How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho?

Insane Poetry Grim Reality




ProsHeavy beats and Graphic lyrics bleed off of this album.

Consincreasingly difficult to acquire at the list price if bought new.

If you want to hear rap from the good old days and like grizzly lyrics with hard beats this is for you.

When I think of Hip Hop, RUN-DMC, Flava Flav and Slick Rick are who come to mind. When I think of Gangsta Rap no other then Dr. Dre and the Death Row Entertainment artists jar my memory. But no other Rap Clique in history brings death to the forefront like INSANE POETRY. Comprised of group members Psycho-The Angel Of Death, EnDee- The Pimp of Darkness (Mad Dog), DJ Streek- The Crossfade Beast and introducing members known as The NIGHTBREED featuring, Death BLO, Shakespeare, DJ. Curse, Hex and Redrumm.

The album GRIM REALITY jumps off with the song Angel Of Death introducing the lead rapper Psycho and follows with a trademark song called How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho and is featured in a music video on the shockumentry, Facez of Death 2000 Vol.1. Every track is packed with dark themes and grizzly lyrics that feature songs about rape, murder, suicide and bloody deaths. Grim Reality is divided into two parts; The Grim Side which includes 8 tracks of the groups sickest fantasies about death, the devil and anything else to make you just cringe. Take track selections like Choppin Up A Body for instance where we hear Psycho hacking away at fresh bodies with an axe and getting more excited and aggressive while leading into the next song where enthusiastically he tell us his urges to murder and dig up fresh graves in the track If Rhymes Could Kill. The Grim Side concludes with Insane Poetry and The Nightbreed in n a friendly rap off exchange of equally dark deeds and desires in a track entitled Stalkin With The Nitebreed..

The Reality Side which also includes 8 tracks of the most relevant current events. Current for 1992 at least, with songs like One Careless Moment where the Angel Of Death describes his encounter with a beautiful female he met at a night club and ends up having a one night stand with her. The classic insults to females; as is popular in rap music permeates the song and ends with a shocking message written in red lipstick on his bathroom mirror: “Welcome to the world of Aids!” May have you simply saying “dang”. Next on the list to be mentioned is my personal favorite; a song called Manic Depressive. In this track we hear how Psycho loses his minimum wage job at a burger joint and goes home to find an eviction notice on the door of his apt. This sends Psycho into a drug induced state where he literally goes “postal” killing his landlord then entering the Burger Pit and shooting everyone in sight before turning the chrome gat onto his own head. Two more songs should be mentioned for their graphic portrayal in lyrics and in sound effects: The songs Till Death Do Us Part where Psychos insane jealousy has caused him to murder his own girlfriend in a Domestic Violence case. In the song called Raising The Devil we hear Psycho as a small child being beaten by his own father. We can all probably guess or assume the outcome; killing of your parents which was relevant to the song and of that time.

The music did have me Be-Bopping around the house and a few times in the car but Grim Reality came out before the 808 bass tone and has more of a thump thump instead of a boom boom sound. This works better thru 10 inch woofers than 15’s or 20 inch speakers as the bass tones translate much like the older NWA albums sounded upon their release. Grim Reality is still a hard hitting album that should not be missed by hard core Rap Fans. The lyrics are dark yes, but the beats and rap techniques are at their peak in the rap game. At the end of the album Psycho has a message to share:

“Now as we exit the reality side, I have to pose a question to each and every one of you. How far are we away from the Grim Side? Listen to my reality; it is your reality. The Grim Side is just a statement from a serial killer; a fiction statement. The reality side… Pure reality. We need to pay attention, because this s… goes on for real. This is 1992; Insane Poetry is in this M….. F….., and things aint getting no M….. F….’n better. Everybody better wake up, and ah one more question I have to ask every one of you. How are you… gonna reason with a psycho?”

Insane Poetry - Grim Reality rear

The Grim Side Tracks:

*1) Welcome To The Grim Side.
*2) Angel Of Death.
*3) How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho.
*4) The House That Dripped Blood.
*5) Choppin Up A Body.
*6) If Rhymes Could Kill.
*7) Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter.
*8) Stalkin With The Nitebreed.

The Reality Side Tracks:

*9) The Horror Facts.
*10) Grim Reality.
*11) Six In The Chamber.
*12) Till Death Do Us Part.
*13) One Careless Moment.
*14) Raise The Devil.
*15) Manic Depressive.
*16) Exit Reality Side.

Bonus CD Track:

*17) How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho (Psycho Mix.)

3 thoughts on “How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho?”

  1. This sounds pretty intense! Though I’m not the biggest fan of rap music out there, I can get down to this kinda stuff every once in a while. The fact that it’s from the “golden age” of hip hop/rap makes it more appealing in my book. I’ll have to see if I can give some of these tracks a listen some time.

    Thanks for the review; Cheers!

  2. Andy..I think this kind of subject mater was once only heard in heavy metal music..the fact this group was in fact “rappers” in the “golden age” as you say…every bit as good sounding as ANY of the Snoop dogs and e-z-e’s were that they were dealing in a subject matter that led them ultimately in obscurity…I first heard their music..throughout the video you mentioned you have called Facez Of Death 2000 no. 1… which to my knowledge is the only shocumentary featuring artists such as C-Bo who grew to be a major star and in his song “The Autopsy” he raps about digging peoples guts out with a spoon…..since this movie was about deaths committed in Urban areas where lots of “blacks” were coming out of a stretch of more than a decade of gang violence by 2000.

    Even though in that movie it was almost half fake..didn’t matter…because by the end of the movie they cleverly slip in a video to the song “How Ya Gonna Reason With A Psycho” and actually was a very good video..that made me WANT to check out more of their stuff…it wasn’t until AFTER buying the album did I discover it was made in 1992 …and…
    you’re right…
    that did add to the groups authenticity..although easily as good as the frontrunners were: the only thing keeping them out WAS the subject matter and CENSORSHIP that was still in legal debates…
    the fact they had recorded the sound of a real child being beaten (of coarse this was still controlled and nobody got hurt) was very shocking to hear on a rap album..even in 2002 when I first listened.

    As a fan of the horror gore reality death shows back then. it was a bit more fun to collect because it wasn’t that easy to locate…there was a sense of doing something bad…and then surviving it…and I enjoyed showing them to people and friends just to see their reactions and the shock value was more fun….. now its just look what happened across the street in Bolivia..just happened down the block last week and was on the news..ROBIN WILLIAMS commits suicide and suddenly death is interesting….but the shock values gone…and these movies are now worthless… except I still can appreciate a little piece of the whole death craze experience…
    even if I can get it “for free” now and decidedly lost interest…

    I still like this unique piece of music thats truely in a league of it’s own and for me remains GOOD enough for me to share it with people who otherwise would NEVER listen to rap music but might this..and think its still something even fans of the rap genre rarely have even heard. Just like the movies this album delivers sometimes more than what you may have bargained for…:)

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