Dissenting Views, book review

Dissenting Views II, by Joseph E. Green, published October 2014





Pros: A collection of well-reasoned essays, documented with copious footnotes. The author avoids speculation, for the most part.

Cons: The content is not for everybody.  Some might call it conspiracy theory.


I recently received a copy of Joseph E. Green’s book Dissenting Views II. I haven’t read Dissenting Views I yet.

This volume was published in October 2014 and is available at the author’s web site:


I especially enjoyed the calm, logical presentation of the issues surround the JFK assassination.  Green explores the question of why President Kennedy was killed, not who did it. He does state that Oswald did not do it, and most of us who have studied that seminal event in our recent history can agree that Oswald was not the assassin.

The essay on Lyndon Johnson (LBJ) is especially informative.

Green also explores the term “conspiracy theory”, which has become a profanity that the mainstream tosses at those who disagree with the official story on any topic.

This book is well worth reading, one essay at a time. It doesn’t take long to read just one essay, and then you can put down the book while you digest the information that you just took in.


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    More than fifty years have passed and the subject will still be discussed at length in another hundred.

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