Labyrinth – the Board Game



Pros: simple set up, easy to learn,  fun and challenging

Cons: none

My son asked for the board game Labyrinth for his birthday.  We have been playing countless games of it ever since. This board game is recommended for ages 7 and up, and is for 2-4 players.

The game comes with 34 maze cards. The board itself has 16 maze cards that are secured to the board. Each maze card has a pathway. The maze cards are placed randomly throughout the board. There will always be one extra maze card. You will find 12 yellow arrows printed around the oursite of the board. There are 24 object cards. These cards are divided among all players. The objects on the cards are various medieval type images – a sword, a treasure, a dragon and more. These images are found throughout the maze.

There are four wizard playing pieces in different colors. Each player chooses and places it on the corresponding color. To play, each player places a maze pieces onto the board on a row that has an arrow. Placing a maze card onto the board will push another maze card off the board. This creates a constantly changing maze. Each player picks a card from their object card pile, but does not show the opponent. After the maze card is placed on the board, a player can move their piece anywhere along the path, as long as the path is connected in order to get to their object. Game play continues until one person gets all of the objects on their cards.

My 7 year old was able to figure this game out within his first couple turns. He enjoys strategy games, so this was perfect for him. However, the game isn’t always strategy – there is some luck involved too. You never know when an opponent will shift the maze to your benefit. Then again, the maze could be shifted to change your path completely. The changing maze pathway means the game will never be the same twice. And if you play with several people, the board will change even more before it gets to your your turn again.

You will need to allot a little bit of time to play Labyrinth – games usually last around 20 minutes.

Labyrinth was an immediate hit in my house. It’s fun, challenging and strategic. I highly recommend .

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