Lightweight, positive poetry

Bawb’s Raven Feathers by Robert Chomany


Pros: Very upbeat, leaves you feeling lighter

Cons: Uncomplicated, simplistic, redundant

This is a collection of short poems by Robert Chomany. Most of the poems are one stanza in length, with four or six lines. A few are slightly longer. The book is just over one hundred pages long, with each page having a poem. There are also a few pages with just lines on them, I believe they are intended to allow the reader to attempt poetry himself or herself. The book is divided into sections on slightly different topics like Balance, Healing, Energy, and Positivity. At the beginning of each section, there is a brief introduction in prose describing what the next group of poems will be about.

If one looks at the technical aspects of the poems, the meter is clear and regular and the rhyming is strong without ever feeling forced. However, if one looks at the contents of the poems, several things become apparent. The main one is that they are highly redundant and repetitive. How many different ways can someone laud positivity? This book shows you dozens. The poems are not complex although they are somewhat more complicated than one would find in a greeting card. In my opinion, these poems would be excellent for thought-for-the-day calendars.

I think that I should have researched this book more after I was offered a free copy in exchange for an objective review. I think that I saw the word “Raven,” and hoped for something dark and gritty along the lines of Edgar Allen Poe. These poems are certainly not dark or gritty like one would get from Edgar Allen Poe and they are not as sophisticated or as complex as any of the masters like Poe, Whitman, Frost, or even Dickinson. This collection of poems would be great for someone looking for light poetry with a definite emphasis on positivity and related topics.


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