Nobody Cares About Your Stick Figure Family!



Pros: Freaking hilarious!

Cons: Difficult to put on. Sticker may stick to backing when applying.

Are you one of those people who are stuck at the lights in traffic and notice the car in front of you has a complete stick-figure family stuck to their back window, and just looking at it evokes a lump in your throat as you imagine the loving family bonds that each sweet character represents? Does it give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside to know that family loves each other so much that they feel the need to “shout it to the world?”

If so, this sticker is NOT for you. I am a hater of these warm fuzzy family stickers that depict the perfectly happy family. I am however, a lover of dinosaurs and Jurassic Park movies. What better way to celebrate a love of dinosaurs and a hatred for stick-figure families, than combining the two in bloody limb-ripping carnage?! It basically depicts a T-Rex and two raptors making short work of someone’s beloved stick-figure family in no uncertain terms. Once I found this sticker I just had to have it!

This sticker is a great way to get your point across, while not coming over as “too offensive” to those loving people who advertise their family to everyone who passes by. If you’re into dark humor, this is perfect!

Dinosaur Decal 2

This fits on any window you choose, but is most popular on the rear window. It must be placed so as not obstruct the driver’s view and not obstruct the rear-wiper (if you have one).

Amazon gives you a large picture of it to look at, making you think this sticker is absolutely HUGE, but it’s not that big at all. It is 8” wide and stands just a tick over 5”. T-Rex is about 3½” x 4” and stands out nicely on the sticker. If someone is parked close enough to the back of the car, the writing can be read easily enough but is more difficult to read farther away. I got mine for $2.75 from Amazon with free shipping. I had an Amazon Prime Membership trial so I didn’t have to make any other purchases to get free shipping on this item.

Dinosaur Decal 4

APPLYING: I did find the instructions somewhat confusing, especially when it referred to “masking tape”. This is just the blue backing. I did better when watching some YouTube videos of how to apply these properly and it was far easier to understand than the weird instructions that were included in the envelope (yes, it was delivered in a green envelope).

For best results, don’t apply when your surface window is cold. The sticker may not stick well if you do. On the other hand, don’t apply to a boiling hot window either, as it may bubble up too much. I learned through tuitorials that 55°F and over is the best temperature to apply.

Clean the window with window cleaner before applying, this goes without saying. It also goes without saying that the sticker goes on the OUTSIDE of the car, not inside like your registration sticker!

The video’s made it look easy, and were applied in mere seconds. I had a different experience. I cleaned the window, dried it then smoothed the blue backing paper out with a credit card (as instructed). This didn’t seem to do much. I carefully peeled the backing paper away and placed the sticker where I wanted it, gently smoothing the sticker on the window with a credit card, using smooth strokes, from the center to the outer edges until it was fully applied. Great, huh?

Dinosaur Decal 3

This is where I had a problem. Once I smoothed this sticker on the window, I tried to peel the clear backing from the sticker quite gently. The sticker came right up with the backing paper! Turns out the backing paper was stickier than the actual sticker.

I spent a half hour gently picking at the edges of the sticker from the backing paper and pressing them on the window, while being careful not to break it. Some of the sticker pieces were quite thin (it’s a stick-figure family after all!) I managed not to break them and just took my time as I peeled the backing off from left to right. EVERY piece of the sticker caught and came up with the backing paper, it was quite frustrating.

I ended up having more success by peeling it from top to bottom. This seemed to leave the sticker parts on the window where they were supposed to be. I ended up with a couple of small bubbles on the T-Rex, but by that stage I didn’t give a rat’s armpit. I was just glad to get it on all in one piece!

All in all I was very happy with the result. The sticker looks sharp and well-cut as you can kind of see from our car window pictures. It’s a little smaller than the Amazon picture will have you believe, but still big enough that it can be seen from the driver who had parked right up your butt at the traffic lights.

Dinosaur Decal

I wrote this review after only 24 hours of applying it to our car. So far it seems to have stuck pretty well, and I hope it stays on there without it peeling off anytime soon. I’m quite satisfied with it; I only wish the damn sticker would have stayed on the car when peeling the backing paper off like it was supposed to! I’ll dock it a star for that, and a half a star for the size. I wish it was just a bit bigger. Still, if you have a sick sense of humor like me you’ll overlook the faults and enjoy the sticker! Perhaps I just got a faulty one?

Be careful out there on the road while displaying your cheerful stick-figure family, I might just have to send T-Rex after them!

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  1. Hi there! If you’re a ‘first-timer’ – Welcome!

    Love your review. I really do come from a loving family, but I don’t think any of us have any stick figures on our vehicles. At one time I had a decal with some phrase ( that I have since forgotten) but it was intentionally printed upside-down. It was fun to watch in my rearview mirror people cocking their head to read it. :)
    And BTW – at the top of your review where it reads ” Review Title Goes Here” ? You may want to think of some catchy phrase or one-liner to draw attention to your review. Just delete that line and type in your own.

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    1. Hi there, thanks for reading.
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  2. Fun product and a great review! Thanks Brett.

    I cleaned up your title and product name a little, for clarity. Also, please do me a favor and don’t employ custom fonts when writing. We try to put forth a consistent appearance in all reviews. Thanks – I appreciate it.

    1. You shouldn’t have to specify a font at all. Do you write your reviews in some other program and then paste them into the editor here?

      By the way, this was the site’s 500th review! Congrats to EVERYONE on that!!

  3. Fun review of a funny product! Yay to all of us who have helped get us to 500! And, Congrats, Brett for hitting the milestone on its head!

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