Cleaning is Easy and Fast with Swiffer Duster

Swiffer Duster Refills


Pros: dust faster and easier, refills easy to attach to cleaning wand, fibers trap dust

Cons: refills cannot be recycled (that I know of)

I bought a Swiffer Duster starter set about ten years ago.  I love this cleaning system … so much that I buy the Swiffer Duster Refills.  The Swiffer Duster makes me a cleaning genie.  It’s not quite as fast as a blink of the eyes, but I zoom along.


Swiffer Refills are designed to fit on the Swiffer Cleaning System hand-held wand.  The wand is plastic with two long prongs that slide into two sleeve channels on the fluffy cleaning heads.  The refills have a Dust Lock adhesive on the textured fibers that trap dust.  The manufacturer promotes that this product will trap dust, pet hair and allergens.

This product is recommended for use on cool surfaces only.  Do not use on wet surfaces.  It is also not meant to be used on anti-glare surfaces.  The Swiffer Duster is recommended for electronics, home, office, and the interior of a car.

The refills come in different size box counts.  Usually, buying the larger quantity saves money.  Check unit pricing for the best deal.  I prefer the unscented Swiffer Duster Cleaning Refills, but they also come in a variety of Febreze scents.

My Experiences

About ten years ago, I saw the Swiffer Duster system on sale.  The box came with the hand-held wand and some of the duster cleaning heads.  Once those cleaning heads were used, I started buying the refills.  As you can tell, I became a fan of this cleaning method.

Simply side a duster head (similar to a lightweight fringed cloth) onto the two long prongs of the wand.  Shake the duster head to fluff out the cleaning fibers.  It is a quick and easy process.  Once the cleaning head is on the duster, you are ready to zip through dusting chores.

The Dust Lock technology works very well.  I use a Swiffer duster refill quite a few times before discarding it.  The dust stays locked into the cleaning head fibers.  The material is soft and fluffy.  I have never had it scratch anything.

The wand and cleaning head are designed to fit into tight places.  I can effortlessly whip the duster between and around books, within tight shelving, around knick-knacks, over computer equipment and the television.  The duster refills work great on mini-blinds, too.  I twist the mini-blind rod so the slats are down, and then run the duster vertically across the blinds to dust them.  This duster works great on mirrors, too.  Faster than you can say dust-be-gone, the job is done.

I have not heard of a way to recycle these cleaning refills.  The downside to the product is that the used cleaning heads are tossed into the trash when you are done with them.  However, I use the cleaning heads multiple times, which is good.


I will continue to buy the Swiffer Duster Cleaning Refills.  They are easy to use and definitely make dusting a quick chore to finish.  I dust much faster using the Swiffer Duster than I do when I use a traditional dust cloth and polish.

Enjoy the day,

Copyright 2014 Dawn L. Stewart

4 thoughts on “Cleaning is Easy and Fast with Swiffer Duster”

  1. You know, I’ve tried these, but wasn’t as satisfied as I thought I’d be. I hate oily-feeling dusting spray on my hands, so I thought these would be the perfect solution. I just didn’t find them to pick up the dust as well as conventional spray and hand dusting. But then, dusting isn’t my forte, but if you’ve had good success – great!

    Great review, Dawn


  2. I haven’t tried this product, but I like the Swiffer floor-sweeper product (I got mine through a give-away promotion that was held on Epinions… remember those good ol’ days!) WTTFP!

  3. I think they have improved the “dust catching” capability of these refills. I remember when I first bought the product, the duster heads, while nice, didn’t hold the dust as well as the newer cleaning heads.

    I use a duster head quite a bit before tossing it. Even when I shake the fluffy fibers, the dust doesn’t come loose. I do have good luck with them.

    Thank you for leaving comments!

  4. I have two of the wands, but my box of duster heads is from a decade or more ago. I only use this when I’m moving out of a place because it helps me reach spots I don’t normally care too much about. Like Sally, I was never pleased with the day-to-day performance when compared to traditional dusting, but if the heads have been improved, it might be time for me to finally grab a new box and give them another shot! Terrific review!


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