Protect yourself – without carrying a firearm!

Sabre Pepper Spray


[Rating: ?/5]

Pros: Compact, can be holstered, highest allowable ‘CRC’ (see below)

Cons: Cannot be mailed to some states (see below)

You may have noticed I have not given this product a rating. The reason – I’ve never had to deploy it. However, if you read the site reviews and testimonials, and watch a couple of the video’s, it appears to do the job quite effectively.

I can think of two or three instances Sabre Pepper Spray would have given me some major peace of mind – had I been carrying it. Unfortunately, in our present society, one can never be completely confident of their safety, regardless of their surroundings – the mall, a theatre,  church, even at home.

Sabre Pepper Spray is manufactured using a combination of common peppers, jalapeno’s and cayenne. These peppers contain deoresin capsicum, an oil that when it comes in contact with skin, the ocular area ( eyes), or mucus membranes ( nose and throat), causes intense stinging, burning, (possible) temporary blindless,  coughing, sneezing and runny nose – not to mention the resultant INTENSE PAIN!

Sabre Pepper Spray contains the highest level of ‘CRC’ ( Capsaicin and related Capsaicinoids) allowable by law – 2.0%. Each 4.4 oz. canister contains 35 ‘shots’ at a distance of 12 feet. It’s non-flammable and has a shelf-life of four years.

While researching particulars for this review, I happened upon another ( super!) Sabre product – ‘Blue Face’. It works pretty much the same as regular pepper spray except it contains a bright blue dye, marking the assailant and making it much easier for law enforcement personnel to locate and identify the perp. – who has the evidence ‘spray-painted’ all over his or her face. There was no information with regards to how long the dye will remain on the skin or clothing, but one thing is certain, it would be a startling and perplexing experience for the assailant – who, hopefully if he has learned anything,  it would  be never to try this again!

As mentioned, these products cannot be shipped to certain states – AK, CA, FL, HI, MA, NJ and NY.  Apparently these states have statues that prohibit the transporting ( or perhaps use) of these certain types of self-defense items.

Caution should be used when handling around children. The contents are under pressure, and, of course, the pepper spray itself could have disastrous results if mishandled by a child.

The manufacturer has some really valuable self-protection items on their website. Check them out!





7 thoughts on “Protect yourself – without carrying a firearm!”

  1. As described, being on the receiving end of this would make for a tough audition for Blue Man Group.

    Your personal protection reviews are outstanding. Never having to use this product could be the best endorsement it could carry.

    1. Well, what’s that old saying? Better to have it and not need it, than blah, blah, blah.

      Thanks for your comments and the front page placement. I appreciate both!


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