2015 – Second Annual Summer Sweeps!! Winners posted!!



Everybody can use a little extra dough in the summer, right?  So why not write some reviews, and enter our summer contest?  You just might find your pockets a little fuller!






Members who post completely original reviews on veryhelpful.net between Friday June 5 and Tuesday July 21 will become eligible to win a Visa or Amazon.com gift card.  Reviews must contain a minimum of 500 words.  Content that has been published previously, in any proportion, will not be considered for the 2015 SUMMER MONEY SWEEPS.

This year, we’re gonna shake things up with something for everyone!

Every review will count as an entry into the sweeps. In addition:

Categorically relevant reviews posted in “Electronics”, “Home & Kitchen” and “Pets” will count as two entries.

Got a Honda you’re fonda or a Dodge you disdain?  This year, Car Reviews = three entries… that’s right – review that bucket-‘o’-bolts and triple your chances of winning!!!

For those Media Mavens among us:

While book reviews = one entry,
Books published 2014 or later = two entries.

While movie Reviews = one entry,
Reviews of Movies Originally released 2014 or later (movie release, not DVD release!!) = two entries.

And finally, this year we are including a Techno-Bonus!

Reviews posted in Any Category that include a Reviewer-Generated Original Video will add another entry to the mix.  Descriptive video of your Volvo, Vacuum or Versace Velvet Loafers will accelerate your chances of winning.  Pedal to the Metal, Dude!!!

Following the July 21 closing date, the top 4 (four) prizes will be awarded to winners chosen at random.  The prizes will be awarded in the form of a Visa Gift Card, which can be redeemed at any establishment in the United States where gift cards are accepted.

2 (two) First-Prize Winners will each receive $50.00

2 (two) Second-Prize Winners will each receive $25.00

In addition, 3 (three) Runners-Up will each receive a $10.00 Amazon.com Gift Card!

Odds of winning are based upon the total number of entries, so have a SUPER SUMMER SWEEPS and “Don’t Forget to Write!”



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ps: Don’t want to participate, but still want to write reviews?  No problem, just leave a comment on this posting, or send an email to the staff saying you wish to opt out of the contest.


Here are the winners:

1st place dlstewart
2nd place andy armageddon
3rd place Stephen_Murray
4th place Henry Thoreau
5th place merle_levy
6th place Tomsdattar
7th place sleeper54


Congratulations, All !!!

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