Win some Money this summer!!!

Could you use a little extra money this summer?


Well, here’s your chance to do what you love to do (write reviews, of course) and win some money!


Here’s how to enter:

Write completely original reviews on veryhelpful.net between July 21 and Aug 31, 2014. Reviews must contain a minimum of 500 words. Content that has been published previously, in any proportion, will not be considered for this drawing.

Each review will count as 1 entry.

In addition:

Reviews in the “Home & Kitchen” category will count as 3 entries.  Reviews in the “Active & Outdoor” category will count as 3 entries.

All reviews will be checked for appropriate category placement.

Shortly after the close of the contest, 3 winners will be selected at random.

One first place winner will receive $50
Two runners up will each receive $25

Odds of winning depend upon total number of entries, so make sure you get yours in!

Not registered on veryhelpful.net? No problem!                                       Just click here to create your account

Unsure how to get started after registering? Take a look at the tutorials here.  You can also post questions or email the staff directly with any questions.

Good luck and have fun!


ps: Don’t want to participate, but still want to write reviews?  No problem, just leave a comment on this posting, or send an email to the staff saying you wish to opt out of the contest.

13 thoughts on “Win some Money this summer!!!”

  1. Oh neat! Know what will be the most fun? To watch the reviews (and new reviewers?) come pouring in (hopefully).

    Write on! ( as Andy says)


  2. Sounds like fun!!

    I tried using the link in my email notice from Facebook, but it went nowhere. You might want to try sending a an email without Facebook’s “assistance.”


  3. Well, isn’t this lovely? I felt from the beginning I had an advantage over many other reviewers because I don’t work full time and could therefore devote much more time to the effort.

    Andy, you’re so deserving of First Place. Your reviews are first-rate in every regard!

    Dawn, your well-researched reviews are always very helpful. You should be crowned the Melamine Monarch! Congratulations!

    THANK YOU veryhelpful.net ! It was much fun!


  4. I am so happy!! Thank you for the opportunity to write on VeryHelpful.net. Prizes are a wonderful bonus. :)

    Enjoy a beautiful day!

    Norma, I’m practicing a regal wave worthy of the title Melamine Monarch. Hmmm … Can I have a Melamine throne? lol

    1. Well it seems you already have a good start – go for it lady! :)

      I put a few things on the back burner while I was writing and now I’m having to pay the piper in the form of leaves to rake, truck to get serviced, office work to do and emails to answer – including one to my sister who’s on a cruise to Alaska!!!

      I shall return – sooner or later!


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