Salvation In Death – J.D. Robb – not the best in the series

Salvation In Death by J.D. Robb




Pros: Decent story

Cons: Not the best investigation

I enjoy J.D. Robb’s In Death series. The stories follow NY Police Lieutenant Eve Dallas as she solves various homicide cases. The setting is usually in New York, although her cases frequently take her far and wide, even, sometimes off-planet. Oh, did I forget to mention that these stories take place in the future – late in the 2050’s.

There’s a small group of characters who appear in most of the stories. Eve’s partner, co-workers, husband, and a few friends are usually around. The books contain quite a bit of humor as Eve is definitely set in her ways, and a bit hard-nosed. Her partner is quite the opposite, a real girly-girl, and the witty dialog between the two always makes me laugh.

As for the “futuristic” aspect of the stories, there are some interesting gadgets and some amazing computer power. There are some new words, and some very interesting fashion descriptions. However, I’m glad Robb doesn’t take the easy way out – she doesn’t resort to letting technology actually solve the cases. Eve still has to do some good old-fashioned detective work.

As for the cases, themselves, some are definitely more intriguing than others. The case in Salvation In Death is actually pretty interesting. A priest is poisoned. Right there on the altar as he sips the ceremonial wine. Who could possibly want to kill the kindly priest?

Well, as it turns out, the priest isn’t who everyone thought he was. Not by a long shot. Eve quickly figures out that he’s an imposter, opening the door to a hundred new questions. Like, where’s the real priest – the one this guy was impersonating? And what was this guy’s endgame. And, of course, how does his fraud factor into his death?

I was intrigued, definitely wanted to know the full story.

However, I was disappointed in the way Eve solved the case. Normally she does a good job, working with her partner, and following one clue to the next until the pieces fall into place. In this case, each time Eve made one discovery, ten new questions opened up. The case got weirder and more complex with each chapter, instead of coming together nicely. In the end, it gets solved. Not through good, smart detective work, but through guesses, luck, and contrivances.

Salvation In Death wouldn’t be my first choice, if you’re going to jump into the series. While it’s not necessary to read them in order, it’s helpful. However, even if you’re going to jump around, as I do, don’t start with this one.   It’s simply not a good representative of the series.


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