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Deodorant for your sole

Rocket Pure Foot Deodorant



Pros: Natural ingredients – No chemicals – Works as advertised

Cons: None

I recently purchased  a pair of deck shoes that were made of synthetic leather. Apparently they caused my feet to sweat more and according to my wife develop a rather horrifying smell. Now I understand why she stuck them outside. Having only been worn several times I felt it unnecessary to toss an almost new pair in the trash. After a quick research online I found an all natural deodorant spray called  Rocket Pure at amazon.


  • Shake well – Spray as needed on feet and shoes. (I’ve used only 2 spritz per shoe – 4 each on the first application and it works fine)


  • Not intended for internal use.

Final thoughts:

The product dispenses much like a colongne bottle, one without propellent. There’s only 4 ounces but with an atomize spray this will probably go up to the 300 claimed applications. It dries fairly quickly, it is non sticky and there’s not an overpowering  peppermint scent. Compared to other foot deodorant products, $15.95 might seem like a lot but this was one of the only “vegan” based ones with the most positive reviews.

And from the negative reviewers comment sections at amazon, Rocket Pure’s founder Alex states they have a 100% satisfaction or 100% refund policy.

4 thoughts on “Deodorant for your sole”

  1. You are so lucky! Your wife could have tossed one of the shoes in a creek somewhere – what good is half a pair?

    Glad the product worked so well for you.

    Great review, thank you. Come by again!

  2. Hey Pat – love your title.

    Never thought I’d read a review about a vegan foot spray!


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