Andersen 3000 Series Fullview Storm Door: Open And Shut

Andersen 3000 Series 36-Inch Full-View Storm Door in Terratone with Nickel Hardware – Model # HD3FN36TE


Pros: Quality look, features and operation.  Slim frame allows for maximum glass area.  Dual closer pistons with toe-activated lock.  Keyed deadbolt.  Can be installed for left or right hinge applications.  Terratone color matches Andersen custom and casement windows installed in my house.

Cons: Initial price.  Beware of Big Hardware installment fee add-ons.

When I first viewed my new house, my agent constructed a to-do list for the purpose of price negotiation.  Being of newer construction, there were few essentials beyond the installation of new storm doors.  The convenience and protection of my new investment led me to the Andersen 3000 Series.

The house consists of over thirty custom and off-the-shelf Andersen windows in their popular Terratone finish.  With the introduction of a red metal roof in 2011, the earth-tone palette playing-off the natural cedar clapboards would require the consistency achieved by matching Terratone storm doors.  Available in a variety of sizes and glass inset designs, I chose the Fullview Door with Clear Glass.

Door Prize

The door consists of an aluminum frame with mitered, reinforced corners and full weatherstripping.  Glass/screen removal/installation is achieved through interior-accessed retainer strips that snap into surrounding channels.  The bottom ‘kick’ panel is part of the nickel trim and is height-adjustable.  A double-bladed rubber sweep weatherstrips to the outer-edge of the threshold.

Each of the dual closing pistons have a toe-activated button – simply open the door to the desired position and hit the button once.  Opening the door a bit wider will override the locked position.

Despite its premium price, the Andersen 3000 Fullview Storm Door is a practical and elegant addition to any entryway. [Image: Andersen Corp.]
Nickel – The New Brass

Just done a grocery run? A tap of the toe-button on the bottom closer will keep the door open to any desired position. When done, open a bit more to cancel the locking feature.
Just done a grocery run? A tap of the toe-button on the bottom closer will keep the door open to any desired position. When done, open a bit more to cancel the locking feature.

According to the current group of design gurus, brass and copper are passe – leaving nickel in the spotlight.  Neither mirrored nor brushed, the handle, escutcheon and kick-plate have a soft, satiny finish.  For convenience, cleaning and panel access is aided by setting the handle in a vertical position.  For added security, the keyed deadbolt has a quality feel and uses a standard door key.

The 2 x 6 construction of my new house allows ample room to accommodate the hardware.  Depending upon the application, Andersen offers a storm door extender kit to permit appropriate spacing.

Out The Door

Quality hardware has withstood several Maine winters with a northeast exposure. Deadbolt uses standard house key.
Quality hardware has withstood several Maine winters with a northeast exposure. Deadbolt uses standard house key.

The local Home Depot was the only vendor that had a functioning display of the product.  Since my initial appraisal was positive and the Terratone options were few, the next step involved $30.00-worth of on-site measurements to insure proper fit.

Keep The Door

After total cost was calculated and payment made, the day of installation arrived.  I received a call from the original representative stating that the installer was on his way.  I was also told that an additional charge of $100.00 (US) was necessary, due to the door’s location up one flight of exterior stairs.

Don’t Let The Door Hit Ya’…

When I diplomatically informed him that I planned to cancel the transaction and shop elsewhere, he put me on hold, “talked to his supervisor” and all was well – no additional payment would be necessary.  Such ‘add-on‘ tactics are unacceptable and should be courteously, but strongly discouraged by the consumer – regardless of product or retailer.

Door Number One

Handle goes vertical to accommodate seasonal glass/screen exchange.
Handle goes vertical to accommodate seasonal glass/screen exchange.

After four years of service, my 36-inch Andersen 3000 Series Storm Door retains a quality look and feel.  The recent upgrade of the exterior door to a corresponding full-view model required the removal and re-installation of the storm door.  My current contractor did a much better job of hanging the door than the original Home Depot installer – it now shows even tolerances without the former sag or further adjustments to the striker plate.

Despite its punishing northeast exposure, the door’s satin Terratone finish retains its original depth and luster.  The ‘tarnish-resistant‘ nickel handle shows no evidence of deterioration.  The full 29 x 73-inch glass panel brightens the room with an unrestricted view of the deck and adjacent woodland creatures that often wander-by.

Most of the negative feedback in regard to storm doors involves improper installation performed by amateurs.  If you lack the necessary knowledge or skills, pay a competent contractor to install it correctly.  The convenience, weatherproofing and energy savings realized will more than offset the initial expense.

Andersen Corporation
Bayport, MN  55003
General Product Questions:  800-426-4261

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  1. Looks lovely! And from Minnesota – what can I say?

    Love ” Don’t let the door hit ya” – where do these people get off trying their shyster tactics? Glad you didn’t just say ‘OK’.

    Great review, as usual!


    1. It is a handsome door.

      This consumer would never tolerate the extra charge, but some people just buckle-under. Buyer Beware as a guide is more relevant than ever…

  2. Nice review – reminds me of a funny story: When we were first married my husband took a walk one day to the local Home Depot, about 2 miles away. While there, decided at the spur of the moment to buy a screen door, forgetting that he had walked to the store. What’s a man to do… Walked all the way home, carrying a screen door on his head the entire way. Quite a site to see!
    Welcome to the front page.

    1. I’m closer to the local Lowe’s, so I go there most often. About a month ago, I parked across from a couple who had bought a wood-paneled interior door and were trying to fit it into their tiny, 2-seater convertible. They were gone when I returned, so I guess they figured out a way.

      There’s a lot to be said for determination!

  3. Well, convertibles definitely give you an edge, when it comes to packing – you have almost unlimited height! (Unless it’s raining or snowing or – worse – hailing!!)

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