Instant Bathroom Safety Bar from WMU – Safety first!

Instant Bathroom Safety Bar from WMU





Pros: Convenient, portable, and SAFE!

Cons: Suction cups are not 100% – so always check them first!

I want to tell you about a handy little gadget that’s all about safety. And convenience, and portability.

I’m talking about the Instant Bathroom Safety Bar from WMU.

What is it? It’s a portable safety bar that uses high-powered suction cups to affix itself to any non-porous surface. I.e., the wall tiles, the ceramic bathtub ledge, or the glass shower door. This item requires no tools to install, adheres securely, yet unmounts with the click of the two handy release switches.

Who needs this item? Anyone who risks slipping or falling in the bathroom. For sure, the elderly frequently need a little extra security. But even young folks might need a helping hand. For me, I needed just a little more confidence stepping into and out of our high-walled tub. Especially when the bath water contains oil, salt, and soap, the stepping-out process can be particularly slippery. When I was a kid I just hopped right out of the tub. But as I got older (wiser?) I learned to hold on, typically to the wall. But nowadays, I want even more security. A safety-bar.

This product is shaped in a semi-circle, approximately 12″ long. They make them in several different sizes, but this one seemed to work for me, when I tested it in the store. On each end is a suction cup – nearly 4″ in diameter.   Raise the locking tabs. Then place the bar on any flat surface, as long as it’s non-porous, and wide enough to accommodate the entire suction cup. You can place it horizontally or vertically – whichever works best for your particular circumstance. Then press down the two locking tabs. This action causes the suction cups to adhere. And I don’t mean just slightly. I mean it’s a tight seal. Theoretically, you can’t pull it off, and it’ll hold your weight as you grab onto it.

I say “theoretically” because sometimes it actually does come off. Why? I don’t really know. The same reason my GPS occasionally falls off the windshield, I guess. Same with my Sunpass. Suction cups are wonderful, but they’re not 100%.

So, before I rely on my safety bar, I test it first. Each and every time. I place my hand on the handle and give it a rattle. If it doesn’t budge, then I use it to step in or out of the tub.

Of course, sometimes you want to move the bar. In that case, simply lift up on the tabs, and the seal is easily broken.

If you’re looking for this type of product, know that there are two kinds. Those with suction cups, and those that are permanently attached to your wall. I chose the portable model. I wanted the flexibility to move it, as I saw fit. I wanted to be able to take it from one bathroom to another. And maybe even to travel with it. Finally, I wasn’t keen on drilling holes in the wall when this seemed so much simpler.

Need a bit of extra security, or know someone else who maybe could use that extra bit of safety? Check out the Instant Bathroom Safety Bar from WMU.


5 thoughts on “Instant Bathroom Safety Bar from WMU – Safety first!”

  1. I just purchased one of these for my sister for Christmas. She loves it, and I feel better knowing she has something to grab as she’s entering and leaving the shower.

    Super, VH review!


  2. Very Helpful.


    While I fully understand (hence sort of agree with) your penultimate paragraph’s rationale, recalling the “permanently” installed grab bars that once (1999-2002) helped me reliably assist my very elderly parents, I must say that I myself wouldn’t trust even the best “suction-cups” installation (as opposed to strong, lengthy screws/bolts into studs). All it would take is one sudden “surprise” to result in a potentially major, irreversible bodily catastrophe. This may become even more true as those suction cups gradually age. Just a thought.

  3. Good point. I guess I feel Ok about using the suction cups with the caveat that they be tested immediately prior to putting your weight onto them.

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