deformed, pre- maturely born infants with afflictions too terrible for me to repeat through words or another viewing.
Some of them are actually still clinging to life!

This is followed by a series of “Birth defects” from all different sources from a vast period of time. The miracle of birth, in all of its unique and unusual forms (Siamese twins hermaphrodites and fleshly distortions that are hard to recognize as human, among many other freakishly disgusting oddities endured by humans.

The “killer music” continues as more montage murders, mass executions and senseless bombings are featured. This will include tapes smuggled out of Iraq and Afghanistan. A new direction will take course from this point on and it begins with a brief narration from Brain Damage as is quoted here: “PLO” terrorists high- jacked  this boat and made their way to Cypress there were no living witnesses to tell of this crime”! People spree murdered, captured, bound and “left for dead”.

(One interesting note was that I noticed in all of these foreign countries that are controlled by participants of these types of atrocities, (not crime) as this would imply illegality on the part of the violent order that is controlled by Death Squad regimes) was that they all use the same kind of rope: a blue twine like material… one of my friend’s from the Gulf War noticed this as well and said “I’ve heard about being “all wrapped up in RED TAPE” but evidently all of these terrorists must shop at the same store because every one of them f’ers is tying up people with personal politics with “Blue Velvet” like rope… maybe it could be intertwined???

The rest of the sequences back off a tad bit and go back to the basics: Dead bodies, decaying worm eaten skulls and maggots engulfing the decaying human (the classic TOD stuff) now however having withstood the series this long feels like a “slow stroll through the park” as this now becomes the cool down periods instead of auto accidents and motorcycle wrecks. Darron is on to something here but I’m not sure why I feel mentally toughened by reinforced rapid desensitization.

No time to think about it now because Darron is going to show a body art and piercing segment to get your mind back in the game. It starts out innocently enough; a woman having a (click) piercing and then showing a woman who has 37 vaginal piercings and lets not forget TOD never forgets the men! Out of the Previous TOD’s this one is the shortest and sickest one yet!

Once again Darron has succeeded in causing me as a viewer to feel a sense of guilt for watching it to this point, no accusations by him are made and no explanations are given as to what it is I was actually seeing. I was left on my own to wrestle with speculative thought based on the vastness of probability: My convictions and my own accusing.

…Beep…/\… Beep…/\…—\/\….Beep… …/\Beeeeeeeep….___________________

Conan Kills Them All

Conan The Barbarian



Pros: Barbaric brutality at its best

Cons: There is an alternative ending to the theatrical release

Quick Review of a well known movie:

Conan The Barbarian is a film set in the dark ages and stars Arnold Schwarzenegger and James Earl Jones. The story begins about a little boy who witnesses the death of his entire village and the murder of his mother and father by marauders known as the Cult of Set a very evil group that worships snakes and is led by a evil sorcerer named Thulsa Doom. (James Earl Jones). After kidnapping the young Conan and keeping him a s a slave he grows up to be a valiant pit fighter and decides his quest should be to destroy the cult that killed his entire family and avenge their deaths.


I first remember seeing Conan when I was a small kid of 9 years could imagine how exciting that must have been for a boy that age. Giant snakes, sword fighting, and behemoth men. Not to mention the bloody graphic visuals of body parts flying around. I think of all the movies I have seen set in the dark ages this has definitely been the one I keep going back to watch again and again. Now 30 years later I still love this movie and for more than just the feelings of nostalgia the movie holds for me. It’s just awesome to see even after all these years.. the acting is believable, the soundtrack is amazing..and Arnold Schwarzenegger couldn’t be more at home with this character and he looks great and physically at his peak. James Earl Jones is also at his best here and once again plays a very iconic bad guy.


Some of the movies dialogue one would think could suffer as Arnold has very bad English but in this movie it fits perfectly..and the stage sets are visually appealing. Great movie that I’m sure most of us have seen and a movie that I would recommend to those who haven’t especially fans of these types of themes and watchers of series like Game of Thrones. I also think the movie would have appeal to certain horror/gore watching heads getting cut off and rolling down some steps, as well as seeing people get cut in just bloody awesome! I think the movie might appeal more to the male audience as it is pretty masculine in every sense of the word..but then again maybe all that testosterone may reach a certain percentage of female audiences as well. However it’s not something I’d bring home to grandmother.

Conan The Barbarian 1982 Snake fight

Finally I think I should mention that the ending I grew up with has been replaced with a new one..that I do not feel adds any depth at all to the original cut and in fact hurts the endings famous last words of “But that is another story” with “And this story shall also be told” however all in all I still love this movie and will continue to watch it as one of my all time favorites.





Standing Up for the WWE

The Wrestler


ProsTremendously powerful acting from Mickey Rourke.

ConsShows you an embarrassing side of wrestling e.g. drug use.

The Wrestler is a movie about Randy ‘The Ram’ Robinson (Mickey Rourke) who was once wrestling’s biggest superstars but now his stardom and his career are fading along with his personal relationship with his daughter Stephanie (Evan Rachel Wood) and a stripper Pam who also has a stage name Cassidy (Marisa Tomei), even worse is his fleeting popularity with the fans. The movie is shot in a somewhat documentary style and compliments the directors vision of in your face realism.

