Bring On The Bad Guys

Bring On The Bad Guys

ProsSome of the baddest villains in Marvel Comics history.
ConsSome of the stories seem to just stop in mid-story.

This is a must have for any fan of Marvel Comics or anyone who wants to “Bring On The Bad Guys!”

Bring On The Bad Guys is the Origins Of The Marvel Comics Villains it was first published by Simon and Schuster by Fireside 1976. It is a medium to large paperback book. The book consists of 253 pages and it has a prologue written by Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee. Every chapter is in full color.
Seven chapters in the book are as follows:


This chapter contains a foreword from Stan Lee that explains why Doctor Doom is one of his favorite villains and is four pages long. The story is very well written and is 39 pages long and broken into five parts.
Hero: The Fantastic Four


This chapter contains a two-page foreword from Stan Lee how this character became incepted. The artwork here is a little sloppy and is one of the shorter stories in the book and also one of my least favorite. It is 20 pages long.
Hero: Dr. Strange

3) LOKI:

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A three page foreword by Stan Lee, is 31 pages long and is broken into three parts. Awesome artwork here and good story telling but the story just drops off during mid-story…bummer.
Hero: Thor


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A three page foreword by Stan Lee and is 30 pages long. This section is divided into three parts. Excellent artwork and story. Almost a complete ending but overall very satisfying.
Hero: Captain America


A four page introduction by Stan Lee and is 20 pages long.This section is not divided into separate parts and is probably the most familiar villain in the book. This story is one of my favorites in the book and is accompanied with fantastic artwork and a very tight story.
Hero: Spider-Man


A four page introduction by Stan Lee and is 20 pages long.This section is divided into two parts and is very exciting. Very nice artwork and is one of my favorites inside this book.
Hero: The Incredible Hulk


A four page introduction by Stan Lee and is 40 pages long. This is by far IMO the best story in the book and they definitely saved the best for last. Stunning artwork and a very awesome story line.
Hero: The Silver Surfer

My experience:

I was eight yrs old when I first saw Bring On The Bad Guys. It was given to me by my late uncle and the cover art struck me immediately. What more could a boy want? Behemoth monsters and demonic robots, hell even a few Demi-Gods and even one that looked like Satan himself. What had me even more intrigued was seeing this villainous pack was being led by Doctor Doom; his finger pointed straight at me with a caption that was screaming “BRING ON THE BAD GUYS“.

This title almost seemed like a recruitment offer and I wanted in; problem was would my parents let a book like this in? Probably not since it had to do with “Bad Guys”. Surprisingly they did ALLOW ME TO KEEP IT under one condition; that I not bring it to school and if I did it would be taken away from me. Of course I did take it to school and it WAS taken, well actually robbed. I guess that will teach me to read comics in school eh… well at least not get caught… right? Yeah right.

Bring On The Bad Guys
 was just that, it was given to me by an uncle who just escaped from prison and he could transform into anything he touched… oh wait this is just a story inside a chapter of the book Called “LOKI”.  Omitting the volumes of villainous entries inside the Marvel Comics universe is enormous… but sometimes you can find an entry such as BRING ON THE BAD GUYS, that is a compendium of some of the best entrants.

This is not a complete book by any means as it introduces the ORIGINS of some of the best and most memorable Villains in Marvel Comics history; at least my history anyway. I hope a part of your history soon. This particular volume I hold in my hands here is one of the original copies printed and is in excellent shape, not a cheap volume  but it can be bought at cheaper prices as a smaller book (no good, it’s bad for the eyes. especially my eyes.) anyway the book consists of seven chapters revealing the origins of super villains such as DOCTOR. DOOM, THE GREEN GOBLIN, THE ABOMINATION, MEPHISTO and many more.

Some stories are very satisfying like DOCTOR DOOM but just a few are not, like THE DREAD DORMAMMU.
LOKI is a cool story but it leaves you hanging and brings about a feeling of incompleteness as it stops in mid story. THE DREAD DORMAMMU is simply just ..SUCKY. (I’ve never even heard of this villain outside this book.) Another very enjoyable story is that of the GREEN GOBLIN. Where Peter Parker (Spider-Man) is unmasked by his arch-nemesis (at least in the begriming and long before Venom.) THE ABOMINATION is another tight story with a fairly decent ending, figuratively speaking.

The book closes with MEPHISTO and is probably one of my favorites of the book (go figure) but I was never much of a fan of the Silver Surfer (dude). THE RED-SKULL is one of the most memorable for me as the great Captain America is captured by the Nazi’s and is forced to salute THE RED-SKULL. Many swastikas and Hitler type references. Looks very vintage and I am sure caused quite a stir with its portrayal of WWII. All in all I am very pleased with this book and I am very thankfull I have an original copy allthough the most important thing to remember here is no matter which version you buy just… “BRING ON THE BAD GUYS

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  1. I remember reading this years ago when I was a kid, and for reasons I don’t remember I came away with a serious fascination with the Green Goblin. Nice write up. What do you think of Marvel’s handling with some of these characters now in their Marvel Now and All New Marvel Now continuities? I think it’s still a nice twist with Loki and the Green Goblin is quickly returning to where he should be. Spider-Man’s greatest threat.

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