I went to see this movie when it first hit my local theater and I must admit that I am a huge wrestling fan. I grew up watching the likes of Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair and many wrestling greats. I was eagerly anticipating the behind the scenes action and it delivered. Not only does this movie pay homage to the wrestling superstars of today it also reminds us to never forget about the superstars of yesterday, whose names are not currently up in lights. There is considerably enough humor, emotion and complexity in Randy, s personal life to keep a non fan sated but its unbelievable ability to touch a fan is most profound and it succeeds with flying colors.

In my opinion ‘The Rams’ relationship with the fans are much more complex than Randy’s personal relationships. This is best demonstrated as ‘The Ram’ is seen greeting and acknowledging two disabled fan’s just outside the door to ring side. Here are two fans that probably know all that there is to know about ‘The Ram’ but perhaps know very little about Randy. I personally doubt that they would want to know either; you see, wrestling is about making heroes and villains, it shows us the beauty of love, the ugliness of hate and gives us fans a proper outlet to appropriately express it. This movie made me laugh and cry. I laughed the most at scenes of Randy’s day job where at a deli he tries to use humor to get him through the day and again in a later scene where Randy’s stage name ‘The Ram’ suddenly takes on a whole new meaning. I really enjoyed those scenes.

I choked up a few times, in particular the part where Randy is seen playing Nintendo with a little boy who isn’t interested (not really) in hearing stories about The Ram. To me this was sad because back in the early 80’s wrestlers were devoid of proper media marketing such as Internet, Dud’s, Cd’s, etc… not to mention the lack of popularity wrestling had with the mainstream. (Note: The fact that the business held onto the idea that wrestling was absolutely real added to this. It wasn’t until after a superstar ‘open hand slapped a 20/20 news reporter (twice) who asked him if wrestling was fake, that WWE admitted, “Although the story lines are fixed the matches were absolutely real”. That is what launched it into the mainstream.)

Reinforcing this is a later scene in which, you see former superstars at a fan signing resting their heads on tables while another is actually sewing. The young fans don’t care about them anymore, they are left with a disregard that I’m sure was tougher for them to live with than the injuries that they had endured. It hurts me so deeply that people consistently mock and make fun of the die-hard passion between the wrestlers and the fans that I got more emotional while writing this review than I care to admit. I have witnessed more compassion and love from the men and women in this business then I have seen from those in any other popular sport.

As far as WWE superstar appearances, there are plenty, but most important to me was a cameo appearance by WWE newcomer R-Truth. Where he asks Randy “So how you been man?” Randy answers “Hangin and swangin’ my brotha.” that is priceless topped off with R-Truth saying” I’m buyin.'” is something only a fan can truly appreciate and it brings a smile to my face every time. It upsets me to know the sacrifice and undying commitment these superstars give to the fans night after night and for some (superstars and fans alike) that is the only family they have left. This movie will
pick you up and slam you down, again and again.

At the heart of this emotional roller coaster is a ‘Rocky’ like tribute. While Randy is talking on a pay phone we hear him say “I don’t give an s— I just want to wrestle.” This is a really good movie for Fans and Non fans alike and although as a fan I wanted to stand up and cheer I couldn’t because I was too floored to move. I walked away with a feeling that although the sport might be staged, maybe just once because of this movie, everyone can appreciate just what wrestling entertainment is really all about.

Ouija Funds Go Here

Ouija Embossed Black Bi-Fold Wallet



Pros: Authentic Ouija product from Hasbro

Cons: I don’t think it’s genuine leather

This Ouija wallet is actually pretty’s a thin leather..(it’s Polyurethane) but it has embroidery (Embossing as well) on the front and on the back.

The inside has a Ouija card that is inside the section for photo ID’s..I thought the card was just’s not, it is actual leather stitched in. The leather feels soft and it has several compartments to fit cards pics and whatever else you want to slide in there.


This wallet I am using for display purposes only but I did experiment with it by sliding all my cards from my real wallet..and they fit very snugly. Nothing should slip out from this wallet such as credit cards when opening it up up-side down.

download (1)

The nicest feature I liked was this is actually an official Ouija product from Hasbro.  I found that to be a very nice surprise and was unexpected upon ordering. There is also manufacturing numbers to prove the items authenticity. I am very happy with this item and I will use it to save up and store my Ouija fun money!

Now you can hold the keys to Ouija in your hands.

Mini Ouija Keychain



Pros: Cute toy that replicates the Ouija Board

Cons: The Ouija board graphics are stickers

What mysteries will you unlock with this Mini Ouija Keychain?

This cute keychain looks just like the Ouija board and has a mini planchette included in a hidden drawer…complete with the Ouija name printed on the top of the indicator. Planchette slides smoothly on the game boards surface..might actually work if you had little baby fingers..


The drawer does not slide open or shut too loosely and keeps the tiny planchette securely in place. The mini game board and planchette both glow in the dark and is fashioned after the Glow-In-the-Dark Ouija Board game


This is a great gift for toy collectors or any fan of the Mysterious Mystifying Oracle aka OUIJA. The keychain is made of stainless steel and has a clip to put keys on. However the Ouija board surface and box prints are stickers and might come off during extensive use.


I bought two keychains; one to open (and play with he, he. he…) and one to keep in original packaging,  which is very nice looking. There is an issue number on the box to prove authenticity and also comes with a small plastic piece with an issue number attached to the  “chain” part.


I am very pleased with this keychain and it does get a lot of comments. Great little toy that fits nicely into my collection of Ouija brands.

Ouija. It’s only a game. Isn’t it?